Do They Sell Beer in Wetumpka?

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Key Takeaways

  • Beer can be sold in Wetumpka, Alabama according to state and city laws
  • Packaged beer and wine may be sold anytime except 2-6 AM on Sundays
  • The city regulates draft beer sales through ordinances
  • There are craft beer stores operating in the Wetumpka area
  • Alcohol is served on Sundays at the Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Wetumpka


Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages, with a long and rich history intertwined with human civilization. For beer enthusiasts, availability and access are important considerations when visiting or moving to a new city. So an apt question to ask is: can you buy beer in Wetumpka, Alabama?

This article will provide a comprehensive look at beer sales regulations and options in Wetumpka. It will examine relevant state and city laws, hours of sale, venues that serve draft and packaged beer, and more. With beer tourism on the rise, information on local craft beer outlets will also be provided.

Understanding the legal landscape and retail availability of beer in Wetumpka enables residents and visitors to responsibly enjoy this historic beverage. The content that follows will clarify if, when, and where beer can be purchased in the city. Continue reading to become an informed beer consumer in Wetumpka.

State and Local Regulations on Beer Sales in Wetumpka

The first step to answering whether beer is sold in Wetumpka is examining the applicable Alabama state laws and local city regulations that govern beer sales. Understanding these rules provides context on when and where beer may be purchased in the city.

What do Alabama state laws say about beer sales??

According to the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC Board), beer is defined as a malt beverage containing no more than 6% alcohol by volume. The state sets certain restrictions and parameters around the sale of beer:

  • Beer may be sold for off-premises consumption (i.e. packaged beer sold at grocery and convenience stores) between the hours of 6AM-2AM, 7 days a week.
  • Packaged beer and wine may be sold by private vendors at any time except between 2:00 a.m. Saturday night and Sunday morning.
  • For on-premises consumption (i.e. draft beer at restaurants/bars), legal serving hours are 10AM-2AM from Monday to Friday, and 10AM to midnight on Sundays.
  • No beer sales are permitted between 2AM-10AM Sundays.

So per Alabama state law, there are no restrictions on off-premises beer sales in Wetumpka Monday through Saturday. However, sales are prohibited statewide early Sunday mornings from 2AM-10AM.

What local beer regulations apply in Wetumpka??

The City of Wetumpka reserves the right to regulate draft beer sales through appropriate ordinances, as granted by Alabama state law. Under the city code, draft beer sales for on-premises consumption are allowed:

  • Monday-Thursday from 10AM-12AM (midnight)
  • Friday-Saturday from 10AM-2AM
  • Sunday from 10AM-9PM

Additionally, the city prohibits the sale of alcohol, including beer, within one mile of any church, school, hospital, funeral home, or playground. This is a more restrictive regulation compared to the state law.

In summary, Wetumpka adopts similar hours for draft beer sales as the state, with the exception of a 9PM cutoff on Sundays instead of midnight. The city also implements zoning restrictions on the proximity of alcohol sales to certain establishments.

Key Takeaway:

Packaged beer and wine may be sold by private vendors at any time except between 2:00 a.m. Saturday night and Sunday morning. Additionally, the City of Wetumpka reserves the right to regulate draft beer sales through appropriate ordinances.

Beer Retailers and Venues in Wetumpka

Given the legal landscape on beer sales in Alabama and Wetumpka, residents and visitors have multiple options for purchasing packaged beer or enjoying a draught beer within the designated hours.

Do They Sell Beer in Wetumpka?

Where can you buy packaged beer in Wetumpka?

Packaged beer is available at grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor stores, and other private retailers throughout the city. Major chains like Walmart, Publix, CVS, and Piggly Wiggly sell packaged beer for off-premises consumption. There are also local liquor stores such as Cheers Wine & Spirits that offer a wide selection of beer.

Convenient beer purchases can be made at gas stations like Speedway, Circle K, and RaceWay. Many restaurants and bars like Applebee’s offer packaged beer for take-home as well.

In short, beer lovers visiting or living in Wetumpka have no shortage of locations stocking canned, bottled, and packaged beer available for carryout purchase.

What venues serve draught beer in Wetumpka?

While Alabama state law permits draft beer sales starting at 10AM Monday through Saturday, some Wetumpka venues choose to start serving later in the day:

  • Restaurants: Full-service restaurants like Chili’s, O’Charley’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dreamland BBQ, and Wasabi serve draught beers beginning at 11AM most days.
  • Bars/Pubs: Nightlife spots like 303 Lounge, Blue Iguana Bar & Grill, and The Tavern begin tapping beers in the late afternoon or evening hours.
  • Casinos: The Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Wetumpka serves alcohol beginning at 8AM on Sundays. Other casino bars like VIP Lounge and Sky Bar pour beers starting in the evenings.
  • Breweries: There are currently no breweries operating in Wetumpka city limits. However, some nearby options in the region do offer beers brewed on-site.

