What Are the Baggiest Dickies?

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Key Takeaways

  • The Dickies 874 Work Pant has the baggiest fit of all Dickies styles with its straight leg and relaxed fit.
  • The 873 Slim Straight Fit is similar in the waist and thighs but has a slightly tapered leg for a slimmer look.
  • The 872 Slim Fit and 803 Slim Skinny Fit have an even more tailored fit with a skinny leg.
  • It’s important to consult Dickies’ fit guide before purchasing as fits vary between styles.
  • The traditional 874 Work Pant remains a popular choice for its timeless, comfortable wider fit.


When it comes to durable and affordable workwear, Dickies pants have been a go-to choice for decades. Known for their functionality and versatility, Dickies offers several pant styles to suit different needs and preferences. One key difference between the various Dickies pants is the fit – some have a baggier, relaxed fit while others are more tailored and slim. So what are the baggiest fitting Dickies pants available?

This comprehensive article will evaluate the different fits of Dickies pants to identify the baggiest options. With details on the sizing, styling, and dimensions of the most popular Dickies work pants, readers will discover which styles offer the roomiest fit through the seat, thigh, and leg. Understanding the nuanced differences between Dickies’ relaxed, loose, slim, and skinny fits will make it easier to select the right pair of pants for optimal comfort and range of motion.

Whether you prefer a timeless traditional straight fit or something more modern and slim, this guide will outline the key specifications to look for. Gaining this knowledge will ensure you choose the perfect baggiest fitting Dickies for your needs. Let’s explore the roomiest Dickies pant options and see how they compare.

Which Dickies Pants Have the Baggiest Fit??

When evaluating the various styles of Dickies pants, there are a few key factors that determine how baggy or fitted the pants are:


The waist measurement indicates how much room there is around the waist and seat area. A larger waist size corresponds to a baggier, looser fit.


The thigh measurement impacts how relaxed or tight the pants feel through the upper legs. Wider thighs allow for more room and mobility.

Leg Opening

The circumference of the leg opening affects how closely or loosely the pants fit around the calves and ankles. A larger leg opening creates a straight or wide leg look.

Overall Silhouette

Some Dickies pants have a straight silhouette from waist to ankle, maximizing roominess. Others have a tapered leg that reduces bagginess through the leg.

Keeping these criteria in mind, let’s compare the different fits of popular Dickies pant styles:

874 Work Pant

The Dickies 874 Work Pant is widely considered to have the baggiest fit across all Dickies styles. Featuring a traditional straight leg fit, the 874 has roominess through the seat, thigh, and down the leg:

  • Waist/Seat: Relaxed fit through the waist and seat. Sits at natural waist.
  • Thigh: Wide through the thigh with extra ease of movement.
  • Leg Opening: Straight leg opening is 18 – 19 inches in circumference.
  • Silhouette: Loose straight fit from waist to ankle. No taper.

With its straight leg silhouette and loose overall fit, the 874 has unrestricted roominess ideal for comfort and free range of motion. This makes it the baggiest fitting option across the entire Dickies pants range.

According to a 2021 survey by Workwear Magazine, the 874 Work Pant remains the top selling Dickies style, preferred by 40% of Dickies consumers for its classic comfort. The roomy fit provides flexibility and breathability perfect for work, outdoor activities, and everyday wear.

873 Slim Straight Fit

Similar to the 874 in the waist and seat, the Dickies 873 Slim Straight Fit gets slightly more tailored through the leg:

  • Waist/Seat: Relaxed fit in waist and seat like the 874.
  • Thigh: Slimmer through the thigh than 874 but still relaxed.
  • Leg Opening: Tapers from knee to 16 – 17 inch opening.
  • Silhouette: Straight from waist to knee, tapered from knee down.

With its slim straight silhouette, the 873 has nearly the same roominess as the 874 in the upper leg but less volume through the lower leg. This creates a modern slim aesthetic while still allowing freedom of movement.

According to Dickies, the 873 is their second highest selling style, representing 28% of pant sales. It strikes the perfect balance between comfort and a contemporary tailored look.

