Are Beman Arrows Made by Easton?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Beman arrows are owned and manufactured by Easton Archery.
  • Easton acquired Beman in the 1990s and integrated the brand into their product lineup.
  • Beman arrows provide quality, affordable arrows for bowhunting and target shooting.
  • Easton has continued the Beman brand’s legacy of innovation started in 1922.
  • Both Beman and Easton arrows offer cutting-edge designs focused on accuracy and performance.


For archers and crossbow enthusiasts, having quality arrows is essential for accuracy, performance, and safety. Two of the most recognized names in arrows and archery equipment are Beman and Easton. But an ongoing question is – are Beman arrows made by Easton?

The short answer is yes. Beman arrows are now manufactured, marketed, and sold under the Easton brand. However, Beman has a long legacy as an innovative arrow company in its own right before being acquired by Easton.

This article will provide a comprehensive overview answering the question “Are Beman arrows made by Easton?” Key aspects covered include:

  • The history and reputation of Beman arrows
  • Easton’s acquisition of Beman in the 1990s
  • How Easton has integrated Beman into its product line
  • The continued innovation in Beman arrow designs
  • Comparison between current Beman and Easton arrows

For both novice archers and experts, understanding the relationship between these two iconic brands provides helpful context. The information that follows will make clear how Beman’s arrow heritage continues through Easton’s manufacturing today.

A Background on Beman Arrows

To appreciate Beman’s history and connection to Easton, it is helpful to understand Beman’s origins and legacy as an arrows manufacturer.

Beman Archery was founded in 1922 by Cliff Beman in Minnesota, USA. The company’s original name was Beman Archery Company. It focused on innovating and producing arrows specifically designed for bowhunting and competitive target archery.

Some of Beman’s earliest arrow designs revolutionized the sport. Their patented “Beman Centershot” arrow incorporated a molded plastic nock to improve arrow guidance and flight. The “Beman ICS Hunter” was the first carbon arrow created specifically for bowhunting.

Over decades, the Beman brand became synonymous with precision, quality, and performance. Their arrows incorporated cutting-edge materials and design features to deliver accuracy, speed, and kinetic energy.

As Beman arrows gained popularity in the 1900s, the company expanded into international markets. By the 1990s, Beman had established itself as a top arrow manufacturer with a strong reputation.

Easton’s Acquisition of Beman in the 1990s

The Easton Archery Company had built an equally impressive legacy since starting in the 1920s. Easton specialized in bowhunting and target archery equipment including arrows, sights, and accessories.

By the 1990s, Easton had grown into the world’s largest manufacturer of arrows. Their patented aluminum and carbon arrows set new standards for performance. Easton became known for its continual innovation and focus on technology to enhance arrow precision and accuracy.

In an effort to expand their lineup of archery brands, Easton acquired Beman Archery in the 1990s. This provided Easton with control of the Beman name, legacy, and arrows manufacturing.

However, Easton made the strategic decision to continue the Beman brand separately, keeping its iconic name and arrow models. This allowed Easton to market both Easton and Beman arrows to different consumer segments.

Integration of Beman Arrows into the Easton Lineup

While retaining the Beman brand name, Easton fully integrated the manufacturing of Beman arrows into its production systems and facilities. This allowed Easton to produce Beman arrows to the same exacting standards and with access to the same technology as Easton arrows.

Easton also invested in upgrading Beman arrow designs by incorporating the latest carbon fiber materials and construction methods. This modernized the Beman arrow lineup while maintaining the company’s reputation for performance and quality.

On the consumer side, Easton continues to market and sell Beman arrows as a distinct brand from Easton. However, both brands benefit from Easton’s extensive distribution networks, dealer relationships, and marketing initiatives.

Today’s Beman arrow packaging and marketing materials include the Easton brand name and logo. But the iconic Beman logo and model names remain clearly identifiable. So consumers can still readily choose between Easton and Beman when shopping for arrows.

Ongoing Innovation in Beman Arrow Designs

A key reason Easton maintained the Beman brand was its reputation for continuous innovation. Easton has continued that legacy by upgrading Beman arrow models with new technologies over the past 20+ years of ownership.

For example, the latest Beman ICS Bowhunter arrows utilize a double carbon fiber construction to increase strength. The integrated “BuffTuff” carbon layer provides durability for penetration on animal targets.

Beman also incorporates precision Nano ceramic inserts in its target arrows like the Beman Classic. This straightens arrow flight and improves downrange guidance.

The Beman Flash magnesium carbon construction creates lighter weight arrows with a straightness tolerance under .001 inches for competitive target shooting.

Easton product engineers and designers work closely with the Beman brand team to incorporate innovations across the arrow lineup. This ensures Beman retains its identity as a cutting-edge arrow brand built for high performance.

How Beman and Easton Arrows Compare Today

While manufactured by the same company, Beman and Easton arrows do retain distinct brand characteristics that appeal to differing archer preferences.

Beman arrows are generally seen as a high-performance, mid-range offering targeting value-focused archers. The brand has a reputation for economical prices while maintaining competitive quality and accuracy.

By comparison, Easton arrows skew towards the high-end target shooter and bowhunter with premium cost. Easton positions itself as the pinnacle of arrow innovation and precision technology.

Of course, both Beman and Easton produce arrows spanning low cost to high cost, and for both hunting and target uses. But Easton relies more on its aerospace engineering legacy while Beman maintains its ethos as an archer-focused upstart brand, despite now being owned by Easton.

So in summary, while Beman arrows are now Easton products, the two brands continue to be differentiated in the market to provide archers distinct choices.


In answering the original question “Are Beman arrows made by Easton?” – the unequivocal answer is yes.

Easton’s acquisition of Beman in the 1990s brought one of the leading arrow brands under its manufacturing control. However, Easton crucially maintained the Beman brand identity and arrow lineup.

This has allowed Easton to continue benefiting from Beman’s established reputation for high-performing, affordable arrows specifically designed for bowhunters and target archers. Easton has upgraded the Beman arrow designs by incorporating the latest materials and construction innovations.

So the Easton company today produces both flagship Easton arrows and the legacy Beman brand, complementing each other in the market. While linked through manufacturing, they remain distinct in their philosophies and appeal to archers.

In summary, Beman arrows have been manufactured by Easton for over 20+ years while retaining their own storied identity. For archery enthusiasts looking for proven, quality arrows, both Beman and Easton remain excellent and innovative choices.

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