Why Can’t I Checkout on Amazon?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Browser cache conflicts, poor internet connections, add-on item requirements, and network issues are common technical reasons checkout may not work.
  • Amazon may be experiencing site-wide technical difficulties that prevent checkout.
  • Contact Amazon customer service if troubleshooting steps like clearing cache, restarting network, etc. don’t resolve the issue.
  • Check for minimum cart total requirements, valid payment methods, proper shipping address, and other order details.
  • Third-party browser extensions, outdated payment info, and disabled cookies can also disrupt checkout.


Have you ever encountered the frustrating experience of not being able to complete your purchase on Amazon? You’ve filled your cart, selected a shipping option, and entered payment information – but when you click “Proceed to checkout”, nothing happens.

This comprehensive guide will examine all the possible reasons you can’t checkout on Amazon and provide troubleshooting solutions to help you successfully complete your order. We’ll cover both technical issues and order/account-related problems that could be preventing checkout.

You’ll learn how to diagnose the root cause based on your specific situation and resolve issues stemming from browser settings, internet connections, Amazon site glitches, payment methods, shipping addresses, and more. With the right information and a systematic approach, you can get past checkout roadblocks and enjoy a smooth ordering experience. Read on to start troubleshooting!

Why Does the Amazon Checkout Process Fail?

There are a number of technical and non-technical factors that can disrupt the Amazon checkout process. Let’s explore some of the most common reasons you may be unable to complete your order:

Is Your Browser Cache Causing Conflicts?

One of the first things to check is whether your browser’s cache and cookies are interfering with Amazon’s site. Over time, corrupted temporary files and out-of-date cookies can accumulate and cause conflicts that prevent pages like the checkout screen from loading properly.

Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies for the Amazon site can eliminate such conflicts and allow checkout to function normally again. Browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge all have options to clear cache and cookies within their settings or by using keyboard shortcuts.

After clearing this temporary data, reload the Amazon checkout page and see if that resolved the issue. If not, you can move down the troubleshooting list.

Could Your Internet Connection Be Disrupting Checkout?

Since Amazon’s checkout process relies entirely on having a stable internet connection, a poor or flaky connection can easily create problems.

Issues like low bandwidth, frequent disconnections, high latency, and network congestion can prevent data packets from smoothly transferring between your device and Amazon’s servers. This disruption in turn causes certain site functions like checkout to fail.

Before troubleshooting further, verify that you have a strong, high-speed internet connection. Switch to a different network or use a wired Ethernet connection if possible. Also move closer to your router or access point to rule out Wi-Fi instability.

With a strong connection, reload Amazon’s checkout page and confirm whether connectivity was the issue.

Do You Have Add-On Items Without Meeting The Minimum?

Amazon requires that orders with add-on items meet a minimum purchase total, usually around $25. This prevents situations where shipping costs would exceed the total value of low-cost add-on items.

If your cart contains any add-on items, ensure your order meets the minimum purchase requirement stated on the checkout page. If not, you’ll need to add more items or remove the add-ons to proceed.

Meeting this threshold allows Amazon’s systems to validate that shipping the add-ons makes economic sense. Once your total clears the minimum spend for add-ons, checkout should work.

Could Your Network Be Having Technical Difficulties?

In some cases, the root cause may lie with your local network rather than Amazon. Technical problems like DNS resolution failures, DHCP IP address conflicts, firewall blocking, and VPN disconnections can all prevent devices on your network from accessing certain sites or apps.

If other devices on the same network can’t access Amazon either, that indicates a network-wide issue vs. something specific to your device. Power cycling your modem, router, access points, and other network hardware can clear up such technical problems.

Also check that Amazon isn’t being blocked by your firewall settings, VPN exclusions, or network filters. Once full access to Amazon is restored across your network, their checkout process should work fine from any connected device.

Is Amazon Experiencing Site-Wide Technical Issues?

Despite being a large, sophisticated e-commerce platform, Amazon still experiences occasional sitewide outages and technical problems. Server failures, database errors, cloud infrastructure issues, and DNS problems can all manifest as an inability to checkout for all customers globally.

Check Amazon’s official @AmazonHelp Twitter account, Service Health Dashboard, and staff statements for announcements about any confirmed technical issues. If they are investigating major problems with completing orders, you’ll know the cause is on their end and likely temporary. All you can do is wait for Amazon to resolve the disruption and restore checkout functionality.

Troubleshooting Account and Order Details Preventing Checkout

Aside from technical issues, there are a range of account, payment, address and order details that could also be preventing Amazon checkout from working properly:

Is Your Payment Method Valid and Up To Date?

Amazon checkout requires entering a valid credit/debit card, linking a bank account, or having an existing gift card balance – without valid payment, orders can’t be placed.

