Are 0 IV Pokemon Good?

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Key Takeaways:

  • 0 IV Pokemon have the lowest possible stats, making them weak in battles compared to higher IV Pokemon.
  • They are not ideal for competitive play where high IVs are valued for maximum potential.
  • While weak in battles, 0 IV Pokemon are very rare and sought after by collectors.
  • They may work in niche strategies like Trick Room teams that use slow Pokémon.
  • A 0 IV Pokémon could hold sentimental value to a trainer who raised it from an egg.

What are IVs in Pokémon?

IVs, or Individual Values, help determine a Pokémon’s stats and battle capabilities. Each Pokémon has six IVs – HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. These hidden values range from 0 to 31, with 31 being the highest. The higher the IVs, the better the Pokémon’s stats will be in that area.

IVs are genetic values that are set when a Pokémon is first encountered or hatched from an egg. While they remain fixed, overall stats can be increased through effort values (EVs) gained in battle. But IVs establish the base potential. Two Pokemon of the same species and level can have vastly different stats based on their IVs.

What does it mean when a Pokémon has 0 IVs?

When a Pokémon has an IV of 0 in any of its stats, it means it has the lowest possible value in that area. For example, a Gengar with 0 Attack IV would have the minimum Attack stat out of all possible Gengars once they reach the same level.

A 0 IV Pokémon has zero “perfect” IVs – not a single one of its hidden values is maximized at 31. It also guarantees that the Pokémon’s stat in that area will be hindered. Even at level 100, that stat will still be much lower compared to the same Pokémon with a 31 IV.

Are 0 IV Pokémon good for battling and competitions?

In general, 0 IV Pokémon are considered poor selections for competitive battling and tournaments. Here’s why:

  • They have low stats: The 0 in one or more stats hampers their potential. With crippled speed or attack, they can’t perform as well in battles.
  • High IVs are ideal: Competitive players spend a lot of effort breeding Pokémon with perfect or near-perfect IVs. A 0 IV is the opposite of ideal.
  • Strong opponents: At high levels of competition, opponents’ Pokémon also have outstanding IVs. A 0 IV Pokémon would be overwhelmed.
  • Predictability: Since their stats are low, 0 IV Pokémon become predictable as opponents can guess their weak areas.

While they likely won’t fare well in structured competitions, 0 IV Pokémon may be fine for casual battles against friends or early in-game fights against NPC trainers. But for serious, advanced competitions, they will almost always be outclassed.

Are there any situations where 0 IV Pokémon might be useful?

While rare, there are some niche scenarios where the poor stat potential from 0 IVs may actually benefit a Pokémon:

  • Trick Room advantage: The move Trick Room makes slower Pokémon move first. Under Trick Room, a 0 IV Pokémon with minimum Speed would likely strike before an opposing fast Pokémon.
  • Confusion damage: In generations 1 and 2, confusion damage was based on the Pokémon’s own Attack stat. A Pokémon with 0 Attack IV would take less confusion damage.
  • Foul Play vulnerability: The move Foul Play uses the target’s Attack stat against itself. A 0 Attack IV Pokémon would take minimal damage from Foul Play.
  • Fake Out flinching: If trying to consistently flinch opponents with Fake Out, a 0 IV Pokémon would fare better because it can act before getting knocked out.

So while 0 IVs are usually undesirable, the right scenarios could potentially give them niche viability if leveraged strategically. But they should not be relied upon as a core battle member.

How rare are 0 IV Pokémon?

0 IV Pokémon are exceptionally rare – even rarer than perfect IV Pokémon with all 31s! Here’s a look at why:

  • Only one possible combination: For each stat’s IV, there are 32 potential values (0-31). But with 0 IVs, there is only one combination: all zeroes.
  • Low odds: The odds of catching a wild Pokémon with all 0 IVs is 1/32^6, or roughly 1 in 32 million chance. The same ultra-low odds as finding one with perfect 31 IVs in all stats.
  • Can’t be bred deliberately: While ideal IVs can be bred purposefully through Destiny Knots, 0 IVs cannot be passed down through breeding. They only occur randomly.
  • Not useful for breeding: Since 0 IVs are not beneficial, breeders have no motivation to breed for them. Low odds combined with no demand makes them scarce.

So while a random wild Pokémon or hatched egg has a chance of having 0 IVs, they are still incredibly uncommon. Their rarity adds appeal for collectors seeking unique Pokémon.

Do 0 IV Pokémon have any collector’s value?

For collectors and shiny hunters, 0 IV Pokémon can be highly valued:

  • Novelty of rarity: 0 IV specimens are elusive trophies due to their low natural odds of occurring. Their uniqueness gives them prestige.
  • Full odds shinies: A 0 IV shiny found randomly in the wild is exceptionally rare. The combination of 0 IVs and shiny status multiplies its collector’s value.
  • Living Dex completion: Collectors aiming to get one of every possible Pokémon may want a 0 IV version just to have it.
  • Memorable souvenirs: A 0 IV Pokémon received in a Wonder Trade or as a starter could hold sentimental memories for a trainer.

While they may not have competitive utility, 0 IV Pokémon appeal as rare collectibles to complete unique sets. Their low supply and lucky origin stories can make them more meaningful as souvenirs.

Can 0 IV Pokémon be useful early in a playthrough?

