West Ham vs Chelsea: A Detailed Review of the Premier League Clash

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On February 11th, 2023, West Ham and Chelsea met in a Premier League clash that had football fans around the world on the edge of their seats. The game ended in a 1-1 draw, but the match was filled with drama and intense moments.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the match, including the goals, key moments, player performances, and what the future holds for both teams.


West Ham took the lead in the 36th minute, with Joao Felix scoring a goal that had the home crowd on their feet. The goal came from a quick counter-attack, with Felix running onto a pass from Cucurella and slotting the ball into the bottom corner of the net.

Chelsea equalized in the 83rd minute, with Emerson Palmieri scoring from close range after a cross from N’Golo Kante. The goal was a well-deserved reward for Chelsea’s persistence, as they had dominated possession for much of the match.

Key Moments

The match was full of drama, with both teams having chances to take the lead and win the game. However, some key moments stood out, including:

Chelsea’s three disallowed goals: Chelsea thought they had taken the lead on three occasions, only for the goals to be disallowed due to offside calls. The decisions were controversial, with Chelsea fans and players feeling hard done by.

West Ham’s penalty appeal: Late in the game, West Ham had a penalty appeal turned down after Tomas Soucek handled the ball in the box. The decision was also controversial, with West Ham fans and players feeling that they deserved a chance to take all three points from the game.

Joao Felix’s performance: The West Ham striker was one of the standout performers on the day, with his goal and overall play earning him an 8/10 rating from ESPN.

Player Performances

While Joao Felix was the standout performer on the day, there were other players who also caught the eye. For Chelsea, N’Golo Kante was a driving force in midfield, while Emerson Palmieri’s goal will have done his confidence no harm.

For West Ham, Marc Cucurella was impressive on the left wing, with his assist for Joao Felix’s goal a highlight of the match. Meanwhile, Tomas Soucek put in a solid performance in midfield, despite the controversial penalty decision going against him.

What’s Next?

Both West Ham and Chelsea will be looking for better results in their next matches, as they aim to climb the Premier League table. West Ham sit just outside of mid-table, while Chelsea are struggling to keep up with their top four rivals.

The game also had some off-field ramifications, with reports emerging that Arsenal are interested in signing West Ham’s Declan Rice in the summer. While no deal has been confirmed, it is clear that Rice is a highly sought-after player, and West Ham will likely demand a significant transfer fee for his services.


West Ham vs Chelsea was an entertaining match that ended without either side taking all three points. However, the game was full of drama and had some standout performers on both sides.

While the result may not have been what either team wanted, the match showed that both West Ham and Chelsea have talented players who are capable of producing moments of magic on the football field. As the Premier League season continues, both teams will be looking to build on their performances and climb the table.


Who scored for West Ham in the match against Chelsea?

Joao Felix scored for West Ham in the match against Chelsea.

Who scored for Chelsea in the match against West Ham?

Emerson Palmieri scored for Chelsea.

Were there any controversial decisions in the match?

Yes, there were some controversial decisions, including three disallowed goals for Chelsea and a penalty appeal turned down for West Ham.

Who was the standout performer in the match?

Joao Felix was the standout performer in the match, earning an 8/10 rating from ESPN.

What’s next for both teams after the match?

Both teams will be looking for better results in their next matches, as they aim to climb the Premier League table. Additionally, there are reports that Arsenal are interested in signing West Ham’s Declan Rice in the summer.


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