Can You Play Gamepigeon on Mac?

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Key Takeaways:

  • GamePigeon is an iOS app and cannot be directly installed on Mac computers.
  • GamePigeon games rely on iMessage, which is not available on Macs.
  • While Macs are not optimized for gaming, there are still many game options for Mac users.
  • Cloud gaming services like GeForce NOW allow Mac users to stream high-end games.
  • Popular game genres like RPGs, strategy games, and indie games have Mac support.


GamePigeon took the mobile gaming world by storm when it launched as an iMessage app for iOS in 2016. The app became an overnight sensation by letting users play an assortment of mini-games against friends right within the Messages app. From 8 Ball Pool to Sea Battle, GamePigeon offered iPhone and iPad owners a fun and convenient way to pass the time and stay connected.

But what about Mac users? With GamePigeon’s reliance on iMessage, it is not natively supported on macOS. This leaves Mac owners wondering if there are any decent options available to get their gaming fix. The purpose of this article is to comprehensively evaluate whether or not it is possible to play GamePigeon on a Mac. We will analyze the compatibility challenges, gaming capabilities of Macs, and the various alternatives that exist.

Gaming on a Mac has come a long way over the years. While Macs still lag behind Windows PCs when it comes to gaming performance and title availability, great strides have been made. This article will uncover everything Mac owners need to know to game to their heart’s content. Readers will discover creative workarounds, cloud gaming solutions, controller support, and the vast catalog of games actually available for macOS.

Let’s dive in and settle the question of GamePigeon on Mac once and for all! Discover what gaming options exist and how to access thousands of titles from indie games to AAA blockbusters. macOS gaming is alive and well – continue reading to find out how.

Why Can’t You Install GamePigeon on a Mac?

GamePigeon is an iOS-exclusive app that relies on Apple’s iMessage infrastructure. This prevents it from being directly installed or accessed on macOS. But why exactly is this the case?

GamePigeon Requires iMessage

GamePigeon’s games are played directly within an iMessage chat. To play 8 Ball Pool against a friend, you need to be able to iMessage them back and forth. The games leverage iMessage’s real-time messaging capabilities. Without iMessage, there would be no way for GamePigeon to function.

iMessage is Only Available on Apple’s iOS and iPadOS Devices

Apple has not created a version of iMessage for macOS or released an iMessage API for third-party Mac apps. iMessage is proprietary to Apple’s iOS and iPadOS mobile operating systems which power iPhones and iPads. This iOS exclusivity prevents GamePigeon from working on macOS.

GamePigeon is an iOS App Store App

In addition to depending on iMessage, GamePigeon is distributed exclusively through the iOS App Store. There is no version available on the macOS App Store because the underlying code is designed for iOS.

Based on these constraints, there is no direct way to download and install GamePigeon on a Mac currently. Any Mac solutions would need to creatively work around the lack of an iMessage client.

Are Macs Capable of Running Games?

While Macs cannot directly run GamePigeon, they are still reasonably capable gaming machines depending on the model. High-end Macs with dedicated GPUs can run many games at decent settings and frame rates. Let’s analyze the gaming capabilities of various Mac types.

Entry-Level Macs Have Weaker Integrated Graphics

MacBook Airs and the cheapest MacBook Pro and iMac models typically rely on integrated Intel or Apple Silicon graphics. This allows these entry-level systems to be thin and portable, but integrated graphics sacrifice performance. Modern games will run at lower resolutions and graphics settings.

According to Laptop Mag testing, the M1 MacBook Air could run Fortnite at 30fps and 1200p resolution. Performance is playable but visual fidelity is reduced. The same applies to many 3D games. 2D indie titles fare better on integrated graphics.

Mid-Tier and High-End Macs Have Dedicated GPUs

More expensive Mac configurations tend to include dedicated AMD or Nvidia GPUs. The 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pro, 27″ iMac, iMac Pro, and Mac Pro can be configured with high-end graphics cards. Combined with fast processors, these Macs can run games at 60+ fps and max settings at 1080p or higher resolutions.

