Who Gave All Might His Power?

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Key Takeaways:

  • All Might’s real name is Toshinori Yagi and he was born without a Quirk.
  • He received the transferable Quirk “One For All” from Nana Shimura, the seventh holder.
  • One For All stockpiles power and can be passed on to a successor.
  • All Might became the eighth holder of One For All after receiving it from Nana Shimura.
  • One For All gave All Might the immense power and abilities he became famous for as the Symbol of Peace.


The iconic and formidable hero All Might is one of the most powerful and celebrated figures in the world of My Hero Academia. His larger-than-life presence and Herculean abilities made him the Symbol of Peace and the number one hero for decades. But where did this tremendous power come from? Who was the one that gave All Might the strength that allowed him to single-handedly defeat villains and rescue countless people?

This article will provide a comprehensive evaluation of the origins of All Might’s abilities. It will analyze who passed down the phenomenal Quirk that transformed a Quirkless boy into the greatest hero ever known. Understanding the source of All Might’s might will provide insight into the nature of his power and the lore surrounding the transferable Quirk “One For All.”

With detailed information covering All Might’s early life, the identity of his benefactor, the capabilities of One For All, and All Might’s ascension to the number one hero spot, readers will gain valuable perspective on this pillar of hero society. The symbol of peace was not simply born amazing – he received his power through an incredible inheritance.

All Might’s Early Life as Quirkless Toshinori Yagi

To understand how All Might gained his powers, it is important to start with his early life before taking on the mantle of the Symbol of Peace. All Might was born under the name Toshinori Yagi. As a child, Yagi dreamed of being a hero, but faced one major obstacle – he was born Quirkless. In the My Hero Academia world, those born without a Quirk lack the superhuman abilities that over 80% of the population possesses. This made Yagi’s aspirations of being a hero seem unattainable.

However, that all changed one fateful day when Yagi met Nana Shimura, the septet holder of One For All. She saw the heroic spirit and potential within the Quirkless Yagi and deemed him worthy of inheriting One For All. This proved a monumental turning point in the life of the scrawny, powerless boy.

Nana Shimura Passes On One For All to All Might

Nana Shimura, the septet wielder of One For All, selected Toshinori Yagi as the next person to receive this unique transferable Quirk. As the previous holder, it was Shimura’s responsibility to find a worthy successor to carry on the power and legacy of One For All. Despite Yagi’s lack of abilities, she saw immense determination and heroism within the young man.

Shimura had cultivated her own mastery over One For All during her tenure as holder. She utilized its phenomenal strength-enhancing capabilities to become an indomitable pro hero. Recognizing a similar spirit within Yagi, she decided he was ready to inherit this torch. By passing One For All onto the Quirkless boy, Shimura essentially granted him access to awe-inspiring super strength and abilities that would one day make him the Symbol of Peace.

It was Nana Shimura’s fateful choice that allowed All Might to go from Quirkless to the holder of the greatest Superpower. Without her recognizing Yagi’s worthiness, he would likely have never attained the power needed to rise the top. Shimura’s selection set in motion Yagi’s journey to becoming the legendary hero All Might.

The Nature of One For All Explained

To comprehend the scale of the gift bestowed upon All Might, it is important to understand the actual capabilities of the One For All Quirk. This unique ability functions by stockpiling power and transferring it from one generation to the next. Each successor cultivates the Quirk and enhances their version of it. They can then pass along this strengthened incarnation to a new inheritor.

One For All essentially accumulates the physical abilities and Quirk energies of every previous user. Every holder adds to a reservoir of power that culminates in a single recipient. This grants the present holder access to unbelievable levels of speed, strength, agility and general superhuman capabilities.

In addition, One For All cannot be forcibly taken – the holder must voluntarily transfer it to a successor. This ensures only those deemed worthy will obtain it. In All Might’s case, the power that had been building for seven generations was passed onto him. This granted him access to a veritable wellspring of sheer strength and energy.

One For All is an incredible Quirk tailor-made for heroes. By stockpiling might across generations and enabling its wielder to harness the cumulative power, One For All allows the growth of phenomenally strong heroes dedicated to service. It perfectly synergized with All Might’s heroic ideals.

All Might Becomes the Symbol of Peace

Upon accepting this power, All Might took on the responsibility of cultivating One For All and using it solely for good. He trained rigorously to master the use of this quirk and maximize his potential as a hero. The scrawny, weak boy disappeared as One For All enhanced all his physical abilities to monumental levels. After years of discipline, All Might had achieved total control over this prodigious power.

With the strength of this Quirk that had been amplifying for generations, All Might became an unstoppable force for justice. His feats of strength, speed, and agility made him a true marvel. Capable of defeating villains single-handedly, rescuing hundreds of civilians, and ending disasters with ease, All Might’s incredible abilities awed the populace.

As his reputation grew, All Might came to be known as the Symbol of Peace – a pillar of hope and justice. He assumed his spot as the number one hero, maintaining that position for decades largely thanks to the legacy of strength he had inherited in One For All.

Frequently Asked Questions About All Might’s Power Origins

How did a Quirkless boy gain the powers of the legendary hero All Might?

All Might, originally named Toshinori Yagi, was born without any special abilities in a world where most people develop amazing superpowers. However, he inherited the transferable Quirk “One For All” from Nana Shimura, granting him access to unbelievable strength. This allowed the once Quirkless Yagi to become the most powerful hero ever as All Might.

What makes One For All such a unique and special Quirk?

One For All is unique because it stockpiles power over generations and can be willingly passed on. Each holder develops the Quirk further and transfers an even mightier version to their successor. One For All also merges the physical abilities and Quirk energies of previous wielders, culminating in a reservoir of unbelievable power.

Why did Nana Shimura select All Might as her successor?

Nana Shimura saw immense heroic potential and spirit within the Quirkless All Might. Though he had no powers, his determination and desire to be a hero convinced her he was worthy and would use One For All only for good. She saw him as the right person to inherit the Quirk and carry on as the next Symbol of Peace.

How did One For All make All Might the number one hero?

One For All provides a huge boost of speed, strength, agility and other superhuman capabilities from the accumulated power within it. This allowed All Might to perform amazing feats no other hero could match. He defeated villains single-handedly, resolved disasters instantly, and rescued hundreds at a time, cementing himself as the greatest hero ever.

Did All Might have to train to properly use One For All?

Yes, even though he had inherited immense power, All Might had to train extensively to fully master One For All. It took many years of discipline and hard work for him to gain total control over the Quirk and maximize his potential as a vessel for its prodigious might. This allowed All Might to utilize it perfectly in the field.

Can One For All be taken by force from All Might?

No, One For All cannot be forcibly stolen. As the current holder, All Might has to voluntarily transfer it to a worthy successor for them to receive it. This ensures the Quirk’s power stays in righteous hands. No one can simply take One For All – the present user must pass it on of their own accord.


In summary, All Might’s real origin story is that of a Quirkless boy who was granted an incredible gift by his mentor, Nana Shimura. By accepting One For All, All Might inherited the power and legacy of seven prior heroes. This allowed him to cultivate unbelievable strength and abilities. Driven by his heroic ideals, All Might became the world’s Symbol of Peace and number one hero largely thanks to the prodigious might passed down to him. One For All transformed him into the greatest hero of all time. Understanding the source of his power provides insight into the legend behind the icon.

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