How to Get Juice Out of a Smok Novo Pod?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Sucking the juice out with an empty dropper can work for some users.
  • Puncturing a small hole in the pod is another option to release the juice.
  • Taking apart the whole pod gives full access to get the juice out.
  • General cleaning tips involve using hot water and/or alcohol like vodka.
  • Completely drying the pod before reuse is essential for safety.


Vape pods are a popular way to enjoy nicotine salts or CBD vaping liquids. Devices like the Smok Novo provide an easy to use and portable pod system. But what happens when you want to get the remaining e-liquid out of a used Smok Novo pod? There are a few different methods vapers have discovered to extract the juice from inside these closed pods.

This comprehensive guide will walk through the key options for getting juice out of a Smok Novo pod. Understanding the most effective techniques can help you make full use of your vape pods and avoid wasting any precious e-liquid. We will also cover general tips for cleaning vape pods to extend their life and keep your vaping experience tasty.

Learning how to salvage every last drop out of your Smok Novo pods can save you money and effort over time. The ability to reuse pods also reduces environmental waste from single-use plastic pod cartridges. Whether you are looking to switch flavors, salvage an old pod, clean gunky residue, or prep a pod for storage, this guide will equip you with pro tips and hacks to get the most out of your Smok Novo vape.

Sucking the Juice Out with a Dropper

One unorthodox but effective method for emptying the remaining juice from a Smok Novo pod is to simply suck it out using an empty dropper. According to users on Reddit vaping forums, you can take a glass dropper from an e-liquid bottle kit and use it to suck the juice directly out of the fill hole on the side of the pod.

The dropper allows you to generate targeted suction through the small opening in order to draw the liquid out. The soft rubber pipette tip can form a tight seal around the fill port to pull the juice efficiently. Just make sure to use a dry and clean dropper to avoid contaminating the salvaged e-liquid.

This technique will work best if a fair amount of juice remains in the pod. When the liquid level gets very low, it can be difficult to generate enough suction to extract it. Still, a dropper can often capture at least a partial pod’s worth of remnants.

One user advised heating up the pod first with a hairdryer to make the viscosity of the juice thinner and easier to suck up. Just don’t overheat the plastic. Test the temperature against your wrist before it gets too hot.

While unconventional, this method is free, fast, and effective for many vapers. If you don’t have an empty bottle dropper on hand, you can also try it with a plastic oral syringe without the needle.

Puncturing a Small Hole in the Pod

Another DIY approach to emptying the liquid from a Smok Novo pod is to puncture a small hole somewhere on the plastic casing. This creates an exit point for the juice to pour or drip out gradually.

According to vaping site Juicer Advices, you can start by taking the rubber lid off the pod. Then use a thumbtack, needle, knife tip, or even just your fingernail to poke a tiny hole into the side or bottom of the plastic pod.

The hole only needs to be big enough to allow the liquid trapped inside to leak out drop by drop. Try not to make the hole too low on the pod or the juice may leak out too quickly. Tilting the pod upside down over a paper towel allows the e-liquid to fully drain out once the hole is made.

This method obviously damages the pod casing, so it is really only practical if you were already planning to dispose of that pod. The small hole will prevent you from being able to refill the pod for reuse. But it does offer an easy way to reclaim every last bit of liquid before throwing the pod away if waste is your main concern.

Some vapers even keep a dedicated “juice pod” with a hole pre-poked in it to squeeze out the remnants from nearly empty pods and consolidate the liquid. Just use care when handling the punctured pod to avoid any mess.

Taking Apart the Whole Pod

For full access to the juice inside a Smok Novo pod, you can take apart the entire pod casing by disassembling the snaps and pulling off the rubber cover. This allows you to empty the cotton wicking and access the reservoir to pour out its contents.

A YouTube tutorial by user VapinKing demonstrates how to take a Smok Novo pod completely apart piece by piece. After removing the plastic cover, he carefully splits the sides of the pod at the snaps using a fingernail. This allows him to separate the two halves of the plastic outer shell.

Inside, the cotton wick is revealed and can be pulled out. With the wick removed, the inner chamber that holds e-liquid is fully accessible. The remaining juice can then be emptied into a container and salvaged.

