How To Replace Ford F250 Side Mirrors?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Assess the damage and determine if the entire mirror needs replacement or just the glass.
  • Purchase the correct replacement part that fits the truck’s year, make and model.
  • Remove old mirror by taking off door panel, disconnecting wiring and unscrewing bolts.
  • Install new mirror by reversing removal steps and reconnecting electrical wiring.
  • Adjust mirror angles and test all functions like turn signals, heating, etc.
  • Use proper tools and take safety precautions when working on vehicle.

Being able to see clearly around your vehicle is critical for safe driving. Side view mirrors provide important visibility and awareness of the truck’s surroundings. If your Ford F250 side mirrors are damaged, cracked, broken or not functioning well, then replacing them promptly is highly recommended. But how exactly do you go about replacing the side mirrors on a Ford F250 pickup truck?

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the complete process of replacing Ford F250 side mirrors. We will cover assessing the damage, purchasing the right replacement parts, step-by-step removal and installation, adjustments, testing and precautions to take. With the help of this guide, you will be able to replace your F250 side mirrors successfully.

Replacing damaged or non-functioning side mirrors improves visibility significantly while driving. It also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. With the abundance of trucks on the road, clear rear and side vision is paramount for changing lanes safely. Outlined below is the systematic approach to follow for replacing Ford F250 side mirrors so you can drive with greater safety and confidence.

Steps to Replace Ford F250 Side Mirrors

How to assess the damage and determine which parts need replacement?

Before replacing the F250 side mirrors, it is important to properly assess the damage to determine exactly which components need to be replaced. Here are some aspects to inspect:

  • Is only the glass broken or cracked or is the entire mirror housing damaged? Just the glass pane may need replacement if the housing is intact.
  • Do the mirror adjustment mechanics and other functions like turn signals, heating, etc still work? If not, the entire mirror assembly likely needs replacement.
  • Is there any damage to the mirror mount area on the door? Any dents or cracks will need repair.
  • Are the electrical wiring connections damaged? Frayed or cut wires will also need repair or replacement.

If the housing, mount and electrical connections are fine, then only the glass needs replacing. But major damage likely requires replacing the entire mirror assembly. Examine carefully before deciding.

What are the important considerations when purchasing replacement Ford F250 side mirror parts?

Purchasing the correct replacement side mirror parts is vital for proper fit and function. Here are the key considerations:

  • Year of the truck – The side mirrors differ across years so this is essential to match.
  • Cab style – Regular, SuperCab and SuperCrew cabs have different mirror sizes.
  • Trim & Packages – Certain trim levels and truck packages impact which mirrors are installed.
  • Side – Driver and passenger mirrors are often different.
  • Features – Heated, power folding, turn signal etc. Require specific mirrors.
  • Color – Match the housing color for consistency.

Consult the truck owner’s manual or dealership with the VIN to get the exact replacement part numbers. Purchase from a reputable dealer.

How to safely remove the old side mirrors?

Once you have the replacement mirrors, next comes removal of the old mirrors. Follow these steps:

  • Turn steering wheel all the way towards opposite side to gain easy access.
  • Pry off plastic cover on door panel to expose mirror mount screws. Use flathead screwdriver.
  • Disconnect electrical connector by depressing tab on harness. Tape wires to secure.
  • Remove any trim clips or caps concealing side mirror bolts.
  • Unscrew all mounting bolts using appropriate socket. There are typically 3 bolts.
  • Detach mirror from door by tilting and sliding it upwards.
  • Inspect mounting area and repair any damage before proceeding.
  • Temporarily cover the now open mounting holes to prevent debris falling in.

Take care not to crack the door panels. Have replacement clips ready if needed.

How to install the new Ford F250 side mirrors?

The new mirrors can be installed by following these key steps:

  • Ensure replacement mirrors are correct for your F250’s year, cab style, features etc.
  • If required, transfer any mechanisms, wiring or glass from old to new mirror housing.
  • Feed electrical harness through door and insert wiring connector until it clicks and locks.
  • Position the mirror appropriately and insert mounting bolts finger tight through holes.
  • Tighten bolts incrementally with socket wrench to avoid cracking housing.
  • Replace any trim clips, caps and covers concealing the bolts and wires.
  • Snap back plastic panel cover on door interior to hide access holes.
  • Repeat process on other side for replacing the other mirror.

