Can Am Bolt Pattern? A Comprehensive Overview

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When purchasing new tires and wheels for your Can-Am ATV or UTV, it is crucial to know the bolt pattern to ensure proper fitment. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the Can-Am bolt pattern, explaining what it is, why it matters, how to measure and identify it, as well as discussing options and considerations for customization. With the insights from this guide, you will understand exactly what bolt pattern your Can-Am needs and be able to make informed decisions when upgrading or replacing your tires and wheels.

Key Takeaways on Can Am Bolt Patterns:

  • The standard Can-Am bolt pattern is 4/137, meaning 4 lug holes spaced 137mm apart. This applies to all modern Can-Am ATVs and UTVs.
  • Knowing your bolt pattern is essential for proper tire/wheel fitment when replacing or upgrading your Can-Am’s wheels.
  • The bolt pattern should be confirmed by measuring lug hole spacing or consulting your owner’s manual.
  • Some custom wheel options are available in common Can-Am bolt patterns, allowing fitment without modifications.
  • Adapters can be used to convert between different bolt patterns if desired.

What Exactly is a Bolt Pattern?

The bolt pattern refers to the number of lug holes and their spacing across a wheel. It is one of the key measurements, along with lug nut size, that ensures proper mounting and fitment between a wheel and vehicle.

For Can-Am ATVs and UTVs, the standard bolt pattern is:


This means there are 4 lug holes spaced 137 millimeters apart in a bolt circle diameter pattern. The lugs holes are drilled precisely to match the studs on the Can-Am’s hubs for correct mating between the wheel and ATV/UTV.

Knowing the bolt pattern is essential when shopping for new aftermarket wheels or even OEM wheel replacements. The new wheel must match the same 4/137 spec or it will not bolt up correctly. A mismatch can cause safety issues or damage to the vehicle.

Why is the Bolt Pattern Important For Can-Ams?

The manufacturer-specific bolt pattern is a deliberately designed feature to ensure proper fitment of that brand’s wheels to its vehicles. For Can-Am, the 4/137 spec guarantees OEM wheels and qualified aftermarket wheels will correctly bolt up to all Can-Am model ATVs and UTVs.

Some key reasons why the proper bolt pattern matters:

  • Safety – Mismatched wheels that do not bolt up fully and securely can be extremely dangerous, leading to wheels loosening or detaching at speed.
  • Fitment – A wrong bolt pattern means the wheel literally will not fit onto the hubs.
  • Prevent Damage – Forcing an incompatible wheel onto hubs can damage the studs or wheel components.
  • Performance – An ill-fitting wheel negatively impacts handling, braking, and power transfer.

By sticking to wheels with dimensions and construction designed for your Can-Am’s weight and use, you ensure optimal safety, fitment, handling and performance. So the OEM Can-Am bolt pattern is essential.

How to Identify and Measure Bolt Patterns

If you need to identify or confirm the bolt pattern of your Can-Am before purchasing replacement or upgrade wheels, follow these steps:

Check Owner’s Manual

The easiest way is to consult your Can-Am’s owner’s manual, under the wheels/tires specifications section. All Can-Am manuals will state the factory bolt pattern, usually listed as “4/137” or similar.

Count Lug Holes

You can visually inspect and count the number of lug holes drilled into your existing wheels. Can-Am ATVs and UTVs will always have 4 lug holes.

Measure Lug Hole Spacing

Use a measuring tape or calipers to measure from the center of one lug hole to the center of the adjacent hole. For Can-Am, this measurement should be 137mm.

Look For Stamped Code

Some OEM Can-Am wheels will have the bolt pattern stamped on the inside of the wheel, often listed as 4/137. Always check both sides of each wheel, as the stamping can be inconspicuous.

Following the above guidelines will conclusively identify if your Can-Am uses the standard 4/137 bolt pattern. This information then allows proper new wheel selection.