The video shows the process in detail, including how to snap the pieces back together after cleaning to reuse the pod. However, the pod may not maintain a perfect seal after being taken apart, and it could potentially leak around the edges. Heavy handling during disassembly can also damage the components.

So this method is best reserved for salvaging the last bit of juice from a pod you plan to retire. For general cleaning and maintenance, taking apart the entire pod may be overkill. But for one last use, it lets you ensure you recover every single drop left inside.

Cleaning Tips for Vape Pods

Once you’ve removed any remaining juice, it’s a good idea to give your Smok Novo pods a thorough cleaning before reusing them. Here are some pro tips for cleaning vape pods from the experts at INNOKIN:

  • Fill a bowl with very hot (but not boiling) water. This will help dissolve e-liquid residues.
  • Open the fill hole on the pod and submerge the pod and coil in the hot water. Hold down the pod so it stays fully emerged.
  • Let the pod and coil soak for a few minutes, swishing them around in the water. The heat will dissolve any built up gunk inside.
  • Remove the pod and coil from the water once cleaning is complete and tap the excess water out onto a paper towel.
  • Allow the pod system to completely air dry for several hours before vaping from it again. This prevents any water from diluting the e-liquid.

The hot water soak and rinse method can remove most caked-on residue from the pod and coil. For a deep clean, INNOKIN recommends also using cleaning solution like vodka or high-proof alcohol:

  • For the second soak cycle, fill the bowl with some vodka or another drinkable liquor that is around 70% alcohol.
  • Drop the pod and coil in the alcohol bath and let soak for 15-30 minutes max.
  • Rinse thoroughly under cool water after the alcohol bath to eliminate any remaining solution and residue.
  • Allow longer air dry time of at least overnight if cleaning with alcohol before reuse.

The alcohol will break down any stubborn buildup more effectively than water alone. But take care only to use food-grade alcohol, and rinse all traces thoroughly after cleaning. Extended contact with the alcohol could damage the pod plastic or degrade the seals over time.

Proper cleaning and drying helps declogged coils, extends pod life, and improves flavor. Just be cautious when using liquids like alcohol and allow ample drying time before vaping from freshly cleaned pods. Following these best practices will keep your Smok Novo pod system performing like new.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the last bit of juice out of my Novo pod?

Some of the most effective methods include using an empty dropper to suck out the remnants, poking a small hole in the casing to drain the juice, or fully disassembling the pod to access the inner reservoir. Heating the pod first can help thin and liquefy the juice.

Is it safe to puncture a hole in the Novo pod plastic?

Making a small hole with a pin or knife is generally safe, as long as you avoid cutting the internal chamber and coils. However, this will prevent you from being able to refill and reuse that pod. Only puncture as a last resort before throwing the pod away.

What’s the best way to clean the residue out of a Novo pod?

Experts recommend soaking used pods (and the coil) in hot, but not boiling, water for a few minutes. For deeper cleaning, use a second bath of alcohol like vodka for 15-30 minutes max, followed by thorough rinsing before drying.

How long should I let the pod dry before vaping again after cleaning?

It’s recommended to air dry pods for a minimum of several hours after hot water cleaning. If you used alcohol for deep cleaning, allow a full overnight dry or longer to prevent issues. Proper drying is key for performance and safety.

Can I reuse a Novo pod after emptying the juice and cleaning it?

Yes, Smok Novo pods are designed to be refilled and reused multiple times. As long as you thoroughly clean the pod and coil and ensure they are totally dry before refilling, you can continue vaping with them. Proper maintenance is important for extending pod life.


Getting the most use out of your Smok Novo pods allows you to vape economically and reduce waste. With creative salvaging methods, diligent cleaning practices, and proper drying, you can reuse pods successfully many times over. Sucking out remnants with an improvised dropper, poking a drainage hole, or fully disassembling pods lets you recover every last drop before disposal.

Implementing hot water and alcohol bath cleaning between uses keeps pods performing their best. Allowing ample drying time prevents flooding and leakage when refilling reused pods. With the right techniques, you can maximize the life and performance of your Smok Novo pod system.

For other helpful pod maintenance tips or troubleshooting guides, be sure to check out more vaping tutorials from experts. Properly caring for your pods is the key to affordability and reliability when vaping with convenient pod devices like the popular Smok Novo.

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