What Does Tabards Do in World of Warcraft??

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Key Takeaways

  • Tabards show which faction you support in World of Warcraft.
  • You can buy tabards from faction vendors to gain reputation.
  • Some tabards are rewards for quests or achievements.
  • Tabards let players customize their look.
  • Tabards display your accomplishments in WoW.


World of Warcraft is a very popular online multiplayer game. Many people enjoy customizing their characters in the game. One way to do this is by wearing different tabards. But what exactly are tabards in World of Warcraft?

This article will explain everything you need to know about tabards in WoW. It will look at what tabards are, where you can get them, and what they do. Understanding tabards can help you show off your accomplishments and allegiance in the game.

Tabards are an important part of the World of Warcraft experience. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to tabards so you can use them to their full potential. Keep reading to uncover all the details about tabards in WoW!

What Are Tabards in WoW??

In World of Warcraft, a tabard is a sleeveless shirt or coat that goes over a player’s armor. Tabards display symbols and colors to show which faction or group the player supports.

What Does Tabards Do in World of Warcraft??

Historically, real-life tabards were worn over armor to display a person’s coat of arms or heraldry. Knights and soldiers used them to identify which side they fought for.

In WoW, tabards serve a similar purpose. They let players show their allegiance to factions like the Alliance or the Horde. Tabards also display when a player has accomplished something, like completing a quest.

Overall, tabards are cosmetic items. They don’t give players any stats or abilities. Their purpose is purely decorative – to customize your character’s look and show off achievements.

Where Do You Get Tabards in WoW??

There are a few main ways to acquire tabards in World of Warcraft:

  • Purchase from faction vendors – Many major factions in WoW have vendors that sell tabards. For example, you can buy tabards for Stormwind and Orgrimmar at vendors in each city. Wearing a faction tabard increases your reputation gains with that faction.
  • Complete quests – Some tabards are rewards for completing certain quest lines. For instance, finishing a series of Argent Tournament quests rewards the Tabard of the Argent Crusade.
  • Achievement rewards – Other tabards recognize feats and achievements. The Tabard of the Lightbringer can only be used if you earn the achievement for completing Tomb of Sargeras on Heroic Difficulty.
  • Promotional giveaways – Occasionally, tabards are handed out for free during events or promotions. The Tabard of Flame was obtainable for a limited time during the Burning Crusade expansion.

So in summary,faction vendors, quests, achievements, and promotions are the main sources for unlocking tabards in WoW.

What Do Tabards Do in WoW??

Tabards serve a few key functions in World of Warcraft:

What Does Tabards Do in World of Warcraft??
  • Display factions – Tabards showcase which major faction your character is loyal to. For example, wearing a Horde tabard displays your allegiance to their side.
  • Gain reputation – By wearing certain faction tabards, you can increase your reputation with that faction. Increased reputation unlocks rewards like gear and mounts.
  • Show achievements – Tabards that come from quest lines or feats show off your accomplishments. The Tabard of the Explorer means its wearer has completed the Exploration Achievement.
  • Customize appearance – Beyond showing factions and achievements, tabards simply let players style their characters. You can match tabards to your gear for fashion purposes.
  • Roleplaying opportunities – For players who enjoy roleplaying, tabards help define your character’s backstory and personality.

So in summary, displaying faction pride, gaining rep, flaunting achievements, customizing your look, and roleplaying are the main functions of WoW tabards.

How Do You Use Tabards in WoW??

Using tabards in World of Warcraft is simple:

  • Go to the tabards menu (shift + P) and select the tabard you want to wear. This brings up the tabard collection.
  • Browse your available tabards and click on the one you wish to use. You must have the tabard in your possession for it to appear here.
  • Once selected, the tabard will appear over your chest armor. The tabard art will now be prominently displayed.
  • Tabards remain equipped until you return to the tabard menu and select a different one or none at all.

So equipping a tabard is as easy as opening your collection and choosing one. It will then override your chest armor’s appearance. The process is streamlined and quick!

Where Can You Display Tabards in WoW??

You can display tabards in these main places and situations:

  • All cities, towns, and settlements of Azeroth. Tabards are visible whenever you are around other players.
  • Dungeons and raids – both regular and mythic/mythic+ varieties. Show off your rare tabards!
  • Player vs Player instances like arenas and battlegrounds.
  • While questing anywhere in the game world.
  • During special events like the Darkmoon Faire.