At the start of a new game, 0 IV Pokémon may perform decently before EVs and competitive natures become major factors:

  • Opponents not optimized: Early trainers don’t focus on IVs or competitive movesets. A 0 IV Pokémon faces less sophisticated strategies.
  • Not reliant on EVs yet: Effort Values require time to accumulate through battles. Initially, Pokémon rely more on levels and IVs.
  • No access to breeding or items: Players can’t deliberately breed Pokémon for ideal IVs until later in the games. Beneficial items are also limited.
  • Type matchups matter: Matching opponent weaknesses can outweigh poorer IVs when options are limited. Utilizing type advantages can help overcome low stats.

So while not ideal, a 0 IV Pokémon received as a starter or early capture can still be a functional team member through initial areas of the game. But it will become outclassed later on against optimized opponents.

Do levels, EVs, or nature make up for 0 IVs?

Unfortunately, even at level 100, a Pokémon’s 0 IVs will still hinder its maximum potential:

  • Permanent stat gap: A level 100 Pokémon with 0 Speed IV will have around 30 less Speed than one with 31 Speed IVs. This gap persists regardless of level.
  • Diminishing EV returns: While EVs do improve stats, the bonuses are small: only 63 EVs raises a stat by 1 at level 100. Multiple 0 IVs require unrealistic amounts of EVs to offset.
  • No effect from EVs: EVs cannot boost the stat that has a 0 IV. No amount of Speed EVs will ever raise Speed if its IV is 0.
  • Beneficial nature limited: A “good” nature boosts one stat while lowering another. But it cannot boost a stat with 0 IV – there is no base potential to augment with a nature.

In the end, 0 IVs create deficiency that cannot be negated. Higher levels and strategic EVs/natures help optimize around the deficiency but cannot erase it. The Pokémon’s peak potential will always be lowered.

Can 0 IV Pokémon have any hidden benefits?

A few hidden benefits can potentially come from 0 IV Pokémon:

  • Save rare candies: With already poor stats, there is less incentive to invest rare candies for leveling up. Those valuable items can be saved.
  • Quick stat checking: When viewing IVs, a 0 will instantly display red saving time. This allows quick identification rather than checking each specific IV.
  • Mind games: In competitive battles, switching in a clearly weak 0 IV Pokémon could bluff/trick an opponent or lead to an unexpected strategic switch of your own.
  • Trading fodder: While not useful for yourself, 0 IV Pokémon can be packaged in trades as exotic curiosities that benefit collectors looking for them. Their rarity appeals.
  • Character appeal: A 0 IV Pokémon has an underdog charm and distinctive personality that sets it apart. Like rallying around the laughingstock of the team.

While not directly improving battle performance, 0 IV Pokémon can still offer some marginal positives. Their handicaps may even stir sentimentality in creative ways.

Can 0 IV Pokémon be competitive after hyper training?

The introduction of hyper training in generation 7 provided a way to maximize IVs without breeding or catching dozens of Pokémon. But it comes with some caveats:

  • Already at level 100: Only Pokémon at level 100 can receive hyper training to boost their IVs. Lower level Pokémon cannot access it.
  • Does not enable hidden power: The IVs used for calculating Hidden Power cannot be altered through hyper training. Hidden Power type remains unchanged.
  • Costly items required: Bottle caps or golden bottle caps are needed for every IV boosted. These items take time and effort to obtain.
  • Persists through evolution: Hyper trained IVs remain if the Pokémon evolves, which helps strengthen successor forms.

So in specific scenarios, hyper training can allow a 0 IV Pokémon to reach its species’ full stats. But often it will be easier to simply breed/catch Pokémon with better IVs natively.

Could personal attachment offset 0 IV disadvantages?

Some trainers become attached to a 0 IV Pokémon, willing to overlook competitive shortcomings:

  • Starter bonding: A 0 IV starter remains on the team through the full adventure, bonding with the trainer.
  • Memorable encounter: Catching a rare 0 IV shiny or having one gifted through an event creates a special memory.
  • Effort invested: Spending time leveling up a 0 IV Pokémon despite its flaws leads to a commitment to keep using it.
  • Competitive reminders: Keeping a 0 IV Pokémon from past failures prevents overconfidence, keeping the trainer grounded.
  • ** Underdog appeal**: Supporting an IV underdog can be more rewarding than steamrolling with OP Pokémon.

At the end of the day, Pokémon is about the journey and bonds made along the way. While statistically deficient, a 0 IV Pokémon can still hold sentimental value through unique experiences with its trainer.

What should you do if you receive or catch a 0 IV Pokémon?

If you end up acquiring a 0 IV Pokémon, here are some recommended options:

  • Use it on an in-game team for novelty if playing casually. See it as an underdog and bond with it.
  • Keep it in storage as a rare collector’s item. Maintain it as part of your living Pokédex.
  • Carefully consider offers to trade it to collectors seeking 0 IV specimens. Its rarity makes it valuable.
  • Use it competitively only if you have a very specific strategic niche in mind to leverage its IVs.
  • Breed it with a compatible perfect IV Pokémon. Its offspring have a chance of higher IVs.
  • Hyper train it to redeem its stats if caught or earned at level 100, removing its deficiencies.


So are 0 IV Pokémon good? Competitively, almost never – their permanently lowered stats hinder battle performance against optimized opponents. But for collectors, they are incredibly rare trophies. And for the sentimental, they may hold nostalgic value through underdog bonding. While weak statistically, 0 IV Pokémon can still bring their own unique joy. With the right perspective, a Pokémon’s value transcends just its stats.

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