Laptop Mag testing showed the 16″ M1 Pro MacBook Pro running Shadow of the Tomb Raider at 60fps and Fortnite at 45fps, both at 1200p. This level of performance rivals many decent Windows gaming laptops. The Mac Pro and iMac Pro go even further with workstation GPUs.

Apple Silicon Brings Improved Integrated Graphics

The latest M1 and M2 chip Macs utilize Apple’s custom Arm-based silicon rather than Intel processors. While still integrated, the GPUs in Apple Silicon are much more powerful – in some cases outperforming entry-level discrete GPUs.

According to Tom’s Hardware, the M1 outperforms the Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics by over 100% in benchmarks. So Apple Silicon Macs can achieve solid 1080p gaming without dedicated graphics. The downside is game support for Arm-based chips is still limited.

Can You Use Cloud Gaming to Play on a Mac?

Cloud gaming services like Nvidia GeForce NOW present an interesting workaround for playing games not natively supported on Mac. By streaming games from servers in the cloud, Mac users can access high-end Windows PC titles.

How Does Cloud Gaming Work on Macs?

Instead of games running locally on your Mac, they run on remote servers operated by a company like Nvidia or Google Stadia. Video of the gameplay is encoded and streamed to your device. Your inputs are sent back up to the server.

This allows you to play graphics-intensive Windows games on a Mac just by installing the cloud gaming app. No port or emulation is required since you are streaming the genuine Windows version from the cloud.

GeForce NOW Works Well on Macs

Of all the main cloud gaming platforms, Nvidia GeForce NOW has the best Mac support. GeForce NOW has a macOS app that allows Mac users to play hundreds of games from Steam, Epic Games Store, Uplay, and Origin.

Performance depends on your internet speeds. With a fast connection, GeForce NOW can stream at up to 120fps with high graphics settings and ray tracing. Input lag is also imperceptible. According to Nvidia, over 1 million gamers use GeForce NOW on macOS.

Other Services Like Google Stadia Work Too

In addition to GeForce NOW, services like Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and Xbox Cloud Gaming support Mac gaming as well. Most offer web apps or macOS clients. Just note that game selection varies across platforms. GeForce NOW currently provides more AAA titles than the rest.

So while GamePigeon itself may not work, cloud gaming enables access to better games. With a fast internet connection, Mac users can stream practically any PC game they want.

What Genres of Games Work Best on Mac?

While the total number of macOS games is smaller compared to Windows, certain genres are very well represented. These game types tend to work well on both high-end and low-end Macs, making them great options for casual gaming.

Role-Playing Games (RPGs)

Classic RPG series like Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Diablo and World of Warcraft run natively on Mac. These games emphasize story, exploration and progression rather than fast reflexes and high frame rates. Integrated graphics can usually handle them.

According to Steam, there are over 5,000 RPGs available for macOS – one of the highest counts of any genre. From retro pixel art to modern 3D, RPGs are right at home on a Mac.

Strategy Games

Real-time strategy (RTS), 4X and tactical war games are also mainstays on macOS. Popular series like Total War, Civilization, XCOM and StarCraft offer deep strategic gameplay without demanding cutting-edge hardware.

Major publishers like Firaxis and Paradox Interactive consistently support Mac alongside PC. There are over 4,000 strategy titles for macOS on Steam.

Indie and 2D Games

The massive indie gaming scene concentrates on simpler 2D and pixel art styles. These art styles mean minimal computing power is required. Thousands of colorful, creative indie hits from Stardew Valley to Cuphead run flawlessly on Macs.

According to a Gamasutra survey, over 20% of indie developers build games for macOS. The unique aesthetics and experiences of indie games are a perfect match for casual Mac gaming.

Family & Kids Games

From Minecraft to Roblox to Clue, casual and family-friendly games tend to support macOS alongside Windows. These titles are built to run on common hardware and target wider audiences.

Major kids game series like LEGO and Ty The Tasmanian Tiger are always macOS compatible. Over 3,000 casual games are available on the Mac App Store.

Can You Use a Controller for Mac Gaming?

