How Much Is High Mileage Oil Change at Firestone?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Standard oil change at Firestone costs around $29.99.
  • High mileage oil change costs around $39.99 at Firestone.
  • Full synthetic oil change is priced at $49.99 at Firestone.
  • The most expensive is the high mileage oil change at $69.99.
  • Prices vary by location and current promotions. Check with local Firestone center.


Routine oil changes are one of the most important maintenance services for prolonging the life of your vehicle. For cars with higher mileages, specialized high mileage oil changes are recommended to provide maximum protection for aging engines. When it’s time to get an oil change for your high mileage vehicle, one of the key questions is how much a high mileage oil change costs at popular auto service chains like Firestone.

This comprehensive guide will analyze the costs and prices for high mileage and regular oil changes at Firestone Complete Auto Care locations. You’ll learn the average prices for standard, synthetic, and high mileage oil changes. The article also provides tips on getting the best deal on your next oil change service. Discover how factors like location promotions can impact the total cost of an oil change at Firestone.

With these insights, you’ll be an informed consumer able to budget and plan for your next high mileage vehicle oil change. Understanding typical costs and getting the best value will help you keep your higher mileage car running smoothly for years to come. The right oil change service is essential preventative maintenance, so knowing the price range makes it easier to keep your aging vehicle on the road.

Average Oil Change Prices at Firestone

When evaluating the cost of a high mileage oil change at Firestone, it helps to understand the basic price points for their standard oil change services. Here is an overview of average prices by oil change type at Firestone Complete Auto Care locations:

Standard Oil Change

The standard oil change uses conventional motor oil and has a retail price of around $29.99 on average at Firestone. This is their basic oil change service suitable for many newer vehicles under 5 years or 50,000 miles.

High Mileage Oil Change

For older vehicles with more wear, the high mileage oil change uses a specialized formula to condition seals and gaskets. This service costs approximately $39.99 for most vehicles.

Full Synthetic Oil Change

For those wanting premium synthetic oil, the full synthetic oil change costs about $49.99 at Firestone. Synthetic oil can provide added protection.

High Mileage Synthetic Blend

The high mileage synthetic blend combines synthetic and conventional oil to get the anti-wear benefits of synthetic. This top-tier service averages $69.99 for high mileage vehicles.

As you can see, Firestone offers a range of oil change services at different price points. High mileage vehicles will benefit most from the $39.99+ options designed for engines with more wear.

What Impacts the Cost of an Oil Change at Firestone?

When budgeting for an oil change, keep in mind that pricing at Firestone can vary based on location specials and the specifics of your vehicle. Here are some key factors that can affect the total cost:

  • Location promotions: Special offers and coupons at local Firestone centers can reduce oil change prices. Always ask about current specials when you book a service.
  • Vehicle specifics: Larger oil capacities, difficult filter access, or extra service needs can add cost. Let the shop know if you anticipate any complicating factors.
  • Conventional vs synthetic oil: Synthetic oil changes cost $10-20 more than conventional oil at Firestone. Consider if the extra protection is worth the added expense.
  • Fluid top offs: Adding other fluids like wiper fluid, transmission fluid or coolant may have small fees. Inquire about these before authorizing the work.

With variables like location and vehicle-specific factors, it’s a good idea to get a quote for your particular oil change service. A quick call ahead of time lets you estimate costs and budget accordingly.

Expert Tips to Get the Best Deal on an Oil Change

To maximize value on your next oil change at Firestone, keep these expert tips in mind:

  • Ask about current promotions – special offers can lower the price or add free services like tire rotation or wiper blades. Time your oil change around the best deals.
  • Inquire about coupons – Firestone frequently offers $5-$15 off coupons to encourage visits. Search online or ask the service advisor for any coupons you can use.
  • Join rewards programs – signing up for the Discount Tire Credit Card or MyAdvantageTM Loyalty Program provides perks like $20 off high mileage services.
  • Consider service bundles – packaged services like the Maintain Fleet bundle with fuel system cleaning and fluid top offs can be an affordable option.
  • Compare full-service vs. oil change only – weigh whether the convenience of full-service oil change is worth the higher price over a do-it-yourself oil change.

Using tips like checking for coupons and promotions, you can maximize the value from your Firestone oil change service. A small amount of planning goes a long way towards the best deal.

How Much Is High Mileage Oil Change at Firestone?

Based on the typical price points covered earlier, a high mileage oil change service for most vehicles averages $39.99 at Firestone Complete Auto Care locations. With promotions or coupons, it may be available for $5-10 less than the standard price.

For vehicles that also require synthetic oil, the high mileage synthetic blend service averages around $69.99 based on general Firestone pricing. However, location special offers could reduce this cost at your local center.

According to the search results, the cost of a high mileage oil change at Firestone varies depending on the location and type of oil used. Here are the prices found:

  • $29.99 for a standard oil change
  • $39.99 for a high mileage oil change
  • $49.99 for a full-synthetic oil change
  • $69.99 for a high mileage oil change, which is the most expensive option

It’s important to note that prices may vary depending on the location and promotions offered by Firestone. It’s recommended to check with your local Firestone Complete Auto Care center for the most accurate pricing information.

Frequently Asked Questions About High Mileage Oil Changes at Firestone?

How often should you get a high mileage oil change?

For older vehicles, it’s recommended to get a high mileage oil change every 5,000 miles or 6 months. This frequent service interval helps keep aging engines protected.

Does Firestone offer coupons on high mileage oil changes?

Yes, Firestone posts online coupons periodically for $5-$15 off high mileage services. They also email coupons to MyAdvantageTM loyalty members.

Should you use synthetic oil in a high mileage vehicle?

Synthetic blends are great for preventing leaks in high mileage engines. Full synthetic is not required but does offer the highest level of protection.

Does Firestone top off fluids with a high mileage oil change?

Most Firestone oil changes include complimentary top-off of vital fluids like washer fluid, transmission fluid, coolant etc. This adds value to the service.

Can you schedule a high mileage oil change online?

Yes, the Firestone website and app allow you to book a high mileage or regular oil change online at a date/time convenient for you.

Does Firestone offer discounts for AAA members?

AAA members can save 10% on oil changes and other services at Firestone. Just present your AAA card when checking in for the oil change.

How do you know if you need a high mileage oil change?

Firestone recommends high mileage oil changes for vehicles over 75,000 miles or 10 years old. Deterioration and leaks are common issues in older engines that high mileage oil can address.

Does the type of oil impact the cost at Firestone?

Yes, synthetic and synthetic blend oils cost $10-$20 more than conventional oil changes. High mileage synthetics are the most expensive around $69.99.

Can you get same day high mileage oil change at Firestone?

Most locations accept walk-ins for oil changes. Call ahead to check availability if needing a same-day high mileage oil service.


Regular high mileage oil changes are vital for getting the most miles out of your older vehicle. At Firestone Complete Auto Care locations, you can expect to pay approximately $39.99 for a standard high mileage oil change, or $69.99 if your vehicle requires synthetic oil. Compare costs at your local center and take advantage of any coupons, promotions and loyalty programs to get the best value. With the right oil change service schedule using high mileage formulas, your high mileage car can stay on the road running smoothly.

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