Which Chakra do the Kidneys Come Under?

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Key Takeaways:

  • The kidneys are associated with the sacral chakra, or the second chakra located below the navel.
  • Blockages in the sacral chakra can manifest as kidney-related issues like infections or stones.
  • To heal the kidneys, focus on exercises and foods that nourish the sacral chakra.
  • Tapping, massage, aromatherapy, chanting, and yoga can help unblock the sacral chakra.
  • Keeping the sacral chakra balanced improves overall wellbeing beyond kidney health.


Chakras refer to the energy centers in the body according to ancient Indian philosophy. There are seven main chakras running along the centerline of the body from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each chakra corresponds to specific organs and physiological systems. Energy blockages in a particular chakra can manifest as physical or emotional issues related to the associated body parts.

The focus of this article is to examine which chakra the kidneys correspond to and how keeping this energy center balanced can improve kidney health. We will look at the location and function of the sacral chakra, its connection to the kidneys, symptoms of imbalance, and ways to heal through exercises, foods, aromatherapy, and other holistic approaches. With an understanding of the kidney-chakra correlation, you will gain greater insight into promoting overall wellness.

The value of this article lies in its comprehensive evaluation of the relationship between the kidneys and the sacral chakra. By integrating insights from ancient Eastern philosophy and modern anatomy, a deeper appreciation of kidney health can emerge. The knowledge presented here empowers you to go beyond conventional medicine and understand your body on a subtle energetic level. Whether you are currently dealing with a kidney issue or simply interested in chakra healing, this exploration will enlighten you.

Now, let us try to uncover the mystery of which chakra our kidneys fall under and how keeping this energy center balanced can boost kidney vitality.

Which Chakra Corresponds to the Kidneys?

The kidneys correspond to the sacral chakra, which is the second chakra located in the pelvic region below the navel. Also known as Svadhisthana, the sacral chakra is associated with the color orange and the element of water in the body. Physiologically, this energy center is connected to the reproductive organs, lower back, hips, and pelvis. The kidneys reside in this region, specifically in the area of the lower back.

Some key functions governed by the sacral chakra include:

  • Sexuality, creativity, intimacy
  • Emotions, sensuality, pleasure
  • Urinary system, reproductive system
  • Hips, pelvis, lower back

When our sacral chakra is open and balanced, we experience healthy flow in these physical and emotional areas. We are able to develop intimacy, express creativity, and feel vitality in the related bodily regions.

Conversely, any blockages in the sacral chakra can manifest as issues with the associated organs and functions. For the kidneys specifically, some indications of an imbalance in this energy center include:

  • Kidney infections
  • Kidney stones
  • Incontinence or retention of urine
  • Lower back stiffness or pain
  • Decreased libido or creativity

These symptoms imply the kidneys are struggling to function optimally. Healing the sacral chakra can thus help restore balance from an energetic standpoint.

Which Chakra do the Kidneys Come Under?

How Does Sacral Chakra Healing Benefit Kidney Health?

Since the sacral chakra directly impacts the kidneys, healing practices for this energy center can improve kidney health from a holistic perspective. Some key ways balancing the sacral chakra aids the kidneys include:

Enhanced filtration and waste elimination: As the body’s main filtration system, the kidneys benefit from free-flowing sacral chakra energy. Any blockages can contribute to kidney stones or toxicity buildup. Sacral healing promotes optimal kidney function.

Reduced infections: Stagnant sacral chakra energy can allow infections to develop in associated areas like the urinary tract. Opening up this chakra boosts immunity and circulation to keep infections at bay.

Relief from lower back pain: The sacral chakra governs the lower spine which the kidneys anatomically connect to. Back discomfort can signal kidney imbalance. Sacral rebalancing eases lumbar stiffness and pain.

Regulated fluid balance: The sacral chakra relates to water elements in the body. Kidneys regulate fluid balance and need this chakra to be functioning well. Sacral healing ensures optimal hydration and water movement.

Balanced hormones and libido: As an endocrine gland, the kidneys are interlinked with hormones and sexual function. Sacral blockages can affect libido and reproductive health. Chakra treatments restore harmony.

Reduced emotional heaviness: Toxins and emotional weight can burden the kidneys. Sacral chakra therapies remove energetic blocks providing an inner sense of lightness.

Overall vitality: Good sacral energy translates to robust kidney chi. Kidneys operate at their best when the associated chakra flows freely.

The connection is clear – keeping the sacral chakra open and vibrant directly enhances kidney health on both a physical and subtle level. Healing practices for this center benefit the kidneys and promote overall energy balance.

What are Some Sacral Chakra Healing Techniques?

Many holistic healing modalities focus on sustaining the optimal flow of energy through the sacral chakra. Some helpful techniques to unblock,balance, and strengthen this chakra include:

Yoga Poses: Twists, hip openers, and backbends help mobilize the sacral area. Try Bound Angle Pose, Extended Puppy Pose, Bridge Pose.

