Where to Find Transmogrifier in Wow?

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Transmogrifier NPC can be found in Stormwind City inside The Three Winds shop.
  • Warpweaver Hashom is the name of the Transmogrifier NPC in Stormwind.
  • The Transmogrifier allows changing the appearance of equipped gear.
  • Transmogrification became available in Patch 4.3 during Cataclysm.
  • Other major cities like Orgrimmar also have Transmogrifier NPCs.

World of Warcraft offers players a deep well of customization options to make their characters unique. One popular way to stand out is through transmogrification which allows altering the appearance of equipped armor and weapons. But to utilize transmogrification, you first need to find the Transmogrifier NPC. So where exactly can you locate the Transmogrifier in WoW?

Where is the Transmogrifier Located in Stormwind City?

The Transmogrifier NPC in Stormwind City is conveniently situated in the Dwarven District’s canal area. Specifically, the Transmogrifier can be found inside The Three Winds shop.

Here are the step-by-step directions to finding the Transmogrifier in Stormwind:

  1. Travel to Stormwind City, the Alliance capital city located in Elwynn Forest.
  2. Make your way to the Dwarven District in the northern part of the city.
  3. Head to the canal area just past the Auction House building.
  4. Look for the small shop called The Three Winds next to a ramp leading down to the canals.
  5. Enter the shop and you’ll find the ethereal NPC named Warpweaver Hashom inside.
  6. Warpweaver Hashom is the Transmogrifier for Alliance characters in Stormwind.

So in summary, the Transmogrifier can be found inside The Three Winds shop situated along the canals in Stormwind’s Dwarven District. With these directions, you can easily locate Warpweaver Hashom and begin transmogrifying your equipment.

What Does the Transmogrifier Allow You To Do??

The Transmogrifier NPC serves a very important function – allowing players to change the appearance of their equipped armor and weapons. This process is known as “transmogrification” or “transmog” for short.

Instead of your gear’s default look, the Transmogrifier lets you make it aesthetically resemble other armor and weapon models you’ve collected during your adventures. As long as your class can equip the item, its visual appearance can be copied via transmogrification.

Some key things the Transmogrifier enables you to do:

  • Alter the visual style of currently equipped gear to match the look of other collected items.
  • Create thematic outfits by mixing armor and weapon models from various sources.
  • Preserve iconic gear appearances you want to continue using even after outleveling the original items.
  • Customize how your character looks from head to toe to really make them stand out.
  • Change your transmog options anytime outside of combat for a minimal gold fee.

Thanks to the Transmogrifier, you have extensive control over your character’s appearance beyond just what your currently equipped gear looks like. Mix and match different styles until you have your ideal look.

When Did Transmogrification Become Available in WoW?

The ability to transmogrify gear was first introduced in World of Warcraft Patch 4.3 during the Cataclysm expansion. This patch was called “Hour of Twilight” and it went live on November 29, 2011.

Prior to Patch 4.3, gear appearances were fixed based on the actual items equipped. With the new transmogrification system, players could finally alter their gear to take on any collected appearance.

Here’s a quick history of transmogrification in WoW:

  • Patch 4.3 (2011) – Transmogrification becomes available through ethereal Transmogrifier NPCs located in capital cities.
  • Mists of Pandaria (2012) – Account-wide transmogrification options are implemented, allowing access to all item appearances collected by a player’s characters on an account.
  • Warlords of Draenor (2014) – Transmogrification applies to tabards.
  • Legion (2016) – Appearances for artifact weapons can be added to a player’s transmog options.
  • Battle for Azeroth (2018) – Shoulders can now be hidden and transmogrified separately from the rest of an armor set.

As you can see, the core transmogrification system was there from the start but improvements and new features have been added over time. Finding the Transmogrifier NPC remains the starting point for altering your gear’s appearance.

Where are Transmogrifiers Located in Other Major Cities?

While Stormwind has the most conveniently located Transmogrifier for Alliance characters, Horde players on the other faction can find Transmogrifier NPCs in their own capital cities as well.

Here are some other major city locations with Transmogrifiers for both factions:


  • NPC Name: Trader Nabeeha
  • Location: Inside the Drag located just southwest of the Auction House in the Valley of Strength

Thunder Bluff

  • NPC Name: Trader Narasu
  • Location: On Elder Rise to the right of the central lift totems


  • NPC Name: Trader Darakk
  • Location: In the alcove to the right after entering War Quarter from the main city hub


  • NPC Name: Trader Cormoh
  • Location: Inside Thistlefuzz Arcanery shop situated along The Commons

Shattrath City

  • NPC Name: Trader Sayahi
  • Location: Lower City section down the stairs from the central elevators

Of course, Dalaran, Boralus, Dazar’alor and other cities also have Transmogrifiers located near profession trainers or vendors. Just look for the ethereal NPC models waiting in shops ready to help alter your gear’s appearance.

