Can Your Snapchat Score Go Up Without Opening the App?

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Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms, especially among teenagers and young adults. A unique feature of Snapchat is the Snapchat score, which is essentially a running total of all your Snapchat activity.

Your Snapchat score goes up when you send or receive snaps, add new friends, view stories, and more. It has become somewhat of a status symbol among Snapchat users to have a high Snap score.

Some users get very competitive about having the highest score among their friends. So an obvious question arises – can you increase your Snapchat score without actually opening the Snapchat app?

Yes, There Are Ways to Boost Your Score Without the App

The short answer is yes, it is possible to increase your Snapchat score without directly opening the app.

There are a few different ways to do this:

Send Snaps to Friends From Your Camera Roll

One easy way to add to your score without the app is to send snaps to friends directly from your camera roll.

You can do this by:

  • Going to your camera roll and selecting a photo/video you want to send
  • Tapping the share button and choosing Snapchat
  • Sending it directly to friends or groups

This increases your ‘Snaps Sent’ number, which in turn boosts your overall Snapchat score. You don’t have to open the app itself.

Use Third-Party Apps to Send Snaps

There are some third-party apps and services that integrate with Snapchat and allow you to send snaps from outside the main Snapchat app.

For example:

  • Snapcat lets you send videos from your camera roll.
  • Snapchat Desktop allows you to send snaps from your computer.

Sending snaps through these third-party services can increase your Snapchat score without having to launch the mobile app. However, it is important to note that Snapchat does not officially recommend or endorse these types of third-party services.

Add New Friends

Simply adding new friends on Snapchat causes your score to go up incrementally as well.

You can do this by:

  • Going to your phone’s Contacts list
  • Selecting the “Add Friends” option in Contacts linked to Snapchat
  • Sending friend requests to new people

Once they accept your request, your Snapchat score increases a bit. Again, this can be done without ever opening the Snapchat app on your phone.

Limits to Increasing Score Without the App

While the above methods do work, there are some limitations:

  • Your score will not increase if you are completely inactive on Snapchat. These techniques only work if you are still somewhat engaged on the platform.
  • Overusing third-party services to artificially boost your score could get your account banned. Snapchat does monitor this type of activity if it seems abusive.
  • The increase from adding friends caps out after you hit a certain threshold. So it is not an endless way to keep boosting your score.
  • Your score will increase slower using these indirect methods versus actively using the app. substantial score jumps still require app usage.

So in summary – yes, you can temporarily increase your Snapchat score without opening the app through sending camera roll snaps, third-party services, and adding friends.

But to really see significant and sustained score growth, you need to be actively posting stories, sending snaps, viewing content, and engaging within the actual Snapchat application. There is no way to completely avoid using the app and still have a sky-high Snapchat score.

Why Do People Want a High Snapchat Score Anyway?

Now that we’ve covered how to increase your Snapchat score indirectly, let’s discuss why people even care about having a high score in the first place.

There are a few motivations that drive this:

Bragging Rights

Having a score higher than your friends gives you bragging rights. It’s a status symbol of sorts to show how active and popular you are on Snapchat.


A high score provides external validation. It makes people feel good and reassured that their snaps are being viewed.

Social Competition

Turning Snapchat into a game or competition drives some people to amass high scores for fun. They like seeing how they rank versus other users.

Social Pressure

Some users feel social pressure to have a “good” score that reflects well on them. So they increase it through the methods described above.


In some cases, score chasing becomes addictive. People develop compulsive behaviors in trying to raise their scores as high as possible.

Marketing and Influencers

Influencers and brands want high scores to appear more popular and authoritative in their niche. A high score looks impressive.

So in summary – bragging rights, validation, competition, peer pressure, addiction, and marketing potential are some of the main motivations for users to boost their Snapchat scores as high as they can.

Is It Possible to Hack Someone’s Snapchat Score?

Given how much importance people place on their Snapchat scores, an obvious follow-up question is:

Can you hack into someone else’s Snapchat and manually increase their score?

