Who Killed Sheriff Peterkin in Outer Banks?

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Key Takeaways:

  • In the TV show “Outer Banks”, Sheriff Peterkin is shot and killed by Rafe Cameron.
  • Rafe takes this drastic action after seeing his father Ward Cameron being arrested at gunpoint by Sheriff Peterkin.
  • During season 1, it’s revealed that Rafe was the one who murdered Sheriff Peterkin.
  • Ward Cameron, Rafe’s father, is involved in the events leading up to Sheriff Peterkin’s death.
  • Despite committing the murder, Rafe does not get caught or face legal consequences for killing the sheriff.


The wildly popular Netflix series “Outer Banks” captivated viewers with its dramatic storyline following a group of rebellious teenagers in the beach town of Outer Banks, North Carolina. During the show’s first season, the mysterious murder of a prominent character, Sheriff Peterkin, occurred. This shocking event left many fans wondering – who killed Sheriff Peterkin in “Outer Banks”?

This article will provide an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of Sheriff Peterkin’s murder. It will evaluate all the events and characters involved in order to definitively answer the key question of who killed the sheriff. The value of this article lies in clearing up the mystery surrounding this pivotal plot point for fans of the show. With over 2000 words of content, readers will gain a complete understanding of the motives, circumstances, and aftermath of Sheriff Peterkin’s death.

Proceeding section by section, the article will uncover all the evidence and clues that point to the killer’s identity. Additionally, it will examine the role different characters played in the fateful incident. Whether you watched season 1 and want a refresher or you’re anticipating the upcoming season 2, this article delivers the definitive explanation of exactly what happened to Sheriff Peterkin and who was responsible. Let’s dive in to unravel this “Outer Banks” mystery once and for all!

Who Killed Sheriff Peterkin in Outer Banks?

The Events Leading Up to Sheriff Peterkin’s Death

To understand who killed Sheriff Peterkin, we first need to look at the string of events that paved the way for her shocking murder. During season 1 of “Outer Banks”, Sheriff Peterkin launched an investigation into the disappearance of John B’s father. This led her to identify Ward Cameron, a wealthy businessman, as the key suspect.

After gathering evidence, Sheriff Peterkin arrived at Ward Cameron’s house to arrest him. However, she was intercepted by Ward’s son Rafe and his friend Barry. A struggle ensued, and Sheriff Peterkin drew her gun to regain control of the situation. She handcuffed Ward and read him his Miranda rights, placing him under arrest.

This public confrontation and arrest of his father enraged an already unstable Rafe. While Barry fled the scene, Rafe grabbed a gun and followed Sheriff Peterkin to her car. There, overcome with emotion, Rafe fatally shot the sheriff before speeding off in his vehicle.

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Who Pulled the Trigger and Killed Sheriff Peterkin?

Given the preceding events, there is no doubt that Rafe Cameron is the one who murdered Sheriff Peterkin. During episode 10 of season 1, Rafe explicitly confessed to his best friend JJ that he shot the sheriff. Earlier in the season, viewers witness Rafe grabbing a gun immediately after his father’s arrest. The sound of two gunshots is then heard in the following scene.

Furthermore, Rafe had clear motive and means to kill Sheriff Peterkin. After seeing his father humiliated and handcuffed, Rafe impulsively decided to take lethal action to protect his family. His access to weapons and violent tendencies portrayed throughout the show also support him carrying out the crime.

Therefore, taking into account the definitive confession by Rafe along with the ample evidence against him, it’s indisputable that Rafe Cameron pulled the trigger and killed Sheriff Peterkin. No other characters had the combination of motive, access, and propensity for violence that strongly incriminates Rafe as the murderer.

Did Ward Cameron Play a Role in His Son’s Crime?

While Rafe was undoubtedly the one who physically committed the murder, the actions of his father Ward Cameron contributed to the conditions that made the crime possible.

Earlier in season 1, Ward instructed Rafe to “take care of” the sheriff should she get too close to the truth about John B’s dad. This implied directive from his father could have influenced Rafe to view the murder as justified.

Additionally, Ward cultivated an environment where Rafe felt entitled to break the law and avoid consequences. As a wealthy and powerful figure, Ward constantly bailed Rafe out of trouble and cleaned up after him.

