Can I Use My PS3 Bluetooth Headset on PS4?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Most PS3 Bluetooth headsets will work on PS4, especially if purchased after PS4 release.
  • PS3 Bluetooth headset uses a USB stick for wireless connectivity to PS4.
  • Some users report Bluetooth devices don’t work on PS4, so check headset compatibility.
  • Steps like pairing mode, resetting, and cable connections may be needed to get PS3 headset working.
  • Compatible PS3 headsets can enable chat audio but not game audio on PS4.
  • Buying a new PS4 compatible headset may be easier than troubleshooting an older one.


With the rise in popularity of multiplayer games, a good headset has become an essential gaming accessory for many players. This allows players to communicate and strategize with teammates for a competitive edge. If you’re upgrading from a PS3 to a PS4, you may wonder if you can continue using your existing PS3 Bluetooth headset on the newer console. This comprehensive guide will evaluate if and how PS3 Bluetooth headsets can be used with the PS4.

The article will cover key considerations like headset compatibility, audio limitations, and troubleshooting tips. You’ll learn the technical details around connecting PS3 Bluetooth devices to the PS4 and steps to take for pairing your headset. Insights from other gamers’ experiences are provided as well. By the end, you’ll know what to expect if attempting to use a PS3 Bluetooth headset with PS4. This will allow you to make an informed decision about either connecting your existing headset or purchasing a new one.

With multiplayer gaming continuing to gain popularity, being able to voice chat with teammates can be a big advantage. Understanding how to utilize your headset across consoles will ensure an optimal gaming communication experience.

Can I Use My PS3 Bluetooth Headset on PS4?

What Is the Compatibility of PS3 Bluetooth Headsets with PS4?

Most PS3 Bluetooth headsets will work on the PS4, especially if you purchased your headset after the release of the PS4 in late 2013. Here’s why:

  • The PS3 Bluetooth headset uses a USB dongle or stick for wireless connectivity. This USB stick can simply be plugged into one of the USB ports on the PS4 console to connect the headset.
  • Sony designed the PS4 with the ability to work with many of the same accessories and peripherals from the PS3 to provide cross-generational compatibility.

However, some users have reported issues getting PS3 Bluetooth devices to work properly on the PS4. So compatibility is not 100% guaranteed. The main points to be aware of are:

  • Older PS3 headsets may not work – Most headsets made after the PS4 release will be compatible. But older ones made early in the PS3 lifespan may not connect successfully.
  • Not all Bluetooth devices compatible – While the PS3 headset uses a USB dongle, the internal wireless protocol is still Bluetooth. Some have found sporadic PS4 compatibility with general Bluetooth products.
  • Specific headset models may have issues – Some PS3 headset models are known to have problems connecting to the PS4 even though they are from the same timeframe.

So while PS3 headset compatibility with PS4 is generally pretty good, there are cases where connectivity has been problematic. It’s best to check for specifics about your PS3 headset model and PS4 compatibility before assuming it will work.

What Audio Can I Get from a PS3 Headset on PS4?

If you do get your PS3 Bluetooth headset successfully connected to your PS4, what audio functionality is supported?

The PS3 headset will enable you to get chat audio while playing multiplayer games online. This allows you to clearly hear your teammates and communicate back using the headset’s microphone.

However, most PS3 headsets will not support game audio from the PS4. For example, you wouldn’t hear in-game sound effects and music through the headset speakers. The PS4 will still output game audio through your TV or other connected speakers as normal.

This limitation is because the PS3 headsets often don’t support the more advanced wireless audio protocols and connections that PS4 gaming requires. The chat audio uses basic mono Bluetooth functionality that the headset can handle. But the immersive stereo game audio feeds require more bandwidth and lower latency.

So being able to use PS3 headsets on PS4 is useful for communication purposes. But you’ll miss out on having game audio in your ears. Considering getting a natively PS4-compatible headset if you want full audio immersion.

How Do I Connect and Pair a PS3 Bluetooth Headset on PS4?

The specific steps to connect and pair your PS3 Bluetooth headset on PS4 can vary slightly depending on the headset model. But the general process is:

1. Put headset into pairing mode – There should be a button or setting to enable the headset’s pairing/discoverability mode. Refer to your headset manual for details.

2. Plug USB dongle into PS4 – Insert your headset’s USB dongle into any open USB port on the front or back of your PS4 console.

3. Reset PS4 controller – Press and hold the small Reset button on the back of your PS4 controller for several seconds until the light bar flashes. This resets existing Bluetooth pairings.

4. Use controller to pair headset – In the PS4 settings, go to Devices > Bluetooth Devices. Your headset should now show up in the list for you to select and pair.

5. Connect audio cable (optional) – For chat audio, plug the headset’s audio cable from the dongle into the PS4 controller headphone jack.

