How to Get B Coins in Cats and Soup?

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Key Takeaways:

  • B coins are not an actual currency in Cats and Soup. The four currencies are gold, recipe points, gems, and furniture coins.
  • You can earn gold coins in the game by selling food items and collecting over 10,000 of a letter to move to the next letter grade.
  • Upgrading facilities, completing quests, watching ads, and connecting the game to Facebook are other ways to earn gold and gems.
  • Buying coin packages, selecting coin gifts, and collecting coins from tip jars also provide coins.
  • Furniture coins are earned by serving food to upgrade furniture and increase restaurant levels.
  • Focus on boosting your restaurant’s popularity by decorating, serving quality food quickly, and keeping customers satisfied.


Cats and Soup is a popular mobile restaurant simulation game where players manage their own café to serve adorable cat customers. As your restaurant progresses, you aim to upgrade facilities, decorate, expand the menu, and keep your feline patrons happy! Like any simulation game, Cats and Soup has currencies and resources to earn. But what exactly are B coins, and can you get them in Cats and Soup?

This comprehensive article will investigate the different currencies used in Cats and Soup and provide tips on how players can maximize their gold, gems, recipe points, and furniture coins. You’ll learn the various methods to earn more of these resources, with a focus on gold coin acquisition. Special attention will be given to game features like letters grades, upgrading restaurants levels, package deals, and more. Insider techniques from experienced Cats and Soup players will be shared as well.

With the lack of B coins specifically, this guide will uncover the optimal strategies on how to get more of the coins you need to succeed and progress in Cats and Soup. From decorating and serving faster to keeping customers satisfied, you’ll have the knowledge to build your cafe empire! Let’s delve into the currency system and top coin earning tips for Cats and Soup.

What Are the Currencies in Cats and Soup??

Cats and Soup contains four main currencies: gold, gems, recipe points, and furniture coins. There are no B coins actually found within the game. The four currencies are:

  • Gold Coins – The primary currency used to purchase food ingredients, appliances, upgrades, and facilities. They can be earned through various tasks and visitors.
  • Gems – Premium currency used to speed up processes or purchase rare items. Gems can be acquired through level-ups, tasks, and special gift packs.
  • Recipe Points – Used to unlock new recipes and menu items for your restaurant. Earned by serving food and completing recipe missions.
  • Furniture Coins – Special coins to buy furniture and decorations. Obtained each time you serve food which helps upgrade placed furniture.

So while the name may sound similar, there are no specific B coins found within Cats and Soup. Gold coins function as the main form of money in the game for essential purchases. Let’s look at the best ways to earn more gold and other useful currencies in Cats and Soup.

How Can You Get More Gold Coins in Cats and Soup??

Gold coins allow you to purchase crucial upgrades like more ovens and food prep stations. You also need gold to get ingredients to cook new recipes. Here are the top methods to earn an abundance of gold coins as you play Cats and Soup:

  • Sell dishes – Every time you serve food to customers, you receive gold coins in tips. Cook and sell as many menu items as you can.
  • Complete letter grades – When you serve over 10,000 dishes with the same letter, your restaurant upgrades to the next letter grade which provides gold.
  • Fulfill quests – Daily quests provide large gold rewards when you complete their objectives.
  • Watch advertisement videos – You can earn hundreds of coins for watching short ad videos. Check this option frequently.
  • Connect your game to Facebook – Linking to Facebook earns you a one-time reward of 10,000 gold coins.
  • Buy coin packages – You can purchase packs of gold coins as in-app purchases to boost your reserves.
  • Collect from tip jars – Click on floating tip jars that appear to gain extra gold coin tips.
  • Select coin gifts – When gift boxes appear, choosing the gold coin options gives you thousands of coins.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to stock up on gold coins as you play Cats and Soup!

How Do Letter Grades Work for Coins?

One of the key techniques for earning larger amounts of gold coins is to take advantage of the letter grade system. Your restaurant earns an initial D letter grade when starting Cats and Soup.

As you serve dishes and reach over 10,000 in sales for that letter, your cafe levels up to the next grade. Reaching the milestones to upgrade from D to C, C to B, and so on will reward you with thousands of gold coins each time.