Playing games on a Mac is much more enjoyable with a dedicated controller rather than keyboard and mouse. Controllers for Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo all work with macOS making it feel like a traditional gaming console.

Xbox and PlayStation Controllers

Recent Macs natively support wireless Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5 DualSense controllers. You can pair them to your Mac via Bluetooth and get recognizes as an Xbox or PlayStation controller in games.

Wired controllers work as well – just connect them via a USB cable. Steam and most games will automatically switch button prompts to Xbox/PlayStation icons.

Nintendo Switch Controllers

Switch Pro and Joy-Con controllers can also pair over Bluetooth. To enable this, access Controller Settings on your Switch console and select “Change Grip/Order”. Press “L” and “R” simultaneously on the controller to make it discoverable.

On your Mac, go to System Preferences > Bluetooth and pair it. The controllers work wirelessly with games and can even rumble.

Great for Casual and Emulators

Gamepads make casual Steam games, emulators, and Apple Arcade much more fun to play. Great gamepad support is built into macOS and gaming apps. Alternate between mouse or controller depending on the game.

Top 10 Games Like GamePigeon for Mac

While GamePigeon itself is not available, there are many fun and casual games like it designed for Mac. These deliver great social gameplay and parties over networks – no iOS required!

Among Us

The smash-hit social deduction game took inspiration from Werewolf/Mafia party games. Try to spot the imposter sabotaging your spaceship before they take everyone out. Supports crossplay with iOS and Windows.

This fun browser-based Pictionary clone lets you draw prompts and guess other players’ drawings. Just share a custom room link and anyone can join the party.

Jackbox Party Packs

These packs compile the ultimate party games spanning trivia, drawing, fill-in-the-blanks, and more. Stream the game onto Zoom or Discord and play using smartphones as controllers.

Tabletop Simulator

Replicate classic tabletop game nights with this incredibly powerful simulator. Tons of community mods allow you to play fan versions of mainstream board games, card games, and even GamePigeon favorites like 8 Ball Pool!

Retro Bowl

The entirety of football in a casual, addicting, pixel graphics package. Assemble your roster and lead your team through multiple seasons against increasingly difficult opponents.

LEGO Games

From LEGO Star Wars to LEGO Harry Potter, the kid-friendly LEGO games combine exploration, puzzles, and humor. Newer titles like LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga have full Mac support.


This co-op puzzle game is exclusive to Nintendo Switch but can be emulated on Mac using Yuzu. Work together to cut paper characters into shapes necessary to solve imaginative challenges.

Ultimate Chicken Horse

Up to 4 players compete to build their own platforming levels, racing to reach the finish. Hilarious party chaos trying to sabotage each other’s platforms while still leaving a path for yourself.

Melty Blood: Type Lumina

Experience fast-paced anime fighting game combat against friends or AI. While newer for Macs, it is rendered in 2D allowing it to run on integrated graphics.


This indie app compiles dozens of old-school arcade classics and even 8 Ball Pool. Challenge friends to beat your high scores across different games.

In Conclusion

While GamePigeon itself is locked to Apple’s iMessage platform, Mac users need not despair. Mac gaming has expanded tremendously in recent years between native games, cloud streaming, controllers, and more. Gamers can access thousands of titles across every genre imaginable from platform exclusives to the hottest new releases. Cloud services in particular open the door to AAA games once reserved for high-end Windows PCs exclusively.

Macs may never compete head-to-head with dedicated gaming PCs when it comes to raw performance. But they provide more than enough power for casual gaming. The breadth of content available covers party games, family titles, indie hits, and retro classics. Controls and peripherals further enhance the experience. Within these areas, Macs offer everything needed for an awesome gaming setup.

So fear not, Mac gamers. Even without GamePigeon, there are endless gaming possibilities on your Mac. Simply explore the catalogs on Steam, the Mac App Store, cloud gaming apps, and emulators. Before you know it, you will discover dozens of great titles perfectly suited for macOS gameplay. Immerse yourself in incredible virtual worlds, battle friends online, or gather the whole family for game night. macOS gaming is thriving – it is truly a great time to be a Mac gamer!

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