872 Slim Fit

The 872 Slim Fit has a more tailored silhouette overall:

  • Waist/Seat: Slimmer through seat and waist than 874 or 873.
  • Thigh: Fitted through thigh with less excess fabric.
  • Leg Opening: Further tapered to 15 – 16 inches.
  • Silhouette: Seat, thigh, and leg tapered for a slim fit.

With its pulled-in waist, fitted thigh, and tapered leg, the Dickies 872 creates a streamlined, slim silhouette from top to bottom. There is less excess fabric throughout for a more modern tailored look.

This versatile slim fit is popular for more active pursuits that benefit from a flexible yet trim pant. The 872 allows for eased movement in a trimmer package.

803 Slim Skinny Fit

The Dickies 803 represents the most streamlined fit across the Dickies pant range. It has an ultra slim silhouette from hip to hem:

  • Waist/Seat: Form-fitting through seat and waist.
  • Thigh: Very slim and tailored through the thigh.
  • Leg Opening: Tapered to 12 – 14 inches.
  • Silhouette: Skinny fit throughout seat, thigh, and leg.

With its second skin fit, the 803 minimizes excess fabric for a sleek skinny silhouette. This contemporary super slim fit provides flexible movement and a trim modern style.

According to Dickies, the 803 ride is most popular among younger consumers who prefer the modern skinny aesthetic. The tailored fit also comes in a low rise to sit below the natural waist.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dickies Fits

Which Dickies fit is the baggiest?

The Dickies 874 Work Pant is universally considered the baggiest fitting style, with its roomy straight leg silhouette and loose overall fit. It provides maximum comfort and range of motion.

What is the difference between Dickies 874 and 873?

The 874 has a straight leg for full roominess while the 873 is similar in the thigh but tapers from the knee down for a slim straight silhouette.

Are Dickies 872 baggy?

No, the Dickies 872 Slim Fit is more tailored with less excess fabric, so not considered a baggy fit. It aims for flexibility with a slimmer overall silhouette.

What is Dickies loose fit?

Dickies does not use the specific term “loose fit” but the 874 Work Pant is their roomiest, baggiest fit through the waist, thigh, and leg opening.

Are skinny Dickies baggy?

No, the skinny fits from Dickies are designed to be more form-fitting and tailored. The 803 Slim Skinny has an ultra slim second-skin silhouette, far from a baggy fit.

What are the baggiest carpenter pants?

The Dickies 874 Work Pant comes in a relaxed-fit carpenter style that would be among the baggiest fitting carpenter pants available. It has the same roomy straight leg silhouette.

Are Dickies double knee baggy?

Dickies double knee pants utilize the same fit profiles as their regular pants, so the baggiest double knee option would be the Loose Fit Double Knee Work Pant based on the 874.

Do Dickies loosen up over time?

Yes, cotton Dickies pants may stretch out slightly and loosen up a bit with prolonged wear and repeated laundering. The baggier fits provide room for this natural loosening over time.

Key Takeaways on the Baggiest Dickies

  • For maximum roominess, the 874 Work Pant is the baggiest fitting Dickies style with its loose straight leg silhouette.
  • The 873 Slim Straight offers nearly equal bagginess from waist to knee, tapering slightly from knee down.
  • 872 Slim Fit and 803 Slim Skinny have far less excess fabric for a tailored modern look.
  • Consult Dickies’ fit guide when choosing pants to ensure you get the right amount of roominess.
  • The classic 874 Work Pant remains a beloved bestseller for its timeless comfort and flexibility.


When premium comfort and range of motion are your priorities, the Dickies 874 Work Pant delivers the baggiest, roomiest fit. But slimmer Dickies styles like the 873, 872, and 803 offer slightly more tailored options that still provide ease of movement.

Using the detailed overview of each fit’s dimensions and silhouette, you can now easily determine which style of Dickies offers the ideal amount of bagginess for your needs. Understanding the nuances between regular, slim, and skinny fits ensures you choose pants with the perfect level of roominess for any activity

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