Where to Get Molted Claw?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Molted Claw was added in Loomian Legacy and can be obtained by leveling up Garbantis using Powerfruit.
  • Defeating wild Garbantis has a chance of dropping the rare Molted Claw item.
  • Trading with other players is another way to get the Molted Claw.
  • Buying from players who sell Molted Claw for Robux is also an option.
  • Obtaining the rare Molted Claw requires time and effort through methods like leveling up, battling, trading, or buying.


The exciting creature-collection RPG Loomian Legacy has enthralled fans with its diverse array of mysterious Loomians to discover and collect. One of the rarest items to obtain in the game is the enigmatic Molted Claw, a distinctive asset that can help empower one of the most formidable Loomians. However, tracking down this elusive prize requires dedication and the right strategy. This comprehensive guide will illuminate the best methods and locations for securing the coveted Molted Claw.

The Molted Claw’s rarity and mysterious nature has made it an object of intense fascination and value for competitive Loomian Legacy players. Unlocking its potential could provide a critical advantage in battle. That is why this piece will thoroughly cover viable pathways for adding this distinguished trophy to your inventory through leveling up, battling, trading, or purchasing. With the insights provided here, the route to claiming your own Molted Claw will be clearly illuminated.

Whether you are a casual player looking to round out your Loomian collection or a competitive battler seeking an edge, the in-depth information within this article will prove invaluable. The Molted Claw’s elusive qualities can make it frustrating to find through trial and error alone. By utilizing the compiled wisdom presented here, your search will be exponentially more targeted and efficient. Saving you precious time and effort is the mission of this definitive guide. Now let us delve into the adventure of pinpointing the rare and rewarding Molted Claw!

How To Get Molted Claw in Loomian Legacy?

Gaining the advantage of the Molted Claw in Loomian Legacy first requires understanding precisely what it is and why it is so desirable. Let us start by looking at the qualities that make this item so sought-after.

What is the Molted Claw in Loomian Legacy?

The Molted Claw is a rare battle item that can only be utilized by the powerful Garbantis Loomian. When held, it unlocks the potent Garbantis move Molt, granting this tank-like Loomian enhanced endurance in battle.

This is accomplished through Molt instantly restoring a substantial amount of Garbantis’ health while also clearing any status conditions. In the right circumstances, this move can quickly turn the tide by rejuvenating Garbantis just when things look dire. Such unique battle advantages are why competitive players highly covet the elusive Molted Claw.

Why is the Molted Claw Valuable in Loomian Legacy?

Specifically, here is what makes the Molted Claw so valuable for Garbantis users:

  • Restores 60% of Garbantis’ total health when used.
  • Removes any status conditions affecting Garbantis, like poison or burn.
  • Has no cooldown, can be used repeatedly.
  • Works automatically once Garbantis’ health drops below 50%.

This powerful self-heal and cleansing effect has obvious benefits, especially for defensive and stalling strategies. It provides Garbantis excellent survivability and lets it outlast opponents. That is why the Molted Claw is considered a top battle item for this sturdy Loomian.

Now that the Molted Claw’s great potential is clear, let us examine proven methods for actually acquiring this coveted item yourself.

How Do You Get the Molted Claw in Loomian Legacy?

Based on dedicated players’ experience, here are the main approaches to obtain your own Molted Claw:

Method 1: Level up Garbantis Using Powerfruits

The most reliable way to obtain the Molted Claw involves fully leveling up a Garbantis to level 40 specifically using Powerfruits.

Powerfruits are consumable items that grant extra experience points for leveling up Loomians. They can be purchased for tickets at the Battle Colosseum.

Here is the step-by-step method to try:

  1. Acquire a Garbantis through trading, gleaming hunting, or encountering in the wild around the Graveyard area.
  2. Purchase as many Powerfruits as needed from the Battle Colosseum. Calculate how many you’ll need to reach level 40.
  3. Find a good location to grind and only use Powerfruits to level up your Garbantis. Do not use standard fruits.
  4. Once Garbantis hits level 40 through Powerfruits alone, you will receive the Molted Claw item as a special reward!

While costly in tickets, this method guarantees a Molted Claw, making it the most controlled approach. Using only Powerfruits to level up is key, as the item will not drop if normal fruits are utilized.

Method 2: Defeat Wild Garbantises

A more random but free way to potentially get the Molted Claw is by battling and defeating wild Garbantises.