Additionally, special events like festivals, concerts, and sports often have beer tents or concessions selling draught beer. The hours follow the allowable times per the city ordinance.

In summary, beer lovers have many choices when it comes to venues serving draught brews—from restaurants to casinos to breweries just outside town.

Key Takeaway:

There are craft beer stores in the area, as mentioned in [citation]. Finally, [citation] confirms that alcohol is served on Sundays at Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Wetumpka.

Availability of Craft Beer in Wetumpka

Beyond the major domestic beer brands, craft beer produced by small independent breweries has grown exponentially in Alabama over the last decade. For those seeking local flavor or variety, here are some options for purchasing artisanal craft beer in and around Wetumpka.

Craft beer stores in Wetumpka

While there are no breweries actually located within the city limits currently, there are craft beer specialty stores that offer an extensive selection of domestic and imported beers:

  • Wine & Spirits: With several locations in Montgomery, Prattville, and Millbrook, this liquor store chain boasts hundreds of hand-picked craft beers to go. The staff are knowledgeable about pairing beers with food.
  • Hop City Craft Beer & Wine: This award-winning craft beer outlet with a Wetumpka location has 30 rotating taps to sample brews plus bottled offerings from around the globe. They also host events like tap takeovers.

For those looking for harder-to-find craft beers, these specialty retailers are a go-to source.

Nearby breweries with taprooms

Within a short drive of Wetumpka lie several breweries operating taprooms where you can sample their creations on-site:

  • Folklore Brewing & Meadery (Mt. Hope, AL): Just 15 minutes from Wetumpka, Folklore offers original meads and craft beers like their popular Morning Breeze Coffee Blonde.
  • Cavalier Brewing Company (Florence, AL): This brewpub 40 minutes from Wetumpka has won awards for beers like their King’s Ransom Imperial Stout.
  • Back Forty Beer Company (Gadsden, AL): It’s about a 50 minute drive to Back Forty’s Alabama brewhouse known for Naked Pig Pale Ale and other selections.

Visiting these nearby breweries allows you to experience the craft beer culture through tours, flights, snacks, and more. Their operating hours fall within the allowable range per Alabama beer laws.

Key Takeaway:

There are craft beer stores in the Wetumpka area, like Wine & Spirits and Hop City Beer & Wine, offering an extensive selection of domestic and imported beers. Nearby breweries like Folklore Brewing & Meadery also have taprooms to sample craft beer.

Responsible Enjoyment of Beer in Wetumpka

Now that we’ve established beer can be purchased both in packaged form and on draft in Wetumpka within the confines of state and local regulations, it’s important to consider responsible drinking practices as well.

Here are some tips for enjoying beer in a safe, mature manner:

  • Don’t drink and drive. Use a designated driver, rideshare service, or taxi when consuming alcohol. Never operate any vehicle while intoxicated.
  • Drink water between beers to stay hydrated and slow your alcohol intake. Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Respect venue policies. Follow all rules on legal drinking age, last call times, and acceptable behavior at establishments serving beer.
  • Know your limits. Beer has a lower ABV than hard liquor but can still cause impairment. Understand your alcohol tolerance and don’t overdo it.
  • Eat food while drinking to help absorb some of the alcohol. Avoid drinking on an empty stomach.
  • Plan ahead. Have a safe way to get home before you start consuming beers. Don’t leave the venue intoxicated.

Following these responsible drinking tips will help ensure you and others stay safe and avoid issues like public intoxication when enjoying local beer in Wetumpka. Acting maturely preserves the privilege for community members to buy and consume beer.

Key Takeaway:

It’s important to drink beer safely and responsibly by using transportation, hydrating, respecting policies, knowing limits, eating food, and planning ahead.


In conclusion, beer can be purchased both in packaged form and on draft at various venues throughout Wetumpka, Alabama within designated hours and following certain regulations.

State law provides guidelines on legal hours of beer sales, while the City of Wetumpka implements additional zoning restrictions, particularly on Sundays. Residents and visitors alike have many options for buying packaged beer at grocery and liquor stores or enjoying a draught beer at restaurants, bars, casinos, festivals, and nearby breweries.

Those seeking locally-crafted beer can find specialty stores in town and taprooms just a short drive away. Responsible drinking practices ensure beer can be safely and maturely enjoyed. So for those wondering if they can get a cold one in Wetumpka, the answer is a definitive yes!

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