Can-Am Bolt Pattern Options and Customization

The 4/137 spec applies universally across Can-Am models, from the Outlander and Renegade ATVs to the Maverick and Defender UTVs. However, there are still some options and customization possible when selecting new wheels:

Stock Size Wheels

Replacing your stock Can-Am wheels with equivalent aftermarket wheels in the same size will bolt up exactly using the standard 4/137 pattern. No modifications needed.

Larger Diameter Wheels

Some oversized wheel and tire combos designed specifically for Can-Ams retain the 4/137 pattern in larger diameters to accomodate larger brakes. These bolt right on.

Custom Offsets

Many aftermarket Can-Am wheels offer varied offset options to customize look and handling. Different offsets still use the 4/137 pattern.

Bolt Pattern Adapters

Adapters can convert wheels from other bolt patterns like 4/156 or 5/127 to match the Can-Am 4/137 spec. Allows fitting non-Can-Am wheels.

Drilling Custom Holes

In some cases, wheels can be professionally drilled to change the bolt pattern. Only recommended for skilled fabricators.

In summary, the standard 4/137 Can-Am bolt pattern has options for OEM-spec replacements or customized looks and performance through careful wheel selection and adaption solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the bolt pattern on Can-Am Commander models?

The Can-Am Commander uses the standard 4/137 bolt pattern, with 4 lug holes spaced 137mm apart. This applies across all Commander 1000, 800, and 500 models.

Do Can-Am Defender models have the same 4/137 bolt pattern?

Yes, the Defender line including the HD5, HD8, HD10 and Base models all use 4/137. This covers both the ATV and UTV Defender versions.

Why doesn’t my Can-Am Maverick bolt up to these Yamaha wheels?

Different manufacturers use different bolt patterns. Yamaha commonly uses a 5/127 pattern, which does not match Can-Am’s 4/137 spec. To mount Yamaha wheels requires bolt pattern adapters.

How can I tell if an aftermarket wheel fits my Outlander?

Check that any aftermarket wheel specifically lists compatibility with your Can-Am model. Also ensure its specs state a 4/137 bolt pattern to match your Outlander ATV. Wheels not designated for Can-Am fitment likely have the wrong pattern.

What is the difference between 4/156 and 4/137 bolt patterns?

The spacing between lug holes is different – 156mm vs 137mm. Wheels for one pattern generally don’t fit the other. Adapters can convert between the two.

Why is bolt pattern important for wheel spacers and adapters?

Wheel spacers and adapters must match the Can-Am 4/137 pattern to correctly bolt up. Using fasteners for the wrong pattern can cause safety issues.

Can I redrill custom bolt holes in my wheels to fit a Can-Am?

It is possible but only recommended for experienced fabricators. Most wheels are not thick enough to safely redrill holes. Attempting alterations can quickly ruin a wheel.

How do I know if an adapter properly fits my Renegade?

Always match the adapter to the bolt pattern of the Can-Am (4/137) and the alternate pattern wheel you want to mount. Ask the manufacturer to verify proper fitment for your specific ATV.


In summary, understanding bolt patterns is a vital part of selecting compatible wheels and tires for your Can-Am ATV or UTV. The standard 4/137 pattern with 4 lug holes spaced 137mm apart applies universally across all modern Can-Am two- and four-wheeled models.

Measuring lug spacing or checking your owner’s manual can help identify and verify this pattern. From there, focus your wheel purchases on options explicitly made for the Can-Am 4/137 spec, either OEM replacements or quality aftermarket wheels specifically engineered for proper fitment. With the right bolt pattern matched between your Can-Am vehicle and wheels, you can hit the trails or dunes with confidence.

Based on the search results, the bolt pattern for Can-Am vehicles is 4/137. This means that the wheels have four bolt holes spaced 137 millimeters apart from each other. It is important to note that this bolt pattern applies to all modern Can-Am ATVs and UTVs, including the Commander and Maverick. Other manufacturers, such as Arctic Cat and Yamaha, have different bolt patterns. If you are looking to alter or swap out your Can-Am tires and wheels, it is recommended to consult your owner’s manual to confirm the sizes and specifications.

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