Take care with wiring and do not over tighten bolts to avoid damage to new mirrors.

How to adjust the side mirror angles and positions?

Once installed, adjust the side mirror’s angle and position for optimal rear viewing:

  • Sit in driver’s seat in normal driving position for adjustment.
  • Center the truck on level ground with a clear view of side rear.
  • Tilt mirrors out until side of truck is just visible in bottom edge of mirror.
  • Position mirror glass to cover as much side rear view as possible.
  • Repeat for passenger side mirror till truck’s sides are minimally visible.
  • Adjust horizontally to center rear view and avoid blind spots.
  • Make small tweaks as needed while test driving the truck.

Proper mirror alignment is imperative for visibility and safety. Take your time with the adjustments.

What functional tests should be performed on the new mirrors?

Before considering the job done, perform these function checks:

  • Turn signals – Switch on right and left turn signals and check blinker reflection in mirrors.
  • Heating – If equipped with defrost, activate rear defrost and feel mirrors for heat.
  • Folding – For power folding mirrors, use controls to fold in and out.
  • Adjustment – Tilt mirrors up, down, left, right using adjustment control.
  • Fit – Ensure mirror housing is secure and not vibrating.
  • Connections – Confirm all wiring is connected properly without exposed copper.
  • Cracks – Carefully inspect for any hairline cracks in the new housing that may have occurred during installation.

Address any issues discovered before driving for maximum safety.

What precautions should be taken when replacing Ford F250 side mirrors?

When working on replacing side mirrors, keep these precautions in mind:

  • Turn off vehicle and disconnect battery before starting.
  • Wear protective gloves when handling broken glass.
  • Cover seats and flooring to avoid damage from tools or parts.
  • Use plastic pry tools instead of screwdrivers near painted surfaces.
  • Follow all bolt torque specifications to avoid cracking the housing.
  • Handle wiring harness gently and do not pull aggressively.
  • Have a helper hold the mirror in place when tightening bolts.
  • Road test at moderate speeds initially to check for vibration issues.

Exercising care will prevent further damage and ensure safe, successful mirror replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to replace a Ford F250 side mirror?

Replacing a single side mirror can typically be accomplished in 1-2 hours by an experienced mechanic. Allow additional time if both driver and passenger mirrors need replacement.

Is it possible to just replace the glass on the side mirrors?

On some F250 models, just the glass can be replaced if the housing is intact. But for many, the entire assembly must be replaced. Check specific parts availability.

Can I drive with a missing side mirror temporarily?

It is not recommended to drive without a side mirror even temporarily as it creates a large blindspot. Replace promptly or use a temporary towing mirror until replacement.

What special tools do I need to remove Ford F250 side mirrors?

A socket set with extensions, variety of Torx and Phillips head bits, plastic pry tools, flathead screwdriver and trim clip removal tools are generally sufficient.

Where can I get factory replacement mirrors for a discontinued F250?

Check with Ford dealerships first for new old stock. Otherwise, try reputable used parts sellers online or at truck salvage yards for original manufacturer mirrors.

How do I stop the new mirrors from vibrating at high speeds?

Check that mounting bolts are torqued to spec and no debris is trapped behind mirror. Add washers or shims if needed for a tighter mount. Heated mirrors also vibrate less.


Replacing the side mirrors is an important repair to immediately address on your aging Ford F250. While it may seem intimidating, systematically following the steps outlined in this guide will allow you to successfully swap the old mirrors for new ones. Pay close attention to purchase the correct parts, safely remove the existing mirrors, properly install the new ones, make angle adjustments and confirm full functionality.

With well-fitted Ford F250 side mirrors that are adjusted optimally, you will enjoy vastly improved visibility while driving. The truck will also benefit from an aesthetic facelift with shiny new mirrors. However, exercise adequate precautions throughout the process to avoid any damage. Replace cracked or broken mirrors promptly for much safer handling of your heavy-duty pickup truck.

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