So tabards can be seen in just about any populated area or instance in World of Warcraft. Wherever you go, your tabard goes too!

Some key spots to show them off include capital cities like Orgrimmar and Stormwind, hangouts like your garrison, and high-end mythic dungeons and raids.

What Are Some Notable or Rare Tabards in WoW??

While you can find many common tabards in the game, there are some particularly rare, coveted ones:

  • Tabard of Flame – This tabard was only obtainable during the Burning Crusade pre-launch. It signifies dedication from that era.
  • Tabard of the Illidari – Can only be used by Demon Hunters after completing their class order campaign and reaching Exalted with the Illidari.
  • Tabard of the Protector – Available exclusively to paladins who complete the quest line for the [Armor of the Sunwell]. Shows accomplishments in The Burning Crusade.
  • [Tabard of Flame]smithing – Requires having [Blacksmithing] skill of 400 and completing an expensive crafting materials turn-in quest.
  • Tabard of the Lightbringer – Rewarded for completing [Tomb of Sargeras (Raid)] on Heroic or Mythic difficulty. The former is very hard!

These are just a few of the rarest and most coveted tabards in World of Warcraft. What tabards have you obtained that you are proud of? Let us know!

What Are the Major Faction Tabards??

There are specific tabards that represent each of the major political factions in WoW:

  • Stormwind Tabard – Blue and gold tabard displaying Stormwind’s crest. Worn by Alliance members loyal to Stormwind and King Anduin.
  • Undercity Tabard – Black and green tabard with Undercity’s symbol. Shows allegiance to the Forsaken undead and the Banshee Queen Sylvanas.
  • Orgrimmar Tabard – Red tabard with black and white accents. Proudly displays support for the orcs of Orgrimmar and the Horde.
  • Thunder Bluff Tabard – Maroon tabard with gold thunderbird symbol. Worn by members of the Tauren race within the Horde.
  • Ironforge Tabard – Dark grey and orange tabard with Ironforge’s hammer icon. Used by dwarf and gnome Alliance loyalists.
  • Darnassus Tabard – Pale purple tabard with the white tree of Darnassus. Signifies unity with night elves and the Alliance.

These are the main political faction tabards in World of Warcraft. Owning them displays your allegiance!

Can You Use Tabards from Both Factions??

You cannot use tabards from opposing Warcraft factions on the same character. For example, an Alliance character could equip a Stormwind Tabard but not Undercity or Orgrimmar tabards.

However, if you have characters on both the Alliance and Horde, they can each use their own faction’s tabards. Your Alliance character would wear the Stormwind Tabard, while your Horde persona dons the Orgrimmar one.

The game restricts displaying insignia from enemy factions. But you can show loyalty to your side’s capitals with the appropriate tabards.

Do Tabards Offer Any Stats or Benefits??

No, tabards are purely decorative cosmetic pieces in World of Warcraft. Equipping them does not grant any attribute bonuses like strength or intellect. Tabards also do not have armor values or other combat effects.

The benefits they offer are visual – showing off your allegiances, achievements, and style. Some players use add-ons like Rarity to display the rarity of their equipped tabard as well. But tabards themselves do not actually influence player stats or abilities.

Of course, certain tabards do allow earning reputation for their associated faction faster. So indirectly they can help you acquire gear and rewards. But the tabards themselves do not give stats.

Can Tabards Be Transmogrified??

Yes, tabards can be transmogrified in World of Warcraft. Transmogrification allows changing the appearance of your equipped gear.

For tabards specifically, visit a transmogrifier NPC. Open the tabards panel, select the tabard you have equipped but want altered, and then choose the appearance you desire.

This will make the tabard look like the selected one, while keeping its original name. Now you can customize tabard appearances too!

However, transmogrifying a tabard will not make it count for a different faction. It will retain its original reputations/effects underneath the altered appearance.


In summary, tabards in World of Warcraft are cosmetic garments that let players show faction pride, achievements, and style. Major sources include vendors, quests, accomplishments, and promotions. Equipping tabards displays them prominently over armor on your character.

Tabards serve many purposes – gaining reputation, flaunting rare accomplishments, roleplaying, and coordination outfits. But they do not offer any actual stat bonuses. Visually customizing your tabard is possible through transmogrification.

I hope this guide has helped explain what tabards do in WoW! Let us know if you have any other tabard-related questions

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