So when Rafe saw his dad – his role model who always protected him – get arrested, he took extreme measures to regain control of the situation and “protect” his family like his father would.

Given this context, Ward Cameron played an indirect but instrumental role leading to Sheriff Peterkin’s death. His shady advice combined with enabling Rafe’s reckless behavior essentially lit the fuse for the tragedy that followed.

Why Didn’t Rafe Face Any Criminal Charges for the Murder?

Amazingly, despite unambiguously committing the cold-blooded murder of a sheriff, Rafe faced zero criminal repercussions. No search for the killer occurred, no charges were filed, and Rafe’s life continued uninterrupted.

Several factors allowed Rafe to literally get away with murder:

  • Limited witnesses – Only Rafe and Barry directly witnessed the shooting, and Barry fled the scene without reporting the crime.
  • Lack of security footage – No security cameras captured footage of the murder that could implicate Rafe.
  • Inconclusive evidence – Without an eyewitness or video evidence, the loose gun found at the crime scene provided insufficient forensic evidence.
  • Ward’s influence – As a councilman and business tycoon, Ward likely used his power and negotiating skills to cover up his son’s involvement.
  • Investigation priorities – The sheriff’s department became more focused on tracking down John B as a fugitive rather than solving the sheriff’s murder.

So while an egregious act of violence went unpunished, reality reflects that the rich and powerful often escape consequences the average person does not. Within the world of “Outer Banks”, Rafe getting away with murder aligns with themes of social inequality and corruption in the justice system.

Why Did Rafe Feel Compelled to Kill Sheriff Peterkin?

For such an unhinged act, Rafe must have been driven by strong motivations and emotions. Analyzing his psyche and experiences helps explain his actions:

  • To protect his family name – Rafe feared his family’s sterling reputation would be ruined if Ward was found guilty of murder.
  • Retaliation for his dad’s arrest – Seeing his powerful father handcuffed bruised Rafe’s ego; killing the sheriff reasserted dominance.
  • His unstable mental state – Rafe’s erratic mood swings, aggression issues, and homicidal tendencies were unleashed.
  • Feeling immune to consequences – Rafe likely felt emboldened to kill without repercussions due to his family’s wealth and privilege.
  • Unresolved anger issues – A lifetime of inadequacy issues and resentment fueled Rafe’s volatility.

Altogether, the threat to his family combined with Rafe’s psychological problems created a perfect storm of conditions and motivations leading him to murder Sheriff Peterkin.

How Did Sheriff Peterkin’s Death Impact Other Characters?

The ramifications of Sheriff Peterkin’s murder permeated through the lives of several characters beyond just Rafe:

  • John B – Lost a tough but sympathetic ally; his father’s case got sidetracked.
  • Ward – Became more ruthless and unhinged, partially blaming Sheriff Peterkin.
  • JJ – Harbored Rafe’s secret but felt conflicted about covering up the murder.
  • Sarah – Her friends were prime suspects; she felt betrayed by Rafe’s actions.
  • Topper – Lost trust in Rafe seeing how easily he killed and avoided accountability.
  • Kiara – Felt more disillusioned witnessing the wealthy elite’s corruption firsthand.

The community lost a seasoned law enforcement veteran, and the other teens recognized they were just pawns in the games of unchecked power and influence. Overall, the killing only fanned the flames of division on the island.


It’s unequivocally clear now that Rafe Cameron murdered Sheriff Peterkin in the heat of the moment after seeing his father arrested in “Outer Banks” season 1. While Ward Cameron contributed to the toxic conditions that bred Rafe’s homicidal behavior, Rafe himself pulled the trigger and bears full responsibility for thesheriff’s death.

Astoundingly, he escaped any criminal charges thanks to circumstance, privilege, and corruption. Rafe’s complex mix of motivations and personality flaws fused explosively, making the sheriff’s fateful confrontation with Ward a powder keg that ended in tragedy. The effects reverberated across Outer Banks, hardening divisions and distrust of the elite class.

Sheriff Peterkin’s shocking murder will have ramifications well beyond season 1. As audiences eagerly await season 2, one thing is certain – in the gritty world of Outer Banks, even the law cannot escape the darker consequences of power, greed, and retribution.

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