Chanting: Chanting “vam” helps activate the sacral center. Singing devotional or sensual melodies also stirs this chakra.

Dance: Free-form, intuitive movement or undulating belly dance opens up stale energy here. Allow the body to move freely.

Massage: Getting lower back and abdominal massages aids sacral circulation. Sensual massage with a partner is energizing.

Water therapy: Sitting in a warm bath, hot tub, or sauna loosens up energy. Float therapy deeply unwinds.

Aromatherapy: Sacral oils like sandalwood, rose, orange, cinnamon, and jasmine heal through scent. Inhale or apply.

Tapping: Using two fingers, gently tap on sacral points to get energy humming. Do this daily.

Pelvic floor exercises: Strengthening vaginal muscles and reproductive organs creates power here.

Hip openers: Stretches, yoga poses, and foam rolling maintain flexibility and flow through the pelvis.

Healthy sexuality: Consensual, caring sexual experiences with a partner or solo cultivate creativity and intimacy.

Creative arts: Drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, singing fulfill the sacral drive for beauty and expression.

Affirmations: “My sacral chakra is clear, balanced, and radiant with energy.” Repeat with intention.

Gems and crystals: Orange stones like carnelian, amber, and sunstone charge and purify the sacral vortex. Wear or place around you.

Acupuncture: Needles placed in sacral acu-points restore the downward flow of qi through this region.

Using a combination of these therapeutic techniques consistently over weeks and months will help clear any sacral chakra congestion. As this chakra comes into balance, kidney health and function improve through the process.

What Foods Nourish the Sacral Chakra and Kidneys?

Diet is intimately connected to our energy centers and associated organs. Some beneficial foods to nurture a smooth-functioning sacral chakra and healthy kidneys include:

Water – Helps flush kidneys and hydrate sacral region. Drink plenty daily.

Coconut water – Natural electrolytes aid kidney function and mineralize sacral tissues.

Orange fruits and veggies – Carrots, sweet potatoes, oranges, mango contain sacral’s color vibration.

Nuts and seeds – Contain nutrients that support kidney filtration and sacral grounding.

Legumes – Provide protein, fiber to detoxify kidneys and strengthen sacral region.

Sea vegetables – Mineral-rich to alkalize kidneys and balance sacral pH.

Ginger – Anti-inflammatory, aids kidney filtration, and warms sacral cavity.

Cranberries – Help prevent UTIs, boost kidney health, and stimulate sacral.

Herbs – Basil, oregano, marjoram, parsley offer antimicrobial benefits to kidneys and sacral.

Probiotics – Support healthy gut flora to reduce kidney infection risk and nourish sacral.

Eating more of these foods while reducing inflammatory items, sugars, and toxins ensures our kidneys filter optimally and the sacral chakra flows freely.

How Can Sacral Chakra Healing Restore Overall Wellbeing?

Since the sacral center touches so many aspects of physical health and emotional balance, clearing blocks here reverberates through our entire being. Some benefits beyond the kidneys include:

Improved libido and fertility: Abundant sacral energy awakens sexuality and creative energies. Issues with reproductive organs, menstruation, and fertility are reduced.

Emotional stability: As an emotional center, the balanced sacral chakra diffuses mood swings, anger, frustration and cultivates joy and enthusiasm.

Financial flow: The sacral governs abundance and prosperity. Open energy here attracts resources and feelings of safety.

Better sleep: Smooth sacral energy prevents insomnia and sleep disruptions by quieting an overactive mind and emotions.

Increased vitality: With the sacral chakra in harmony, energy flows through the entire body more effortlessly raising vitality.

Confidence and self-esteem: A clear second chakra bolsters feelings of self-worth, confidence, and empowerment to live authentically.

Harmony in relationships: The sacral center governs intimacy and pleasure. Balance here improves emotional connections, passion, and understanding between partners.

Creativity flourishes: As creative juices flow through an uninhibited sacral region, artistic talents and new innovations manifest more readily.

By recognizing the broad scope of the sacral chakra, we realize that bringing this energy center into balance ripples outwards through many facets of health and life. The kidneys are but one benefactor in the greater process of awakening vitality by unblocking our lower energy vortex.


In summary, the kidneys correspond to the sacral chakra in the pelvic region based on their proximity and shared functions. Keeping this center balanced through yoga, massage, nutrition, crystals, and other healing modalities enhances kidney health from an energetic standpoint. Fixing the underlying energy pattern allows the physical organs to optimize performance and reduce inflammation-driven conditions. Beyond the kidneys, the interconnected nature of the chakras means that healing the sacral center enhances wellbeing for the body, mind and emotions. Understanding these relationships allows us to become active participants in holistic self-care.

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