What Are the Steps for Transmogrifying an Item?

Once you’ve tracked down the Transmogrifier NPC, the actual process for changing your equipped gear’s appearance is straightforward. Here is an overview of the transmogrification process:

  1. Open up the transmogrification UI – Talk to the Transmogrifier NPC and select the “Transmogrify” option to bring up the interface.
  2. Select the equipped item to modify – Choose the currently equipped item whose appearance you want to change.
  3. Search for the new look – Browse your appearance collection for the armor or weapon visuals you want to apply to the item.
  4. Preview the altered appearance – Mouse over a collected appearance to preview it on your selected equipped item.
  5. Confirm the transmogrification – Click on the appearance you want and confirm to apply its look to the equipped item.
  6. Pay the transmogrification fee – You’ll be charged a small gold fee based on the item’s level to complete the appearance change.

And that’s it! Those six steps allow fully customizing the visual style of your gear. Repeat them to continue tweaking your character’s look until you have their ideal transmogrification.

##? Does Transmogrification Change an Item’s Stats?

No, transmogrifying an equipped item does not alter its performance at all – only its appearance. An item’s armor value, primary stats, secondary stats, level requirements and effects remain the same after transmogrification.

The process purely changes the visual look while keeping the actual attributes and functionality identical.

For example, transmogrifying a level 60 helm to look like Tier 3 set gear does not actually make it into that set item. The level 60 helm’s stats and effects stay unchanged – it simply takes on the Tier 3 appearance.

This helps maintain gameplay balance and progression while still enabling extensive visual customization through the transmogrification system. A cool look alone doesn’t offer any competitive advantages.

##? Can Transmogrification Be Done for Free?

Transmogrifying gear through the NPC Transmogrifier does require paying a fee, so free transmogrification is not normally possible. However, there are a few special cases where you can transmog gear for free:

  • If you change the transmog while at an Ethereal Transmogrifier NPC during Burning Crusade Timewalking week.
  • When applying the appearance of quest reward gear to other items.
  • If transmogrifying heirloom gear.
  • When using certain transmogrification items like Vanishing Powder to copy appearances.
  • Transmogging gear within 30 minutes of originally equipping it.

Additionally, there are ways to significantly reduce or negate the transmogrification cost:

  • Having a Guild Perk that reduces transmog costs.
  • Using mobile companions like the Battle Pet Mirror to transmog cheaper.
  • Farming materials to craft Transmogrification-related items.

So while transmogrification isn’t outright free under normal circumstances, there are ways to eliminate or reduce the standard fees if you want to save that hard-earned gold!

##? What are Some Tips for Building the Best Transmog?

With so many armor and weapon models available, the possibilities for unique transmogs are endless. Here are some tips to create the very best transmogrified appearance for your character:

  • Match colors and themes – Build cohesive looks using pieces that aesthetically work together through consistent colors, textures, era, or other themes.
  • Mix up gear sources – Blend pieces from dungeon sets, quest rewards, world drops, reputation factions, raids and more for variety.
  • Find your transmog niche – Develop a distinctive style like a dark ranger, battle-hardened veteran, or extravagant mage.
  • Use less common items – Avoid overused pieces to stand out from the crowd. Even uncommon greens can make great hidden transmog gems.
  • Change things up – Don’t settle on one look. Continuously experiment and tweak your transmogrification options.
  • Check out transmog competitions for fresh ideas and inspiration from other creative players.
  • Make it personal – Incorporate something meaningful like your main’s backstory into the appearance.

Following these tips will help you continually refine and update your character’s transmogrification to express their personality and background within Azeroth through their epic yet unique look.

##? Does Transmogrification Work Across Armor Types?

Transmogrification only allows using appearances from items that are equippable and useable by your class. However, some appearance swapping is possible across different armor types:

  • Cloth wearers can transmog cloth, leather, and cosmetic pieces.
  • Leather wearers can use leather, cloth, and cosmetic options.
  • Mail wearers also have access to leather and cloth items.
  • Plate wearers are limited to just plate-wearable appearances.

So clothies have the most transmogrification variety, while plate users are most restricted. Keep these armor limitations in mind when collecting items to expand your appearance library.

Weapons also must be equipable by your current specialization and follow standard weapon restrictions. For example, a Warrior cannot transmogrify a staff or wand.