Aim to cook and serve as many recipes as possible, even lower profit ones, to speed up your progress through the letter grades. This will boost your coins earnings tremendously.

What Are the Best Ways to Get Gems in Cats and Soup??

Gems are the premium currency in Cats and Soup which are trickier to obtain. But they allow you to purchase rare items and speed up processes like instantly stocking fridges or completing upgrades. Some top methods for earning gems include:

  • Reaching new restaurant levels
  • Completing certain daily quests
  • Receiving gifts from visiting VIP cats
  • Purchasing gem packs as in-app purchases
  • Completing achievements in the Diary missions
  • Watching gem advertisement videos
  • Levelling up your Staff Cat character

Gems tend to be given as rewards for completing important milestones like restaurant upgrades or challenging quests. Maximizing your gems earnings involves regularly checking for reward opportunities and investing gems only when really needed to progress.

How Do You Earn More Recipe Points and Furniture Coins?

Recipe points allow you to acquire new dishes and menu items for your cafe in Cats and Soup. They are earned automatically each time you successfully serve a food or beverage item. The higher quality your dish, the more recipe points you gain.

Furniture coins are key for purchasing decorations and furniture to fill your restaurant. Similar to recipe points, you automatically are awarded furniture coins whenever you serve a food or drink item to customers. Certain furniture even boosts how many coins you earn as you upgrade their levels by serving more dishes.

The strategy for both recipe points and furniture coins is straightforward – cook and serve as many menu items as you can, focusing on higher quality ones. This will organically increase your earnings for both these currencies. Complete recipe missions when possible too for bonuses.

What Are Some Proven Tips to Earn More Coins in Cats and Soup?

Here are some top tips from experienced Cats and Soup players on how to optimize your restaurant and earn more coins in the game:

  • Upgrade facilities first – Focus coins on more prep stations, fridges, ovens early to increase output.
  • Buy inexpensive recipes – Start by purchasing affordable recipes so you can cook faster.
  • Serve faster – Don’t let orders back up. Serve dishes as fast as you can.
  • Decorate wisely – Use decor to increase your tips percentage from customers.
  • Satisfy customers – Keep your cat patrons happy by meeting order requests.
  • Watch videos frequently – Check for coin and gem video offers often as they change.
  • Level up Staff Cat – Upgrade your chef character to unlock perks.
  • Buy Strategic packages – Use real money only on best coin/gem packs when needed.

With the right focus on facilities, decoration, quality service, and smart investing, you’ll see your coins stash grow rapidly.

What Should You Prioritize Spending Coins On?

As your Cats and Soup coins accumulate, you’ll want to be strategic on where to allocate them for maximum benefit. Here are some investments recommended as top priorities:

  • More prep stations – These allow you cook multiple dishes simultaneously. Huge time saver.
  • Additional ovens – The more ovens, the faster you can bake and serve orders.
  • Refrigerator capacity – Having ample refrigerated storage means you can prep more dishes in advance.
  • Retaining quality staff – Hire promo cats initially and keep them using gold salary bonuses.
  • Upgrading facilities – Improving fridges, ovens, etc increases productivity.
  • Increasing tips – Use decor and furniture to earn a higher tips percentage from patrons.

Dedicate most of your early-game coins toward expanding production capacity through more prep and cook stations. Then shift focus to upgrades, quality staffing, and boosting earnings through better tips and facilities.

Putting It All Together – Build Your Cafe Empire in Cats and Soup!

Although B coins don’t actually exist in Cats and Soup, now you have a complete understanding of the real currencies and best practices for earning more gold, gems, recipe points, and furniture coins.

You can generate an abundance of gold through methods like selling dishes frequently, watching ad videos, connecting to Facebook, completing letter grades, and selecting smart purchases and investments. Combined with serving food faster, matching customer requests, and keeping your cat patrons satisfied, your restaurant is sure to thrive.

Put these proven coin-earning strategies into play as you manage every aspect of your trendy cat café in Cats and Soup. With your elite cooking abilities and sound business savvy, you’ll progress from novice to expert restauranteur in no time. Enjoy watching your coin totals soar as your establishment expands. Thank you for learning how to get B coins in Cats and Soup – even if they don’t really exist!

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