Garbantis has a small chance of dropping its signature Molted Claw when defeated in the wild. Here are tips to optimize the process:

  • Hunt around the Graveyard area, where Garbantis spawns naturally.
  • Use Loomians with a type advantage against Garbantis’ poison/dark typing.
  • Equip items/abilities boosting item drop rate like Item Magnet.
  • Have patience, as the Molted Claw has a low ~5% drop chance.

Repeatedly defeating wild Garbantises gives you bites at the RNG, hoping one relinquishes its prized claw. Boosting drop rate can help, but expect this method to be time-consuming with no guarantee.

Method 3: Trade with Other Players

Trading with fellow Loomian Legacy players is likely the fastest way to obtain a specific Molted Claw.

The downside is you must have other rare Loomians or items that players may accept for such a valuable trade. Here are some tips:

  • Offer interesting gleaming or roaming Loomians that players may not own yet.
  • Check the Trade Resort frequently for players specifically seeking the Molted Claw.
  • Be prepared to negotiate and make concessions to strike a fair deal.
  • Use the Discord trading channels to broadcast trade offers.

With creative bartering, you can often agree on a trade for the Molted Claw without excessive grinding. But having rare Loomians to offer is a must, or you risk underwhelming trade partners.

Method 4: Buy the Molted Claw from Players

If you have sufficient Robux to spend, buying a Molted Claw from another player is possible.

  • Players sometimes sell Molted Claws for Robux in their shops. Search through many player shops for one being sold.
  • Prices can be high, often several thousand Robux, given its rarity.
  • Negotiate for discounts if the initial asking price is too much for you.
  • Only buy from trusted, highly reputed sellers to avoid potential scams.

While expensive in Robux, purchasing a Molted Claw provides instant results. Just be sure to deal with reputable sellers, as scams are common when buying rare items.

Where to Get Molted Claw?

5 Key Tips for Getting the Molted Claw

Based on the methods above, here are 5 essential tips to optimize your strategy:

1. Level Up Garbantis Fully with Powerfruits

This is the surest approach, though resource-intensive. Be prepared with sufficient Powerfruits before starting.

2. Increase Drop Rates When Battling Wild Garbantis

Equip abilities/items improving drop rates to boost your chances while grinding.

3. Offer Good Trades for Molted Claw

Rare gleamings or roamings tend to convince players to trade a Molted Claw.

4. Check Player Shops Frequently

Buy immediately when you find a Molted Claw for sale at a reasonable Robux price.

5. Have Patience and Persistence!

Expect the hunt for this rare item to take time. Stick with it!

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Molted Claw

Many players have questions about the best ways to get the coveted Molted Claw item. Here are helpful answers to some frequently asked questions:

How rare is Molted Claw in Loomian Legacy?

The Molted Claw has approximately a 5% drop chance when defeating wild Garbantises. As a signature item for a strong Loomian, it is intentionally made very rare and difficult to obtain.

What is the best method to get Molted Claw?

Leveling a Garbantis only with Powerfruits to level 40 guarantees receiving the item as a reward. This is the most controlled method, though quite resource-intensive.

Is trading the fastest way to get Molted Claw?

Trading can indeed be the quickest route to getting a Molted Claw if you have valuable Loomians that other players want for it. But you must have good negotiating skills and assets.

How much does Molted Claw cost if buying from players?

Players’ asking prices vary greatly based on demand and supply. However, expect prices to often be upwards of thousands of Robux given the Molted Claw’s vast utility.

Is it worth buying a Molted Claw with Robux?

For competitive players who battle frequently, purchasing a Molted Claw can provide great value by immediately improving battle performance. More casual players may prefer grinding other methods.

Does Molted Claw work for any Loomian?

No, Molted Claw specifically only works when held by Garbantis. It unlocks the signature move Molt, so it is useless for other Loomians.

Can you get Molted Claw from the Adventure Mode?

Unfortunately no, the Molted Claw does not appear as a reward anywhere in the Adventure mode series of missions. Only the methods discussed above work.

Is Molted Claw reusable or a one-time use?

Molted Claw is a permanent reusable item, so it will not disappear after getting used. Garbantis can utilize its powerful Molt move indefinitely while the item is equipped.

In Closing

Acquiring the distinguished Molted Claw requires dedication, resources, and the right strategy tailored to your play style. Whether battling wild Loomians, trading astutely, or buying directly, this guide illuminates proven pathways to obtain this mighty item. With the Molted Claw in hand, your Garbantis will gain exciting new power to change the tide of battle. Soon you will be able to reap the benefits of this coveted treasure yourself. Just stay determined in your quest – victory and the Molted Claw await!

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