How do I freeze my Snapchat score?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Freezing your Snapchat score involves adjusting your privacy settings in the app.
  • You can find the option to pause or hide your Snapchat score under “Who Can…” or “Privacy Settings”.
  • Freezing your score may not be permanent, as it can unfreeze due to server issues.
  • Your friends can see your score by default – you can’t hide it from them specifically.
  • Adjust privacy settings to control who sees your profile, Story, and location on Snapchat.

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media apps, with over 300 million daily active users. The platform is best known for its disappearing messages and Stories feature. One interesting aspect of Snapchat is its scoring system. Each user has a Snapchat score that increases based on their activity and engagement on the app.

This comprehensive guide will analyze everything you need to know about freezing your Snapchat score. We will evaluate the benefits, methods, limitations, and considerations involved in pausing your Snap score. Understanding how to control your score visibility can help you better manage your privacy and social media presence.

With the depth of information provided here, you will discover clear instructions on how to freeze your Snapchat score. You will also learn key insights into how the scoring algorithm works, its intended functionality, and the customization options at your disposal. Let’s get started unraveling the intricacies of Snapchat scores.

By the end of this article, you will have an exhaustive understanding of how to freeze your Snapchat score, the implications of doing so, and overall best practices related to Snapchat privacy settings. This knowledge will empower you to decide what level of score visibility aligns with your personal preferences and social media goals.

How Does the Snapchat Score Work?

Snapchat keeps track of user activity through a scoring system. The Snapchat or Snap score is a running total of Snaps sent, Snaps received, Stories posted, and other actions on the platform. The more you use Snapchat, the higher your score will be.

Some key facts about Snapchat scores:

  • Scores continuously increment in real-time as you use Snapchat.
  • All Snapchat users start with a score of zero when they first join.
  • There is no limit to how high your score can go.
  • Snapchat does not reveal the exact algorithm used for calculating scores.
  • Actions like sending chats and posting Stories add varying points to your score.
  • You can see yours and friends’ scores in your profiles.

Snapchat displays scores as a motivational tool to encourage activity. Gamifying user engagement helps drive usage, especially among younger demographics. The visibility of scores also fosters friendly competition between friends.

Some users may prefer to freeze their scores for privacy reasons. Let’s look at the benefits of freezing your Snapchat score.

What Are the Benefits of Freezing Your Snapchat Score?

Here are some of the potential advantages of freezing your Snapchat score:

  • Enhanced Privacy – Keeping your activity level hidden can increase privacy. Friends won’t be able to monitor changes in your score.
  • Avoid Comparisons – Freezing can prevent unproductive social comparisons based on scores.
  • Reduce Anxiety – The pressure to increase scores can induce anxious feelings for some users. Freezing alleviates this issue.
  • Improve Focus – Without the distraction of scores, you can better focus on meaningful connections.
  • Personal Preference – Some simply don’t like the gamified nature of scores and prefer to freeze them.
  • Understanding Algorithm – Freezing can help determine what actions impact your score and how.

Overall, the choice comes down to your personal preferences and priorities. For those concerned about privacy or anxiety over scores, freezing can be beneficial. Others may appreciate the fun competition or motivation the scoring system provides.

How Do I Freeze My Snapchat Score?

Freezing your Snapchat score is a straightforward process once you know where to look in the app settings. Here are the steps:

Access Profile and Settings

  1. Open the Snapchat app and tap on your profile icon in the top left corner.
  2. From your profile screen, tap on the Settings (gear) icon to access the main settings menu.

Locate Score Settings

  1. In Settings, scroll down to find the “Who Can…” section, which may also be labeled “Privacy Controls” or “Privacy Settings”.
  2. Open this section – the options there control who can view certain profile information.

Toggle Off Score Visibility

  1. Look for the setting related to your Snapchat score visibility. Depending on your app version, it may say “Hide My Score” or “Pause My Score”.
  2. Tap on the setting and confirm you want to hide/pause score visibility.