While limitations exist, there are still tens of thousands of weapon and armor models available to develop the perfect transmog through clever mixing of equipable pieces.

##? Can You Save Transmog Outfits for Quick Swapping?

Manually selecting each piece of gear you want for a transmog look can get time consuming. Fortunately, WoW includes the Appearances tab which allows you to save entire transmogrification outfits for fast swapping.

With Outfits, you can pre-design various looks and apply them instantly at the Transmogrifier. Here’s how it works:

  1. Browse your Appearances tab for the models to build your outfit.
  2. Drag each item model down into the Outfits pane to save a look.
  3. Adjust each slot until your outfit is complete.
  4. Name and save your outfit.
  5. Talk to a Transmogrifier, select the Outfits dropdown, and apply your saved look.

This system allows switching between many pre-made transmogs with one click. You can maintain different outfits for various content like PvE, PvP or roleplaying. Outfits make alterring your whole look almost effortless.

##? Can Transmogrifiers Alter Artifact Weapon Appearances?

Unfortunately, Artifact weapons from the Legion expansion cannot be transmogrified. Their appearances remain exclusively tied to their original Artifact models.

However, Legion introduced the Wardrobe Transmog system which unlocks the appearances of all Artifact weapon skins and allows using their looks on other weapons.

So while Artifacts themselves remain untouched by the Transmogrifier, players can still apply their styles to regular weapons. Some special unlock requirements must be met based on Artifact skin:

  • Default unlocked Artifact styles can be used freely.
  • Tint variations require that specific tint to be unlocked.
  • Hidden or secret skins need to be obtained on the Artifact first.
  • Some recolors (like Mage Tower) remain exclusive to the original Artifact weapon.

In summary, Artifact skins can generally be used for transmogrification but remain restricted based on conditions set during Legion itself. Their original bearer weapons forever maintain their exclusive looks as powerful artifacts of great importance.

##? Can Transmogrification Be Performed on Heirloom Items?

Heirlooms provide big leveling bonuses and remain useful across expansions. Transmogrifying these items is absolutely possible but does have some limitations:

  • Heirlooms can have their appearance modified to match other items you’ve collected. No transmog fee is required.
  • Transmogrifying an heirloom does not affect its special experience increasing attributes.
  • Once transmogrified, heirlooms do not update appearance automatically when sending them to alts.
  • To restore heirloom appearance, just have it equipped and right-click the item.

So heirlooms add appearance flexibility for leveling or twinking characters. Just be aware their look will remain static when mailing them around to alts after transmogrifying.

##? Can Pieces Transmogrified at Low Level Still Be Used when Leveling to the Item’s Actual Required Level?

Absolutely! One of the great benefits of transmogrification is it allows lower level characters to utilize the appearance of higher level gear before actually equipping the real items.

For example, a level 20 Warrior could wield a basic gray level 20 sword. But using transmogrification, they can make it look like the epic level 60 raid sword Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros instead.

This appearance can continue being used as that character levels up. Even when they eventually reach level 60 themselves, the transmogged look will remain intact.

So you never have to worry about outleveling a transmog appearance. The altered visual styles scale up with your character but the actual stats always match the true equipped item’s level.

##? Do Tabards Still Have Benefits or Are They Purely Cosmetic Now?

In the past, tabards provided reputation gains with their affiliated factions. Nowadays however, tabards are essentially cosmetic transmog pieces.

Here are the key points on tabard functionality:

  • Tabards no longer grant reputation benefits for wearing them.
  • Their appearances are added to the Appearances tab for transmogrification.
  • Tabards occupy their own transmog slot separate from cloaks.
  • Multiple tabard styles can be swapped for free.
  • Guild tabards still indicate guild membership when worn.

So tabards remain valuable for expressing faction pride or guild dedication visually. But their mechanics have changed over the years, shifting them into cosmetic items modified through the transmogrification system.


I hope this comprehensive guide has helped explain exactly where to find the Transmogrifier and how to fully utilize WoW’s transmogrification system. From Stormwind’s canals to building a perfect outfit, you should now have all the knowledge needed to customize your gear’s appearance.

Transmogging allows adventurers to visibly shape their identities through mixing and matching collected armor and weapon models. And it all starts by locating your faction’s Transmogrifier NPC. So seek them out and begin personalizing your equipment to forge a unique look worthy of legends!

The journey continues as you level up and collect new appearances across Azeroth. Transmogrification offers an incredibly fun way to leave your mark aesthetically. So get out there, start transmogging, and show the world who your character truly is!

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