When Do Schedules Come Out for DoorDash? A Complete Guide

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As a delivery driver for DoorDash, having access to work schedules at the right time is key to getting ideal shifts. But when exactly do the schedules come out on DoorDash? This comprehensive guide will walk through everything related to DoorDash driver schedules, including when they are released and how the system works.

Key Takeaways:

  • DoorDash schedules are generally released daily at midnight for all drivers.
  • Qualified Dashers get access 6 days in advance starting at 3pm each day.
  • New hours are added at midnight, so checking just after is optimal.
  • Schedule access can vary by market demand, driver stats, and other factors.
  • Scheduling in advance when possible ensures you get your desired shifts.

What is the DoorDash Schedule?

The DoorDash schedule is how delivery drivers sign up for available shift times to make deliveries in their region. DoorDash divides up the day into different blocks of time, such as 10am to 2pm or 5pm to 9pm. As a Dasher, you can select and reserve blocks of time that fit your availability.

Having an active DoorDash schedule guarantees you will get delivery opportunities during those hours. It essentially books you for shifts so that you have income security on expected days. The schedule allows you to plan ahead and lock in your Dash Now availability.

DoorDash markets that get especially busy sometimes require scheduling to ensure enough drivers to meet orders. But even in markets where you don’t have to schedule in advance, doing so helps optimize your time and earnings.

When Does the Schedule Open for Booking?

The DoorDash driver schedule typically opens up at midnight local time each night. This 12 am schedule release applies across all United States market regions. Some key sources confirming the midnight schedule timing include:

  • DoorDash Help Center: “You’re able to schedule six days in advance starting at midnight.”
  • DoorDash Blog: “Qualifying Dashers can schedule their shifts starting at midnight six days in advance.”
  • Ridester: “DoorDash will release a new set of hours every day at midnight.”

So for most Dashers, the optimal time to look for and reserve new schedule blocks is just after midnight when the system refreshes. Setting reminders can help ensure you check as soon as possible to find the best openings.

However, some Dashers may get access to the schedule earlier than midnight. Here’s what to know:

Early Access for Qualified Dashers

While the general schedule for all Dashers opens at 12 am daily, DoorDash also grants early access to top Dashers. Qualified Dashers get the ability to schedule starting at 3pm local time, 6 days in advance.

To qualify for this perk, you must have a customer rating of at least 4.7 and a completion rate of 95% or higher. Meeting these stats makes you eligible for early scheduling 3pm each day.

For example, say it’s Monday morning. At 3pm Monday, you could then schedule blocks for the following Sunday. But the general midnight schedule release would only open Sunday’s hours in the early morning Wednesday into Thursday.

So qualifying for early access allows you to book shifts for high-demand times well before everyone else. This makes it much easier to get the exact blocks you want. Checking the schedule daily right at 3 pm is recommended to utilize this benefit.

When is Peak Scheduling Availability?

While schedules open daily at midnight, the availability can vary widely throughout the week:

  • Weekday evenings tend to get booked up quickly in most markets, given the high demand from customers ordering dinner or late-night snacks. Friday and Saturday evenings are prime slots.
  • Weekend days often fill up fast, especially weekend breakfast, lunch, and dinner times. Availability may disappear quickly.
  • Monday through Wednesday tend to be less competitive times to schedule in most regions. Some slots may linger longer.
  • Late night schedules after 10pm or 11pm are sometimes easier to schedule, but order volume may be lower.

Analyzing the patterns in your zones can reveal which times get snatched up fastest and which remain open longer. Adjusting your scheduling to target the most popular blocks is key.

How Often Does New Availability Open Up?

While the bulk of the schedule drops daily at midnight, new availability does occasionally open up at other times:

  • DoorDash may add more times based on fluctuating predicted order volume. Check back through the day.
  • Driver cancellations free up scattered slots – check back often to grab them before others.
  • App glitches sometimes reopen booked hours, though these may disappear again.
  • Peak pay incentives may unlock more spaces to meet demand.

Refreshing the schedule tab in your Dasher app periodically is a good habit in case of openings. Enabling push notifications for your zone is another way to find out about new availability.

How Far in Advance Can You Schedule?

DoorDash allows drivers to schedule shifts up to 6 days in advance. This includes both the general midnight schedule release as well as the early access at 3pm for qualified Dashers.

Some key points about the 6-day advance limit:

  • If it’s 3pm on Monday, you can schedule out through the following Sunday night.
  • At midnight daily, the schedule extends one more day ahead from whatever is currently available.
  • Attempting to schedule more than 6 days out will display an error message.
  • The 6-day limit resets after you complete a scheduled Dash.

Planning the maximum ahead ensures you lock in the times you want when schedules open up. Last minute scheduling risks fewer options.

Does Scheduling Vary by Market?

DoorDash gives local markets flexibility with scheduling based on their needs and priorities. Some potential market-by-market differences include:

Booking requirements – Some zones require scheduling a certain number of hours to Dash while others are first come, first served.

Early access qualifications – The minimum rating or completion percentage needed to get early scheduling at 3pm may differ.

Number of days in advance – A few markets allow scheduling 7 days ahead rather than the standard 6 days.

Hours released – Midnight remains most common, but some markets add schedules at different times like 3am or 10am.

Check your DoorDash regional webpage for specifics on market scheduling conventions. Reaching out to your local DoorDash office can provide clarity as well.

Can Driver Status Impact Schedule Access?

DoorDash ties scheduling access to your overall Dasher stats in a couple ways:

  • Dashers with high ratings and completion rates get early access at 3pm as discussed.
  • In busy zones, Top Dashers may get priority access to certain high-demand schedule blocks.
  • Dashers with extremely low completion rates run the risk of losing scheduling abilities altogether.

Keeping your acceptance rate, completion rate, customer rating, and number of deliveries at healthy levels ensures the most robust scheduling capabilities. Stick to the DoorDash standards for your area.

What is the Best Way to Get Ideal Shifts?

Here are some top tips for maximizing your chances of securing your ideal delivery blocks:

  • Check the schedule tab immediately at midnight or 3pm if you have early access.
  • Book 6 days in advance whenever you can to get dibs on peak times.
  • Set reminders and notifications so you never miss a schedule drop.
  • Analyze patterns to see which slots go fastest in your zones.
  • Consider less popular blocks if your first choices get booked up.
  • Keep stats high to enable early access and priority scheduling where available.
  • Refresh the app through the day to grab newly opened blocks.

With some effort and savvy scheduling strategy, you can lock in a consistent DoorDash work routine with reliable income.

Can DoorDash Schedule Flexibility Vary?

DoorDash does aim to provide Dashers with plenty of flexibility to choose schedules that fit their needs. However, some factors that can limit last-minute schedule flexibility include:

  • High demand times like Friday rush hour where scheduled drivers fill up slots quickly.
  • Bad weather increasing orders and limiting driver availability at the same time.
  • Major events in your zone bringing large order volumes.
  • Dasher over-saturation with more drivers trying to schedule than needed for projected orders.
  • Promotions like guarantees requiring a certain number of hours scheduled.

When demand surges or availability is limited, less schedule flexibility may remain. Planning ahead still ensures you get access to some guaranteed hours.


Having a solid handle on the ins and outs of DoorDash driver scheduling is crucial for maximizing your time and income. Keep the midnight daily schedule release in mind to grab new blocks right away. Strive for early access at 3pm if possible. Schedule as far ahead as allowed to get your pick of peak times. With smart scheduling habits, you can excel as a top Dasher!

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