How to Level Up Fast in Obey Me?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Grind and unlock nodes in Devil’s Tree to level up cards.
  • Buy VIP on Akuzon for bonuses like halved summon recharge time.
  • Play Hard Lessons for more EXP per battle.
  • Level up cards by paying, gaining battle EXP, or unlocking Devil’s Tree.
  • Power up and level cards evenly for optimal progress.


Obey Me! is a popular otome-style mobile game that allows players to interact with powerful demons. A key aspect of gameplay involves collecting cards and leveling them up to progress. With new events, battles, and story content added frequently, leveling up your cards quickly is essential. This comprehensive guide will analyze the most effective methods and strategies to level up fast in Obey Me!

The information provided here will be invaluable for both new and experienced players looking to power up their cards. We will evaluate efficient ways to earn experience points (EXP), the benefits of leveling cards evenly, how to leverage VIP status, and other tips that can give you an edge. With the sheer volume of collectible cards, knowing the optimal approaches saves considerable time and frustration.

By the end, you will have a detailed understanding of how to maximize your progress and get the most out of every battle. Leveling up might seem daunting early on, but consistent use of these proven techniques will have you advancing faster than ever through the demon realms. Let’s dive in and discover how to bring your cards to new heights!

Efficient Ways to Gain EXP and Level Up Cards

How Can Grinding and Unlocking Devil’s Tree Nodes Quickly Boost Card Levels?

The Devil’s Tree is a key way to strengthen your cards in Obey Me! As you gain experience in battle, you can unlock nodes which provide stat increases and bonuses. Unlocking all available nodes levels a card up to its maximum. Some effective grinding strategies can rapidly earn EXP to power up your cards:

  • Prioritize battles that cost less AP – Certain battles like Normal Lessons only require 5 AP, allowing more plays.
  • Avoid the “Clear All” option – Manually play battles to maximize EXP gains.
  • Use skip if cards are strong enough – Save time by skipping battles your cards can easily win.
  • Target events for EXP bonuses – Some events provide extra experience point boosts.

One Reddit user was able to quickly unlock about 130 nodes by grinding stages during an event. Consistent manual grinding can rapidly level up cards through the Devil’s Tree.

What Is the Benefit of Purchasing VIP on Akuzon?

Akuzon is the shopping site in Obey Me! where you can purchase VIP status. According to the game’s wiki, VIP provides the following leveling benefits:

  • Halves summoning time – Free summons recharge twice as fast.
  • Additional AP – 10 extra AP per day to play more battles.
  • Bonus EXP – 10% more EXP from cleared battles.

One player reported VIP allowed them to play up to 100 extra battles per day. The combination of faster summons, increased AP, and EXP boost adds up to much faster leveling. The bonuses are definitely worth it for players willing to spend real money.

Why Play Hard Lessons for Leveling Cards?

Obey Me! has separate Normal and Hard Lessons. According to the wiki, Hard Lessons provide the following advantages:

  • More EXP – Hard Lessons give 30% more EXP per battle.
  • Better item drops – Higher chance of rewarding items that strengthen cards.

The trade-off is that Hard Lessons cost 8 AP instead of 5 AP. But the extra EXP and items can be worthwhile, especially when leveling stronger cards. Targeting Hard Lessons is an efficient way to power up cards while also collecting useful rewards.

What Are the Main Ways to Increase Card Levels?

There are three primary methods to level up cards in Obey Me!:

  • Pay to level up – Use Grimm or items like Leveled Up manuals. Provides instant increases.
  • Earn EXP in battles – Winning battles grants EXP to level up over time.
  • Unlock Devil’s Tree – Unlocking nodes levels up cards as detailed earlier.

Paying offers an instant boost, but can drain resources quickly. Earning EXP through grinding battles and events is slower but cost-effective. The Devil’s Tree strikes a balance, providing moderate boosts through effort over time.

Consider combining methods, like initially paying to increase some levels, then grinding to further power up. Utilize the method that works best based on your playstyle and resources.

How Does Leveling Cards Evenly Help Progression?

