How to Change Ford F350 Key Fob Battery?

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Ford F350 uses a CR2032 coin battery in its key fob which needs periodic replacement.
  • Locate the battery compartment on the back of the key fob, usually with a small slot or button.
  • Use a screwdriver or coin to gently pry open the compartment and remove old battery.
  • Insert the new CR2032 battery with positive and negative terminals aligned properly.
  • Close the battery compartment and test key fob buttons to ensure proper functioning.
  • Dispose of old battery properly and use gloves when handling to prevent skin irritation.


Car key fobs are indispensable accessories that allow drivers to conveniently lock, unlock or remotely start their vehicles with the push of a button. Most key fobs are battery-powered and require periodic battery replacement to continue functioning. For Ford F350 owners, knowing how to properly replace the battery in the key fob is an important maintenance skill. This comprehensive guide will walk through the complete process step-by-step to change the battery in a Ford F350 key fob.

With clear instructions and helpful visuals, this article provides all the necessary information to successfully replace a dead battery in a Ford F350 key fob. It covers purchasing the right type of replacement battery, locating the battery compartment, opening it safely, removing the old battery, installing the new battery correctly, closing the compartment, and testing operation. Relevant tips are also included to discard the old battery properly and use caution when handling.

Following these guidelines closely will allow Ford F350 owners to change the key fob battery with confidence. Avoiding the dealership for this simple procedure can save time and money. The knowledge presented here empowers vehicle owners to perform their own maintenance and repairs. Read on to learn the ins and outs of this important process.

Step-By-Step Guide to Changing Ford F350 Key Fob Battery

Follow these key steps in sequence to safely change the battery in a Ford F350 key fob:

Step 1: Purchase Replacement CR2032 Coin Battery

  • The key fob for a Ford F350 requires a CR2032 lithium coin cell battery. This information is typically printed on the back of the fob or in the owner’s manual.
  • CR2032 batteries are inexpensive and widely available at most pharmacies, grocery stores, home improvement stores, and online retailers. Purchase a reputable brand for best performance.
  • It is recommended to proactively buy a couple of spare replacement batteries to have on hand when the key fob battery eventually runs out.

Step 2: Locate Battery Compartment on Key Fob

  • Examine the back or side of the Ford F350 key fob to locate the battery compartment.
  • There will be a small slot, indentation, or button that allows the battery compartment to be opened.
  • If the markings are worn away, refer to the owner’s manual diagram for help identifying the compartment.

Step 3: Open Battery Compartment of Key Fob

  • To open the battery compartment, insert a small flathead screwdriver or similarly shaped tool into the slot/indentation.
  • Alternatively, use a coin like a dime or nickel to pry open the compartment if no screwdriver is available.
  • Gently turn or wedge the tool in the slot to pop open the battery compartment. Take care not to damage the plastic housing.

Step 4: Remove Old Battery from Key Fob

  • Once the compartment is opened, the CR2032 battery should be visible, often with a plastic tag adhered to pull it out.
  • If no tab is present, shake the key fob gently to dislodge the battery or use tweezers to extract it carefully.
  • Make note of the positive and negative battery terminal orientation for installing new battery.
  • Dispose of the depleted battery properly as recommended later.

Step 5: Insert New CR2032 Battery into Key Fob

  • Pick up the new CR2032 battery with the positive (+) side facing up and match the same orientation as the old battery.
  • Gently press the battery into the compartment slot until it clicks securely into place. Do not force in.
  • Ensure the positive and negative terminals align correctly based on the inner compartment markings.
  • If inserted backwards, the key fob will not function.

Step 6: Close Battery Compartment

  • Once the new battery is installed properly, close the battery compartment.
  • For a slot compartment, slide the plastic cover back into place until it snaps shut.
  • For a button compartment, realign the cover and press gently until it clicks and secures the battery inside.

Step 7: Test Key Fob Operation

  • Press the lock, unlock, remote start, or panic buttons on the key fob to verify normal operation.
  • If the buttons do not respond, open to check battery orientation and retry. The fob should work immediately with a new battery.
  • Test remote start and lock range by standing farther away from the vehicle. Consult dealer if issues persist.

Helpful Tips for Ford F350 Key Fob Battery Replacement

Follow these additional pointers for safe and effective battery replacement:

  • Wear disposable gloves when handling the old and new batteries to avoid skin contact. The lithium CR2032 batteries can irritate skin.
  • Do not touch the battery contacts to prevent grease and dirt buildup. Use gloves or tweezers.
  • Never attempt to recharge a CR2032 coin cell battery, only replace it. Recharging risks explosion and damage.
  • Discard dead batteries at designated collection points like retailers or municipal facilities. Do not throw in normal trash.
  • If the key fob gets wet or damaged, the battery compartment seal can be compromised. Inspect for leaks or moisture.
  • Keep replacement batteries stored in a cool, dry place and away from metal objects to prevent discharge.
  • Refer to the vehicle owner’s manual for detailed battery replacement instructions specific to the key fob model.

Frequently Asked Questions About Changing Ford F350 Key Fob Battery

How often does the key fob battery need replacement?

The typical lifespan of a Ford F350 key fob battery is 1-3 years depending on usage frequency. Replace promptly when noticing reduced remote range to avoid complete failure.

Why does the key fob stop working sometimes?

If the key fob partially works like lock but not unlock, the battery is likely running low on charge and close to depletion. Replacing the battery should restore all functions.

Are there any alternatives to the CR2032 battery?

No, the CR2032 is the sole battery type recommended by Ford for the F350 key fob. Alternate batteries risk damage from incompatible voltages or dimensions.

How do I order a replacement Ford key fob?

If the key fob is damaged or non-functional with a new battery, contact the Ford dealership to order a replacement. Programming to sync with the vehicle is required.

Can I change the battery without taking apart the key fob?

No, you must open up the battery compartment at the back of the fob to physically access and replace the CR2032 coin cell battery inside.

What signals the need for a battery replacement?

Diminished remote range is the most common sign that the key fob battery needs replacement. Warning lights, unresponsive buttons, or complete failure point to a depleted battery.

Is it safe to pry open the battery compartment?

Yes, gently prying with a small flathead screwdriver or coin is the standard method to open the battery compartment safely. Take care not to damage the plastic housing.

How do I dispose of the old battery responsibly?

Take depleted batteries to retailer drop-off boxes, municipal hazardous waste facilities, or anywhere that collects batteries safely. Do not throw into household trash.

Can low temperatures affect the key fob battery life?

Yes, extremely cold temperatures can temporarily weaken the battery charge. But a new battery should restore regular function when warmed up again.


Replacing the key fob battery is a straightforward, inexpensive maintenance task that Ford F350 owners should learn to perform themselves. This detailed walkthrough provides the complete process in 7 key steps along with helpful visual guidance and tips. Be sure to purchase the right CR2032 coin cell battery, properly orient the terminals, dispose of the old battery safely, and test fob operation. Armed with this knowledge, drivers can keep their key fob working reliably for years before needing costly replacement. Save time and money by following these best practices for changing a Ford F350 key fob battery

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