Will the Evil Dead Game Have Single Player?

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Evil Dead game includes a series of single player missions with new unlockable characters.
  • These missions provide a challenging solo experience against Deadites.
  • The main multiplayer game can also be played alone with AI bots substituting other players.
  • There are currently 5 single player missions with more to be added.
  • Solo play allows focusing on defeating Deadites without interference.

The Evil Dead franchise has amassed a huge cult following over the years. With its blend of horror, comedy, and outrageous supernatural action, it provides a thrilling experience for fans. Now, with Saber Interactive’s upcoming Evil Dead: The Game, players will be able to immerse themselves in the world of Evil Dead like never before. But one question on many fans’ minds is – will the game have a single player mode?

This article will comprehensively evaluate the single player options in Evil Dead: The Game. It will analyze the dedicated solo missions, the ability to play alone in multiplayer, and the overall benefits of solitary Deadite destruction. For franchise fans eager to step into Ash’s shoes against the forces of darkness, this info is invaluable. By covering the various single player features at launch and slated for the future, readers will gain a clear understanding of the S-Mart level of ‘Shop Smart’ in Evil Dead: The Game.

Giving players plenty of content to rip and tear through alone adds tremendous replay value. Not having to rely on others’ play schedules or in-game abilities provides freedom and flexibility. Overall, the depth of solo content allows enjoying the splat-tastic world of Evil Dead at your own devil-defeating pace. So strap on that chainsaw hand, load up the boomstick, and get ready to get groovy with the details on going it alone against the Deadites.

Overview of Single Player Missions

The primary solo experience in Evil Dead: The Game comes through dedicated single player missions. These present self-contained challenges separate from the main multiplayer game for Ash to take on alone.

What are the single player missions in Evil Dead: The Game?

The developers have included 5 single player missions at launch, with plans to add more later. These missions feature their own unique objectives, locations, and enemies from the franchise for Ash to battle through on his own.

Each mission can only be played solo without co-op partners. This provides a challenging and intense survival experience as you fend off Deadites alone.

Completing these unlocks new playable survivor characters for multiplayer, like Kelly Maxwell from Ash vs Evil Dead. So they provide a rewarding sense of progression while pitting your solo skills against the forces of the Necronomicon.

What can players expect from the single player missions?

According to the developers, these missions aim to capture the feel of the classic Evil Dead films and show. This means claustrophobic settings, desperate stands against encroaching Deadites, and plenty of over-the-top action and horror.

Locations are inspired by settings from the series like the Knowby cabin. Enemies range from the undead to Kandarian demons. Players will have to scavenge for weapons and resources to survive the onslaught.

The missions are designed to be quite challenging even for seasoned players. Surviving long enough to complete objectives and exorcise the evil will require skill and strategy.

This provides engaging content for seasoned Evil Dead fans to test their solo abilities. Completing them also allows unlocking new characters to use in multiplayer, offering worthwhile rewards.

Playing Multiplayer Game Solo with Bots

In addition to dedicated single player missions, Evil Dead: The Game also allows playing the main multiplayer matches solo. This is done by filling out the team with AI bots as substitutes for real players.

How does playing with bots work?

In the game’s main multiplayer, there are two teams – survivors and Deadites. When playing alone, bots will take control of the other members of your survivor team.

You can choose your playable survivor character while customizing the rest of the roster with AI bots. They will then assist you in completing objectives like finding map pieces or surviving until time runs out.

Bots can also substitute for Deadites in multiplayer matches. So if you want to solely focus on mowing down enemies, an AI demon horde can stand in for unpredictable human opposition.

Across multiplayer modes like cooperative PvE or competitive PvP, adding bots provides a solo experience. You battle Deadites without worrying about random players’ actions or coordinating with others.

What are the benefits of playing solo with bots?

A key benefit is being able to enjoy the multiplayer maps and modes without relying on others. The bots handle all other roles intelligently.

This provides excellent practice against Deadites if you’re unsure about facing real opposition. It also allows exploring multiplayer at your own pace while still retaining a team dynamic.

Solo play is perfect for learning mechanics like scavenging, managing fear levels, balancing offense and defense, and more nuances. Dying to Deadites harms only your experience, without disappointing teammates.