Some steps like resetting the PS4 controller may not be necessary depending on your situation. But following this general process should successfully link your PS3 headset with the PS4 console for wireless chat use.

What Troubleshooting Steps Can I Take for PS3 Headsets on PS4?

If your PS3 Bluetooth headset isn’t connecting or working properly on your PS4, don’t give up hope yet. Here are some troubleshooting steps to take:

  • Update PS4 system software – Ensure your PS4 is updated to the latest system software. Older versions may have more Bluetooth compatibility issues.
  • Try USB ports – Test different USB ports on the console. Some ports may work better than others for the headset dongle.
  • Adjust headset pairing mode – Try the pairing/discoverable mode procedures again. Consult your headset guide for details.
  • Factory reset headset – Some headsets have a factory reset option that wipes out previous Bluetooth pairings as a troubleshooting step.
  • Use wired connection – If possible, connect your headset via an audio cable directly into the PS4 controller for chatting.
  • Contact manufacturer support – The headset maker may have specific troubleshooting tips for PS4 connectivity issues.

With some patience and testing of different steps, you may be able to get temperamental PS3 headsets successfully working on PS4. But also be prepared that some models simply may not cooperate due to age or technical factors.

Should I Just Buy a New PS4 Headset?

If your old PS3 Bluetooth headset refuses to work on your PS4 despite your best troubleshooting efforts, it may be time to consider buying a new headset designed for PS4 compatibility. Here are some benefits of getting a PS4-specific headset:

  • Guaranteed out-of-box compatibility and connectivity.
  • Ability to get full game audio and chat audio in the headset.
  • Take advantage of lower latency and higher quality audio.
  • Modern headset features like surround sound and mobile app integration.
  • Avoid the hassle of trying to force an outdated device to work.

There are many great PS4 gaming headsets available from brands like Turtle Beach, Astro Gaming, SteelSeries, and HyperX. Just be sure to look at reviews and product details to ensure PS4 compatibility is explicitly mentioned before purchasing.

While working to use your existing headset is great from a cost-savings perspective, sometimes getting new gear designed for your console is the better experience in the end.

Key Questions About PS3 Headsets on PS4

Can Any PS3 Bluetooth Headset Work on PS4?

No, not every PS3 Bluetooth headset will necessarily work on the PS4. As mentioned earlier, some older PS3 headset models, especially those released many years before the PS4, are likely to have compatibility issues. And a small percentage of headsets may have technical limitations that prevent PS4 connectivity. So you cannot assume 100% cross-compatibility of PS3 headsets. Always research your specific headset model before attempting to use it with PS4.

Why Don’t I Get Game Audio with a PS3 Headset on PS4?

You only get chat audio but not game audio because most PS3 headsets use basic Bluetooth connectivity. This supports mono chat but not the stereo game sound that PS4 generates. For full game audio, you need a headset that has additional connectivity via USB, optical cable, or a wireless dongle designed for PS4. So PS3 headset technology is generally outdated compared to what PS4 games need.

How Do I Know if a Headset Will Work on Both PS3 and PS4?

To find a headset compatible with both PS3 and PS4, look for explicit mention of dual compatibility in product details and reviews. The headset needs to have connections like USB and 3.5mm audio cable to get simultaneous support for the two consoles. Brands like Turtle Beach have headsets designed to switch seamlessly between PS3 and PS4 compatibility. But always confirm before assuming a headset works on both.

Can I Connect Multiple Headsets to a PS4?

Yes, you can sync and connect multiple headsets to the same PS4 console. Up to four controllers and associated headsets can be actively paired at once. This allows multiple local players to use headsets simultaneously for multiplayer gaming in the same room. Each controller-headset pairing just needs its own USB dongle. With additional adapters, even more headsets could be synced. This enables large multiplayer gaming parties on PS4 with voice chat.

Does PS4 Have Bluetooth Compatibility Issues?

Some users have reported general instability and connectivity issues with Bluetooth devices paired to the PS4, including headsets. This suggests there may be some limitations in the PS4’s Bluetooth implementation. Sony has released PS4 firmware updates aiming to improve Bluetooth performance. But issues still occasionally persist for some owners. Trying the troubleshooting steps outlined earlier may help overcome any PS4 Bluetooth problems.


To conclude, most PS3 Bluetooth headsets have the capability to work on the PS4 if you own a relatively modern headset and take steps to properly pair and connect it. This allows you to chat with teammates online. But you’ll miss out on having game audio come through the headphones. Additionally, some PS3 headsets simply refuse to work with PS4, so cross-compatibility is not flawless.

Your best bet is verifying your specific headset model is designed to work with PS4 before trying. Have patience and be ready to troubleshoot if needed. Finally, consider purchasing a new PS4-specific headset for full features and seamless compatibility if you have difficulties or own a very old headset model. With the right expectations and preparation, you should be able to successfully use your PS3 headset with PS4

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