That’s it! Toggling off score visibility in your profile settings will freeze your Snapchat score from public view. You can still see your own score, but other users won’t know if it goes up or down.

What Factors Can Affect Your Frozen Score?

While freezing your score provides more privacy, there are some important caveats to note:

  • Server Issues – Technical problems with Snapchat’s servers can inadvertently “unfreeze” scores temporarily.
  • Updates – App updates may sometimes reset frozen scores until you re-enable the setting.
  • Friends – Your existing friends will still see your frozen score, just not other users.
  • Verification – Snapchat may need to verify your identity if you freeze your score for extended periods.
  • Delays – It can take some time for your frozen score to fully stop updating based on your activity.

So while you have direct control over your score visibility, under-the-hood issues can cause your frozen score to become public again. Keep these factors in mind when relying on a frozen score for privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Frozen Snapchat Scores

Freezing your Snapchat score leads many users to ask further questions. Here are direct answers to some commonly asked FAQs:

Does Freezing Your Score Delete Messages?

No, freezing your score does not delete or remove any Snaps, Chats, or Stories on your account. It only hides your current score from public view. All of your conversations and content remain intact.

Can You Undo Freezing Your Score?

Yes, you can easily undo freezing your score. Just re-open your Snapchat settings and toggle the “Hide My Score” or “Pause My Score” setting back off. This will once again make your score visible and continuously update.

Does Your Score Stay frozen When You Unfreeze It?

Unfortunately, no. When you unfreeze your score, it will immediately update to reflect your current Snapchat activity total. The number won’t stay frozen in time from when you first hid it.

Can You See Someone’s Frozen Score?

You cannot see another user’s frozen/hidden score. However, any friends you added before freezing your score will still be able to view it. New friends won’t see your score.

Does Your Score Go Up When frozen?

While your score remains visibly frozen to others, your activity will continue incrementing your score behind the scenes. So if you send Snaps with a frozen score, the number still increases (for your view only).

Do Stories Increase Your frozen Score?

Yes, posting Stories still adds to your score even when it is frozen. Your score privately tracks all Snapchat activity regardless of the freeze setting. Stories, Snaps, Chats, etc. all contribute to the number.

Can You Get Snapchat verified With a frozen Score?

Possibly, but it may be more difficult. To get verified, Snapchat reviews your overall usage and engagement. They may ask you to unfreeze your score to better assess this if it’s hidden. But verification relies on many factors.

Best Practices for Snapchat Score Privacy

Beyond just freezing your score, you can take a few additional steps to maximize Snapchat privacy:

  • Limit friend list – Prune connections to only people you truly want seeing content.
  • Disable public profile – Make your profile private so only friends can view.
  • Restrict Story access – Customize exactly who can view your Story in settings.
  • Block users – Prevent specific people from viewing your content or interacting with you.
  • Disable Snap Map location – Don’t share your live location on the Snap Map.
  • Avoid public Stories – Don’t add content to public Story collections viewable by all.
  • Enable two-factor authentication – Secure your account with an extra login step.
  • Change settings periodically – Double check settings every so often for optimal privacy.
  • Browse anonymously – Hold down on a profile to view it secretly without friending.

Making intentional decisions about your Snapchat settings goes a long way in increasing control over your information. Freeze your score as a starting point, and incorporate other privacy best practices based on your needs.


Freezing your Snapchat score involves navigating to the “Who Can” or “Privacy Settings” section of your profile and toggling an option to hide or pause your score. This prevents your activity number from being visible to other users. Keep in mind frozen scores can become public again due to technical issues. Friends added before freezing your score will still see the number.

More broadly, evaluate your Snapchat privacy settings to determine what information you are comfortable sharing. Configure profile visibility, Story access, location sharing, and other options to best suit your needs.

By following the instructions here, you can successfully freeze your Snapchat score. But also consider the larger implications and use the full suite of privacy tools Snapchat makes available. With the right settings, you can enjoy Snapchat while maintaining control over your personal information and digital footprint.

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