What Is the Max Level in Pokemon Insurgence?

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Key Takeaways

  • The technical max level in Pokemon Insurgence is 120.
  • However, the effective level cap varies based on difficulty setting.
  • On normal mode, major battles cap at around level 68.
  • On hard mode, major battles cap at around level 83.
  • The game is designed and balanced around a level 100 cap.
  • Over-leveling beyond 100 can reduce the challenge.

Pokemon Insurgence, created by creators of Pokemon Zeta/Omicron, is one of the most expansive and acclaimed fan-made Pokemon games. With custom mega evolutions, delta species, secret bases, and 8 gyms, Insurgence offers a deep and exciting Pokemon adventure. However, to fully enjoy the game, it’s important to understand the nuances around leveling and the level cap. So what exactly is the max level in Pokemon Insurgence?

What is the Technical Max Level in Insurgence?

The technical maximum level that Pokemon can reach in Insurgence is 120. Once a Pokemon hits this level, it will stop gaining experience points and cannot level up any further.

This 120 level cap is hard-coded into the game and applies to all Pokemon. Even Pokemon received via Wonder Trade or transfered from other games will be restricted to capping out at level 120 in Insurgence.

Does the Level Cap Change Based on Difficulty?

Yes, while 120 is the absolute maximum, the effective level cap during the main storyline varies based on the selected difficulty setting.

On Normal Mode, major battles and gym leader Pokemon will scale to around level 60-68. For example, Gym Leader Diana’s ace Pokemon in Selene Gym caps at level 68.

However, on Hard Mode, opponents scale higher, with major battle Pokemon reaching up to level 80-83. To illustrate, Perfection Cultist Taen’s Pokemon cap at 83 in Perfection Base on Hard Mode.

So in effect, while you can technically grind to 120, the level caps for key battles incentivize keeping your team around levels 60-83.

Is 100 the Recommended Level Cap?

In a sense, yes. While you can exceed 100, the game is designed and balanced around an effective level cap of 100.

Most Pokemon will max out their learnsets and stats by level 100. And the difficulty of end-game trainers and the Elite 4 expects your Pokemon to be around level 80-100.

As a result, even though you can grind to 120, it’s recommended to cap your Pokemon around 100 to preserve the intended challenge and progression.

What Happens If You Over-Level?

Since Insurgence scales opponents based on difficulty setting, over-leveling your Pokemon beyond the caps can trivialize certain battles.

For example, if you grind your team to level 120 early on, you’ll steamroll all the Gyms and boss fights. One-shotting everything with overpowered moves ruins the fun and sense of progression.

In addition, over-leveling dampens the excitement of uncovering new areas, catching Pokemon, and earning badges. The reward of gradual team building is lost.

How Can You Prevent Over-Leveling?

Here are some tips to avoid exceeding the recommended level caps in Insurgence:

  • Don’t grind too much. Only battle the trainers and Pokemon needed to progress.
  • Use an Exp Share rotation. Swap Pokemon out of your party to distribute XP.
  • Turn off Exp Share if necessary. Avoid having your whole team over-level together.
  • Make good use of the Daycare. Have an egg ready to hatch into a lower level Pokemon.
  • Catch Pokemon at a variety of levels. Don’t just catch high level Pokemon.
  • Change up your team members. Rotate lower level Pokemon into your party.

What Are the Key Level Caps?

To summarize the key level caps:

  • Level 120 is the technical maximum level.
  • Level 68 is the approximate cap for Normal Mode major battles.
  • Level 83 is the approximate cap for Hard Mode major battles.
  • Level 100 is the recommended cap for a balanced playthrough.


While Pokemon can technically reach 120 in Insurgence, it’s wise to keep your team around levels 60-100 based on chosen difficulty to maintain engagement and challenge. Level caps ensure you take the time to properly raise your Pokemon without overpowering them too quickly. With smart level management, you can get the most fulfilling experience from this excellent fan game.

Frequently Asked Questions about Max Level in Pokemon Insurgence

What causes the level differences between normal and hard mode?

The level differences are caused by built-in level scaling and caps programmed by the game developers. Hard mode trainers have higher-level Pokemon coded in to provide a greater challenge compared to normal mode.

If I keep my Pokemon underlevelled, will battles be too hard?

It’s possible battles may become too difficult if you actively underlevel your Pokemon. The game expects you to be within about 10 levels of key fights. Being underlevelled by 20+ levels could make progression nearly impossible.

Should I use Rare Candies to reach level 100 quickly?

No, using too many Rare Candies can make your Pokemon weaker. Leveling up naturally through battles gives better stats. Save Rare Candies for the last 10 levels or single-use situations.

What is the minimum level I should be for the Elite Four?

You should ensure your team is at least level 80 before taking on the Elite Four, with your ace at level 85 or higher. Any lower and you’ll likely get overwhelmed by their strong, diverse teams.

What happens if I start a new game on Hard Mode?

On Hard Mode, opponents will have higher-leveled Pokemon from the very start. You may struggle more early on, but it provides consistently greater difficulty versus starting on Normal.

Should I switch from Normal to Hard mid-game?

It’s not recommended, as suddenly fighting higher levels can be jarring. Restarting on Hard is better for a smooth progression curve. Changing mid-way can also break difficulty balancing.

Is grinding my team to level 120 before the first gym smart?

No, grinding that high early on will trivialize all the beginnings gyms, removing any challenge. It’s better to take them on at the intended levels for a fair battle.

How does the level cap affect PvP and post-game battles?

The level caps don’t apply to online PvP or post-game areas. You can use Level 120 Pokemon as desired in tournament modes, online play and extended areas.

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