How to Buy NFL Sunday Ticket on PS4?

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American football fans eagerly await the kickoff of each NFL season. The excitement and energy of NFL games makes football Sunday a big event for millions across the country. However, limitations due to network rights and local team coverage often prevent fans from watching the games they really want to see. This is where NFL Sunday Ticket comes into play.

What is NFL Sunday Ticket?

NFL Sunday Ticket is a premium television service that broadcasts every NFL Sunday afternoon game across different channels. This allows viewers to watch any NFL Sunday game they want regardless of their location. With NFL Sunday Ticket, you can choose from over 14 games every Sunday to follow your favorite teams and players.

The service is especially useful for fans who do not live in the local market of their favorite team. Without NFL Sunday Ticket, geographic restrictions mean you can only watch the games being shown on your local Fox and CBS networks.

NFL Sunday Ticket opens up a whole new world of NFL action. No more wondering how your out-of-market team is performing or missing a marquee match-up. Now you can tune into the games you care about most every Sunday.

Why Buy NFL Sunday Ticket for PS4?

PlayStation 4 is one of the most popular gaming and entertainment consoles. With over 120 million units sold globally, it makes sense for NFL Sunday Ticket to be available on PS4.

Here are some of the benefits of subscribing to NFL Sunday Ticket on a PS4 console:

  • Big screen experience – Watching NFL games on a large TV maximizes the enjoyment. PS4 seamlessly connects to your big screen TV.
  • Convenience – PS4’s user-friendly interface and controllers make navigating NFL Sunday Ticket a breeze.
  • Multi-tasking – The PS4 allows you to check stats and scores while watching games with its Second Screen feature.
  • Exclusive discounts – PS4 owners can get special pricing on NFL Sunday Ticket subscriptions.
  • Additional features – With PS4 you can experience NFL Sunday Ticket features like Red Zone channel, condensed game replays, and more.

Having NFL Sunday Ticket on your PS4 unlocks the full potential of the service. Let’s look at how to purchase it.

Purchasing NFL Sunday Ticket on PS4

There are a couple ways football fans can get NFL Sunday Ticket on a PlayStation 4 console:

1. Subscribe via PlayStation Store

The simplest way to buy NFL Sunday Ticket on PS4 is directly through the PlayStation Store:

  • On your PS4, go to the PlayStation Store icon and launch the store.
  • Scroll to the ‘Live TV’ section of the store.
  • Select the NFL Sunday Ticket option.
  • Click ‘Subscribe’ and follow the prompts to purchase the package and link it to your PlayStation account.

This method allows you to buy NFL Sunday Ticket right on your PS4 without needing other devices or websites. As soon as your purchase is complete, the NFL Sunday Ticket app will show up on your PS4’s home screen ready to watch games.

2. Subscribe through YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a live TV streaming provider that offers NFL Sunday Ticket to its subscribers. Here is how to get NFL Sunday Ticket through YouTube TV on PS4:

  • On your PS4, open the YouTube TV app. If you don’t have it, download it from the PlayStation Store.
  • Select the NFL Sunday Ticket option within the YouTube TV service.
  • Follow the instructions to sign up for YouTube TV if you haven’t already.
  • Once you’re a YouTube TV member, pay the additional fee to add NFL Sunday Ticket to your package.

This channel-based approach gives you other live TV channels in addition to NFL Sunday Ticket. But it does require an extra step compared to buying directly from PlayStation.

What Does NFL Sunday Ticket Include on PS4?

Here are some key features and content that come with an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription on PS4:

  • Out-of-market games – Choose from 14+ live NFL games every Sunday that are outside your local area.
  • Pre-game shows – Watch pre-game analysis from NFL Network leading up to kickoff.
  • RED ZONE CHANNEL – Get live look-ins and highlights from around the league on the popular Red Zone Channel.
  • Condensed game replays – Rewatch entire games in around 30 minutes with condensed replays.
  • Player tracker – Track the stats and fantasy points of your favorite players.
  • Multiple camera angles – Change the view and experience games from different camera angles.
  • Slow motion replays – Watch crucial plays unfold in dramatic slow motion.
  • Live stats – Real-time player and team stats can be overlaid on the screen.
  • Customizable experience – From camera angles to stat displays, tailor NFL Sunday Ticket’s features to your preferences.

With an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription, your PS4 gives you an all-access pass to the NFL action you crave.

What Games are Available with NFL Sunday Ticket on PS4?

NFL Sunday Ticket showcases Sunday afternoon games that are out-of-market for you based on your location and local TV coverage.