Given the asymmetrical teams and frenetic gameplay, playing solo with AI aids focusing on your personal survival and objective completion.

Overall, bot teammates and opponents let you enjoy multiplayer gameplay alone on your terms. It’s ideal for both learning the ropes and relaxing zombie-slaying sessions when friends aren’t available.

General Benefits of Single Player Evil Dead: The Game

Beyond specific modes, Evil Dead: The Game simply provides plenty for solitary undead fighters to enjoy. The merits of single player apply across all content.

How does solo play enable creativity and freedom?

With no need to accommodate others, you can truly cut loose in your playstyle. Embrace chaos and experiment with unorthodox tactics as you customize the experience to your liking.

All characters and abilities are open to you instead of factoring in team composition. Blast Deadites with Kelly’s double-barreled shotgun or slash away as Ash himself – the choice is yours.

Exploring maps at your own pace, whether slaying Deadites or scouring for resources, offers greater immersion. You can uncover the world while surviving however you see fit.

Why is solo play more accessible for new players?

Venturing into multiplayer with experienced players can be daunting for newcomers. Playing solo removes this barrier entirely.

You can slowly become accustomed to mechanics like dismembering Deadites, managing fear, or locating tools needed to complete objectives. Without letting teammates down, learning feels lower-stakes.

Single player provides a safe space to find your footing, understand crucial systems, and study maps and items. This establishes a foundation before cooperating with others.

Ultimately, solo play enables getting invested in the Evil Dead world without pressure. You can sharpen your skills until ready to join other human players in co-op or competitive modes.

How does solo experience reduce frustration?

While multiplayer thrives on anarchic fun with others, it can also introduce frustration. Teammates may have differing playstyles and expertise levels. Lag or glitches can disrupt coordination.

Opting for solo play avoids these issues entirely. You need not rely on or accommodate anyone else. This singular focus streamlines the experience.

Without worrying about teammates, you can concentrate solely on dismantling Deadites. No longer left vulnerable by others’ mistakes, you depend only on your own skill.

The AI bots offer consistent support and challenges depending on settings. So solo play provides a smoothed experience centered solely around your enjoyment.

Will Future Content Add More Single Player?

Saber Interactive has touted the breadth of post-launch content planned for Evil Dead: The Game. From new multiplayer modes to expanded progression, there is more on the way. But will this include additional single player offerings?

What have the developers said about future single player content?

The developers have confirmed at least one more single player mission will be added over time. Given the positive reception to these missions, more may follow.

Further solo challenges present opportunities to explore new locations, weapons, and enemies from the franchise. Unlocking new playable survivors could also motivate replaying the missions.

More varied objectives and randomized elements would continue enhancing replay value. Leadersboards tracking completion times or scores could also cater to solo players aiming to climb ranks.

Continually expanding single player content will give solitary zombie slayers fresh tests of skill outside the multiplayer realm. New locations and unlockable rewards will provide compelling reasons to revisit the solo missions.

How else might future updates cater to solo players?

Beyond missions, new modes tailored for lone survivors could emerge. A solo horde mode seeing how long you can survive endless Deadites comes to mind.

Expanded bot options could let you customize AI behavior, appearance, and loadouts for more diverse solo sessions. Special solo challenges exclusive to single player might offer unique rewards.

Developers could track and celebrate stats like total Deadites killed, least damage taken, speedrun records, and other metrics for solo players on leaderboards. Solo-centric Season or Mastery systems with tiered rewards also have potential.

Overall, the wide range of post-launch content plans provides plentiful opportunities to enhance the solitary play experience. This will let series fans continue enjoying the game their way.


For Evil Dead fans looking to dismember Deadites in blissful isolation, Evil Dead: The Game has plenty to offer at launch and beyond. The dedicated single player missions provide intense, rewarding challenges that unlock new survivors. Bots enable exploring multiplayer alone at your own pace. Solo play as a whole allows unfettered creativity and reduced frustration.

While multiplayer mayhem ticks many boxes, the ability to fight the forces of evil solo adds tremendous value. Heading into battle alone lets your boomstick do the talking without worrying about others. So strap on your chainsaw and get ready to rip and tear through both bespoke solo missions and AI-supported multiplayer mayhem. Just be sure to keep your fear levels in check – and your ammunition levels topped up!

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