The short answer is no. Snapchat has safeguards in place to prevent score manipulation or hacking from other users.

Here’s a more detailed look at Snapchat’s security measures:

Encrypted Data

All Snapchat data and metrics like scores are encrypted. This prevents outside parties from intercepting the data flow and altering it.

Server-Side Verification

Every user action on Snapchat is verified server-side. So no client-side manipulation can directly change scores. Any tampering would be detected.

Anti-Automation Systems

Bots and automation tools are prohibited on Snapchat and banned if discovered. So you can’t artificially script actions to boost someone’s score.

Account Security Features

Password protection, 2FA, email verification etc. make it very difficult to hack into someone’s Snapchat account and change the score.

Legal Action

Snapchat warns they will pursue legal action against any attempts to illegitimately access or modify user accounts and data.

So while many social media metrics can be impersonated or faked, Snapchat scores have strong security and legitimacy due to the private nature of the network. Any unauthorized changes to scores would be caught and rectified by Snapchat’s systems.

Does Snapchat Score Affect Anything?

Beyond just being a source of bragging rights and social competition, some users wonder if your Snapchat score has any tangible impact on how the app works. Let’s explore:

Snapchat Algorithm

Snapchat does use user scores in the algorithms that choose whose content gets featured and shared more prominently. Higher scores generally mean your content gets surfaced more.


Snapchat sometimes verifies accounts with very high scores, giving them a special emoji badge. So score can play a role in receiving verified status.

Friend Suggestions

Snapchat may be more likely to recommend friends with higher scores. So boosting your score can potentially help you meet new Snapchat connections.

Feature Unlocking

On very rare occasions, Snapchat has rewarded top users by unlocking experimental new features. So a high score gives you early access privileges in some cases.

Reputation and Popularity

As described earlier, a high score carries reputation and popularity benefits on the platform. People with higher scores are seen as more active, influential users.

So in summary, yes your Snapchat score can directly impact certain functions like algorithm rankings, verification status, friend recommendations, and early feature access in limited contexts. Beyond that, it mainly affects your social profile and standing.

Tips for Increasing Your Score Legitimately

If you’re looking to seriously increase your Snapchat score in a safe and legitimate way, here are some tips:

Post Stories Frequently

Posting daily stories both to your main story and any custom stories will give your score a solid boost over time. Posting ephemeral content regularly is key.

Engage With Friends

Responding to any snaps you get from friends helps build up score. Having back-and-forth conversations leads to fast score jumps.

Watch Friends’ Stories

Simply viewing your friends’ stories adds points too. So be sure to keep up with their content.

Remember to Check Snap Map

Using the Snap Map and seeing snaps from different locations gives small amounts of score. Check it regularly.

Take Advantage of Lenses and Filters

Playing around with all the different lenses and geofilters rack up score as well over time.

Follow Popular Snap Accounts

Following celebrity and viral accounts that post a lot of content will continually add score as you view their stories.

Prompt Friends For Snap Interactions

Asking friends to trade snaps back and forth, do video calls, use lenses together etc will help drive organic engagement.

By actively using Snapchat’s key features, your score will naturally and healthily increase over time without having to resort to tricks or shortcuts. Just be sure not to get too obsessed with the number!


Your Snapchat score is clearly an important social status metric and point of pride for many Snapchat users. While it is possible to inflate your score somewhat using camera roll snaps, third-party apps, and adding friends, there is no true substitute for actively engaging on the platform if you want to see substantial and sustained growth.

Try not to stress too much over your score. Focus instead on having fun connections and creating entertaining snaps for your friends. Your popularity on the app is defined by much more than a single number.

At the end of the day, Snapchat is about capturing life’s moments through ephemeral content to share with close friends and followers. Don’t lose sight of the joy and creativity at the heart of it by overly fixating on your score. Just remember the tips above if you want to organically increase those coveted points over time.

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