Specifically, it includes these games every Sunday during the regular NFL season:

  • All Sunday afternoon games starting at 1pm ET
  • Regional action from CBS and Fox
  • Local telecasts from two games (when available)
  • Sunday afternoon games starting at 4pm ET
  • Sunday Night Football (on NBC)
  • Monday Night Football (on ESPN)

Playoff games, Thursday Night Football, Sunday night games, and Monday night games are not available through NFL Sunday Ticket since they air nationally.

Essentially, NFL Sunday Ticket grants you access to any Sunday afternoon regional and local broadcasts happening across the country all in one place on your PS4.

What is the Cost for NFL Sunday Ticket on PS4?

NFL Sunday Ticket pricing can vary based on when you sign up and any special PS4-exclusive discounts:

  • If you subscribe by early June, the cost is $293 for the season.
  • From June to August, the regular price is $293.94.
  • If you wait until the NFL season starts, the price jumps to $395.94.

PlayStation owners can often get NFL Sunday Ticket for the early bird price of $269.94 if you sign up by a certain date. Bundled discounts with other services are also sometimes offered.

There are also various payment plan options that allow you to split up the cost over several months if you don’t want to pay it all upfront.

No matter when you subscribe, NFL Sunday Ticket gives PS4 owners the most NFL action for their money all season long.

Can Multiple PS4s Use the Same NFL Sunday Ticket Account?

A common question asked by households with multiple PS4 consoles is whether NFL Sunday Ticket can be used on more than one device.

The answer is yes! NFL Sunday Ticket supports streaming on up to three devices at once. This means you can have NFL Sunday Ticket simultaneously running on three PS4 consoles on a single subscription.

You simply need to log into the NFL Sunday Ticket app on each device using your subscription login credentials. As long as no more than three streams are active at the same time, you’re within the allowed limits.

This is perfect for families who want to watch different games in different rooms. Or for roommates who split the cost and each watch on their own PS4 console.

Just note that streaming on mobile devices like smartphones does count toward the three device limit too. But multiple PS4s can definitely stream NFL Sunday Ticket together from the same account.

Can You Watch NFL Sunday Ticket Replays on PS4?

NFL Sunday Ticket offers more than just live games on PS4. You also get access to a huge library of game replays and condensed game replays.

These replay options let you watch any game from the current season on-demand after it airs live:

  • Full game replays – Watch every snap of a full-length broadcast replay.
  • Condensed game replays – Get the entire game in around 30 minutes in a condensed version.

Replays become available to watch on-demand shortly after a live game ends. This gives you a chance to catch up on any action you missed from other games while watching your favorite team live.

NFL Sunday Ticket stores the entire season of replays so you can relive exciting games weeks or months later. Game replays can also be accessed on mobile devices in addition to your PS4.

Does PlayStation Vue Include NFL Sunday Ticket?

PlayStation Vue was Sony’s live TV streaming service available on PS4 until it shut down in 2020. Since this question still arises, it’s important to clarify that PlayStation Vue and NFL Sunday Ticket were completely separate subscriptions.

NFL Sunday Ticket was never included with a standard PlayStation Vue package. The only way to get NFL Sunday Ticket on PS4 through PlayStation Vue was to purchase NFL Sunday Ticket as a standalone add-on.

Some of the confusion stems from the fact that PlayStation Vue did offer NFL channels like NFL Network and NFL RedZone within its base packages. But NFL Sunday Ticket itself could only be purchased separately as an add-on through PlayStation Vue.

Now with PlayStation Vue discontinued, NFL Sunday Ticket on PS4 must be bought directly through the PlayStation Store or YouTube TV as covered above. No matter how you subscribe, enjoy a front row seat to NFL action on PS4 with NFL Sunday Ticket!

Signing Up for NFL Sunday Ticket on PS4

Here is a quick summary of how to get NFL Sunday Ticket on your PlayStation 4 console:

  • Purchase NFL Sunday Ticket through the PlayStation Store directly on your PS4. This provides the simplest and most direct way to subscribe.
  • Alternatively, you can get it as an add-on through YouTube TV. Just make sure to link your YouTube TV account to unlock NFL Sunday Ticket on your PS4.
  • Take advantage of early bird pricing and PS4-exclusive discounts if signing up before the season starts.
  • Enjoy live out-of-market Sunday afternoon games plus replays and analysis. Stream on up to 3 devices simultaneously.
  • Watch NFL Sunday Ticket using the dedicated app on your PS4. Access live games, stats, and replays in one spot.
  • Use your DualShock controller and PS4’s intuitive controls to easily navigate NFL Sunday Ticket and switch between games.

Now that you know how to subscribe, it’s time to get NFL Sunday Ticket set up on PS4. Sit back and enjoy following your favorite team every Sunday from kickoff through the final whistle—no matter where you live. PS4 and NFL Sunday Ticket deliver the perfect combination for football fans.

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