Check that your payment method on file hasn’t expired and still has available balance if using a gift or prepaid card. For credit/debit cards, make sure the card number is correct, the expiration date hasn’t passed, and that there is sufficient funds or limit for the purchase amount.

Also confirm that your billing address exactly matches the address your payment provider has on file for that card or bank account. Any mismatches between Amazon’s payment details and your provider’s records can disrupt checkout.

Are You Using Unsupported or Problematic Browser Extensions?

Many users install browser extensions that modify website behavior or block certain types of content. While helpful in some cases, these addons can sometimes interfere with site functionality like Amazon checkout.

Try disabling any browser extensions and testing if Amazon checkout succeeds without them activated. If checkout works normally after disabling an extension, that indicates the addon’s settings are disrupting the process. You can then adjust the extension’s permissions accordingly.

Some common problematic extensions include adblockers, privacy enhancers, VPNs, and shopping assistants. But any addon that blocks page elements or requests could potentially cause issues.

Is Your Shipping Address Entered Correctly?

Accurately entering your full shipping address is required for Amazon checkout to complete successfully. Double-check that you’ve typed the right street address, apartment/suite details, city, state, ZIP code and country.

Even small errors like apartment number mismatches or incorrect ZIP codes can be problematic. Amazon’s systems validate the address details behind the scenes to calculate tax and shipping costs. Invalid addresses create errors that prevent proceeding to payment.

Are You Selecting Incompatible Shipping Options?

Amazon links certain delivery options, like Release-Date Delivery, Amazon Day, and Scheduled Delivery, to specific shipping addresses and customer accounts. If you don’t typically ship to that address or use that shipping method, Amazon may block checkout.

Carefully review if the shipping option you selected can be fulfilled based on the shipping address entered and your account history. Choose standard shipping methods if you are using a new/unrecognized address. Over time, additional options become available as Amazon learns your address and delivery preferences.

Does Your Order Contain Restricted or Regulated Items?

Amazon places limits and restrictions on certain product categories like alcohol, medication, weapons, ammunition, and age-restricted items. If your cart contains such regulated products, you’ll have to pass additional age, identity, and eligibility verification during checkout.

Make sure to enter valid ID info, required licenses, and any other documentation Amazon requests. Until those verifications are complete, you may not be able to proceed to payment and final checkout. If prompted, complete all requested documentation steps before continuing.

Is Your Web Browser Outdated And Missing Vital Functions?

To enable the full Amazon checkout process, your web browser needs to support cookies, JavaScript, TLS encryption, and other modern features. Very old, unmaintained browser versions lack these necessities, causing checkout to malfunction or fail entirely.

Check if your browser is up-to-date and try updating to the latest available stable version. Install official patches, fixes, and security updates as they become available. Keeping your browser updated ensures compatibility with Amazon’s systems and a smoother checkout experience overall.

Troubleshooting Tips to Keep in Mind

When troubleshooting checkout issues on Amazon, keep these tips in mind to help isolate the issue efficiently:

  • Try checkout on a different device – if it works elsewhere, it’s an issue with your specific device’s settings, browser, extensions, etc.
  • Check if other sites load normally – if Amazon is the only site with problems, the cause likely lies with their systems.
  • Contact Amazon support if issues persist – their troubleshooting guides are customized to your account context.
  • Enable cookie notifications – this helps identify any missing cookies disrupting checkout.
  • Test with a different payment method – determines if your primary payment method is the problem.
  • Verify account email and password – incorrect credentials can disrupt checkout.
  • Check any pending Amazon fraud alerts – unusual activity may have triggered a hold during checkout.

With persistence and a structured troubleshooting approach, you can uncover what’s preventing Amazon checkout from working properly. Resolving the issue then lets you complete orders seamlessly going forward.

Key Takeaways: Why You Can’t Checkout on Amazon

To recap, here are some key points on troubleshooting and fixing Amazon checkout:

  • Technical issues like browser cache conflicts, poor internet connections, site outages, or network problems are common culprits.
  • Account details like invalid payment methods, wrong shipping address, and incompatible delivery options can also disrupt checkout.
  • Order contents like add-on items or regulated products may need additional verification before checking out.
  • Outdated browsers that lack cookie support and other necessary functions won’t be checkout-compatible.
  • If troubleshooting steps don’t resolve the issue, contact Amazon support for assistance specific to your account.
  • Enabling notifications for cookies and clearing temporary data can help identify and fix many checkout failures.
  • Test with different devices, networks, browsers, and payment types to isolate the failure point.

With the right combination of technical diligence and help from Amazon’s support team, you can overcome most checkout difficulties. Carefully verifying each step in the checkout process makes it easier to complete purchases smoothly.

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