It can be tempting to pour resources into just one or two favorite cards. However, experienced players recommend leveling your cards relatively evenly. Here are some key benefits:

  • Advance through battles – Evenly leveled cards can overcome type weaknesses.
  • Unlocks Devil’s Tree – Each card’s Tree provides stat increases.
  • Earns event points – Events often require multiple strong cards.
  • Adds power varieties – Different cards offer useful abilities.

Having just a couple high-level cards may limit progress. But evening out levels empowers your collection for events, unlocks more Devil’s Tree benefits, and lets you adapt to different battle types. A balanced team is crucial for rapid advancement.

Other Tips and Strategies for Fast Leveling

Should You Prioritize Leveling Certain Types of Cards?

  • Focus on SSR cards first – As Ultra Rares, they have the highest stats and provide the biggest boosts.
  • Don’t neglect Memory cards – These support and strengthen your Demon cards in battle.
  • Build your “Top 10” – Identify your 10 most powerful cards to focus resources on.

It’s not feasible to evenly level every single card you obtain. Instead, devote most resources into maxing out your SSRs and top cards. But continue gradually improving lower rarity cards as well.

Are There Certain Events to Target for Leveling?

  • Birthday events – Provides major rewards and EXP for a featured character.
  • Surprise Guests – Rewards substantial items and grimm for leveling.
  • Boot Camp – Offers increased grimm and EXP.

When these limited events become available, they are perfect for grinding. Take advantage of the special bonuses and focus your AP on the event battles to get the most value.

What Common Mistakes Should Be Avoided?

  • Stopping at lower level caps – Maximize cards to unlock full stats.
  • Wasting full AP before logging off – Use only needed amount to avoid waste.
  • Neglecting lower-rarity cards – Build up a diverse lineup.
  • Not utilizing idle time – Schedule battles before periods of inactivity.

Be patient and keep leveling cards to their maximum. Manage your AP carefully. Build up every advantage possible across your entire collection. Use every moment to progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take to Level Up Cards in Obey Me?

It depends on the rarity of the card and specifics of gameplay, but generally expect leveling each card to maximum to take 1-2 weeks with consistent effort. Higher rarity cards like UR+ may take longer due to high XP requirements. Events and VIP can help speed up the process.

What Is the Fastest Way to Get EXP?

Playing Hard Lessons during EXP boost events provides the most rapid experience gain. Also purchasing AP flash sales in Akuzon to grind more battles. Unlocking all available Devil Tree nodes is key as well.

Should You Use Grimm to Level Up Cards?

Yes, but do so strategically. Instantly maxing cards can drain Grimm quickly. Instead, use Grimm to give select cards a head start, then rely on grinding for further gains. Grimm is also useful for final level pushes.

Is Buying DP the Fastest Way to Progress?

No, buying DP alone won’t increase card levels. DP is mainly used for summoning. Better to buy AP/DP flash sales to play more battles. VIP also accelerates progress substantially by providing more AP, EXP boosts, faster summons, and bonuses.

How Often Do You Get Free AP?

The game provides 48 free AP daily, doled out in increments of 1 AP per 5 minutes. So the daily allotment replenishes fully every 4 hours. There are also various log-in bonuses, events, and level-ups that provide additional free AP.


Leveling up cards quickly is vital for progressing and competing in Obey Me! By grinding Devil’s Tree nodes, purchasing VIP, prioritizing Hard Lessons, leveling cards evenly, and maximizing events, you can advance much faster. Avoid wasting AP, focus resources on top cards first, and use Grimm strategically.

Patience and persistence are still required, but utilizing these tips will help you see growth in your card collection day by day. Soon you will have a diverse lineup of powerful demons ready to dominate each challenge. Careful AP management, sensible spending, and embracing each method of gaining EXP will take your cards to new heights.

The key is to optimize your approach for steady improvements over time. Don’t spread yourself too thin, but build up every advantage possible. With the right strategy, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your cards reach maximum level and battle power. Obey Me! offers you the chance to collect and control menacing demons – so command their full potential with these proven leveling techniques.

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