How to Swim Up in GTA 5 PS4?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Press and hold the left stick to move the character, and press X to swim forward.
  • To swim up, hold down the left stick and press the X button simultaneously.
  • Tilting the left stick down will make the character dive underwater.
  • Stamina affects how long you can swim before drowning.
  • Certain factors like currents can make swimming up challenging.
  • Wearing heavy armor/carrying weapons slows swimming and drains stamina faster.
  • Other tips like using vehicles or finding air pockets can aid swimming up.


Being able to swim effectively in GTA 5 is an important skill for every player on PS4. Not only does swimming help you evade enemies or traverse bodies of water, but knowing how to swim up specifically can save your life in dire situations. Without this core technique, your character could easily drown when submerged underwater.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide on swimming up in GTA 5 on the PS4 platform. You’ll learn the exact controller inputs needed to point your character upwards and propel them towards the surface. Helpful tips and considerations for managing stamina, dealing with currents, using gear/vehicles, and more will also be covered.

With the detailed instruction provided here, you’ll gain the ability to navigate any body of water in Los Santos. Mastering the skill of swimming up allows you to survive accidental submersion, hide from foes underwater, and access lucrative underwater caches. Whether you’re a new player or veteran, this vital tips will enable you to operate effortlessly in the aquatic environments of GTA 5 on your PS4.

How to Swim Up in GTA 5 on PS4

To swim up in GTA 5 on your PS4, you simply need to hold down the left analog stick to move your character, while simultaneously pressing and holding the X button to swim. Here is the step-by-step process:

Step 1: Press and Hold the Left Stick to Move

  • The left analog stick on your PS4 controller allows you to steer your character.
  • Push the stick in the direction you want your character to move through the water.
  • Hold the stick firmly in position to maintain their trajectory.
  • Tilting the stick down will point the character towards the seabed to dive.

Step 2: Press and Hold X to Swim

  • The X button on your PS4 controller makes your character swim when underwater.
  • Press and hold X to start swimming forward in the direction the left stick is angled.
  • Continuously hold X to keep propelling yourself through the water.
  • Your speed and stamina will affect how fast you can swim.

Step 3: Hold Left Stick + Press X to Swim Up

  • To swim up, simply hold the left stick pointing upwards while holding X.
  • Your character will swim in an upwards trajectory towards the surface.
  • Keep holding both controls until you breach the surface and can walk/stand again.
  • Letting go of either the stick or X will stop your upwards momentum.
  • Practice makes perfect! With a bit of time, these controls will become second nature.

Tips for Managing Stamina While Swimming Up

As you swim in GTA 5, your character uses stamina which will eventually deplete. Run out of stamina while underwater and you’ll start drowning! Here are some tips to preserve stamina while swimming up:

  • Don’t sprint swim! Holding sprint (L3) uses much more stamina. Swim at a consistent pace.
  • Let your stamina recharge – stop swimming for a few seconds periodically.
  • Eat snacks like candy bars to replenish stamina quickly.
  • Upgrade your stamina stat at the start – it takes longer to drain.
  • Exit the water before your stamina fully depletes to avoid drowning.
  • Certain gear like scuba gear slows the rate your stamina decreases underwater.

Dealing With Strong Currents Pushing You Down

Some bodies of water in GTA 5 have strong currents that can pull your character down as you try to swim up. Here are suggestions for fighting currents:

  • Don’t fight it head-on – swim at an angle towards the surface.
  • Find spots where there are eddies or calmer water to exit.
  • Use the seabed or props like rocks to anchor yourself before swimming up.
  • Drive a submarine or boat overhead and swim up in its draft.
  • Consider using gear like flippers that increase swim speed.
  • Take breaks – treading water periodically helps stamina last longer.
  • Plan an escape route beforehand using the mini-map.

How Weapons and Armor Affect Swimming

Wearing heavy armor and carrying weapons in GTA 5 can impact your ability to swim up in several ways:

  • Heavy gear weighs you down, decreasing swim speed.
  • Bulky armor accelerates loss of stamina while swimming.
  • Weapons like rocket launchers are extremely encumbering for swimming.
  • Equipping a pistol or nothing maximizes swim speed and stamina.
  • Consider stowing gear in inventory before swimming long distances.
  • Upgrade stamina stat to counteract armor/weapon weight during swims.
  • Plan gear loadout carefully before aquatic missions and heists.
  • Use speed/stamina boosting items to overcome heavy equipment slowing you down.

Using Vehicles to Aid Swimming Up

If you’re weighed down with gear or running low on stamina, using a vehicle can help you reach the surface:

  • Drive a submarine overhead and swim up in its prop wash.
  • Position a boat overhead and swim up using it as a guide.
  • Jump from aircraft with parachute into the water then swim up.
  • Grab onto the chassis of amphibious vehicles to be carried up.
  • Exit your personal watercraft and use it as a flotation aid to swim up.
  • Have an ally provide an updraft with a hovercraft or seaplane rotors.
  • Utilize scuba gear so you can more easily swim up to a waiting vehicle.

Taking Advantage of Air Pockets While Underwater

When trapped deep underwater, look for air pockets where you can catch your breath before swimming up further:

  • Sunken ships often contain air bubbles to replenish oxygen.
  • Caves and overhangs can trap air pockets to breathe from.
  • Hide underwater near docks or pillars to find air pockets.
  • Breach the surface momentarily when possible to restart the oxygen meter.
  • Equip scuba gear to drastically slow air loss, extending time underwater.
  • Monitor the mini-map for underwater spots likely to contain air bubbles.
  • Plan deep dives around spots with caches of air pockets.

Swimming Up Q&A

How do you stop from automatically swimming down in GTA 5?

Stop pressing the left stick downwards – keep it tilted up or level to prevent diving. Let go of the X button if you find yourself swimming down involuntarily.

Why can’t I swim up faster in GTA 5?

Factors like low stamina, wearing heavy gear, sickness, strong currents, or low swim skill level can prevent quickly swimming up. Evaluate conditions hampering your speed and address them.

How can I tell if I’m about to drown in GTA 5?

Watch for these cues that you are close to drowning: the oxygen meter depleting, the screen darkening, muffled/warped sounds playing, and your character gasping for air. Immediately swim for the surface!

What is the fastest way to swim up in GTA 5?

Using scuba gear, wearing light or no armor, holstering weapons, eating snacks, and utilizing vehicles/air pockets allows swimming up at the fastest speed. Maximize stamina and swim skill.

Is there a breath meter while swimming underwater in GTA 5?

Yes, an oxygen meter is displayed when underwater, indicating how much air you have left before starting to drown. Monitor it closely while swimming and return to the surface periodically to replenish air.

Why do I lose health while swimming in GTA 5?

Running out of air underwater causes you to start drowning, rapidly depleting health until you die or surface. Maintain your oxygen meter to avoid losing health while swimming.

In Summary

Mastering swimming up in GTA 5 for PS4 simply requires holding the left stick to move and pressing X to swim upwards. Manage stamina consumption, gear weight, currents, and oxygen to swim up efficiently. With practice, you’ll seamlessly traverse any depths! Feel free to revisit this guide whenever you need a quick refresher on pointing your character towards the surface.

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