How to Track Someone’s IP Address on Snapchat?

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Tracking someone’s IP address on Snapchat can be useful for various reasons. Here are some key takeaways on how to track a Snapchat IP address:

  • Use Snapchat’s Snap Map feature to view location of publicly shared Snaps and determine the approximate IP address.
  • Employ IP logger tools like Grabify to create tracking links and capture the IP when someone clicks the link.
  • Leverage Command Prompt on a computer to view the IP address of someone you’re chatting with on Snapchat.
  • Use a Snapchat IP grabber tool to create a tracking link for grabbing the IP address.


Snapchat has grown tremendously in popularity over the past few years, especially among teens and young adults. The app allows users to send photo and video messages that disappear after being viewed. This ephemeral nature of Snapchat is part of what makes it so appealing.

However, there are times when you may want to identify someone’s location based on their Snapchat activity. Knowing how to track an IP address on Snapchat can be useful for confirming someone’s approximate location or viewing area. This comprehensive guide will analyze the key methods and tools for tracking a Snapchat user’s IP address and location.

Determining someone’s IP address on Snapchat can provide helpful context around their location and activity on the platform. However, it does raise potential privacy concerns, so these techniques should only be used for legitimate purposes. This article will explore the technical methods in-depth, but urge ethical practices.

Read on to discover the step-by-step techniques and tools to track a Snapchat IP address. You’ll learn how Snapchat’s built-in map feature, IP logger tools, command prompt, and IP grabbers can all help determine someone’s public IP address via their Snapchat account.

How to Track Someone’s IP Address on Snapchat

Using Snapchat’s Snap Map to Determine Approximate Location

Snapchat has a feature called Snap Map that shows a map view with geotagged Snaps that have been shared publicly by users. This can provide a way to see the general location of where someone is posting Snaps from.

Here is how to use Snap Map to determine someone’s approximate IP location on Snapchat:

  • Open the Snapchat app and pinch to zoom out on the camera screen. This will bring up the Snap Map view.
  • Search for the person’s Snapchat username that you want to locate. Their Bitmoji or profile icon will appear in their geographic location on the map if they have recently shared public Snaps.
  • Zoom into the map area where their Bitmoji appears. Take note of the city, state, or country displayed on the map.
  • Lookup the IP address ranges that correspond to that geographic region through an IP lookup tool. This will provide an approximate IP address range for their location.

While Snap Map doesn’t provide an exact IP address, it can reveal the geographic region someone is posting Snaps from, allowing you to lookup the corresponding IP address ranges. This gives a close approximation of their public IP address.

Leveraging IP Logger Tools to Capture Snapchat User’s IP

IP logger tools like Grabify provide another avenue for tracking a Snapchat user’s public IP address. By creating a link with Grabify and then having the target user click on it, you can capture their IP address as they visit the link. Here are the steps to track a Snapchat IP using Grabify:

  • Go to the Grabify website and sign up for a free account.
  • Once logged into your account, click on the “Create Link” button.
  • In the text box, paste the link to the Snapchat user’s public profile that you want to track.
  • Click the “Shorten” button. Grabify will generate a shortened tracking link.
  • Copy this new IP logger link that Grabify created.
  • Send this Grabify tracking link to the target Snapchat user through chat.
  • Wait for them to click on the link. Once they do, Grabify will log and capture their public IP address.
  • View the IP address under your Grabify account dashboard.

The IP address tracking occurs in the background without the user realizing their IP was captured. This allows you to retrieve the target user’s public IP address through them simply clicking the link you generated.

Using Command Prompt to View Snapchat Chat IP

For real-time tracking of someone’s IP address you are chatting with on Snapchat, you can leverage command prompt on a Windows computer. Here is how to use command prompt to view the IP of someone chatting on Snapchat:

  • First install Snapchat on a Windows PC using an Android emulator like BlueStacks.
  • Login to your Snapchat account through the emulator.
  • Start chatting with the user whose IP address you want to determine.
  • While in the chat, open Task Manager on your computer.
  • In Task Manager, select File > Run new task.
  • Type cmd and click Enter. This will open a command prompt window.
  • At the command prompt, type the following and hit Enter:

    netstat -an
  • This will display a list of active connections including the IP address of the user you’re chatting with on Snapchat.
  • Look for an established connection from the emulator’s IP address to the target user’s IP.

The command prompt method allows you to view someone’s IP address in real-time as you are chatting with them through the Snapchat app on your computer.

Using a Snapchat IP Grabber

Similar to the IP logger technique, there are some sites and tools specifically designed to grab IP addresses from Snapchat users. These Snapchat grabbers work by creating a tracking link that captures the IP when the user clicks it.

Here is how to use a Snapchat IP grabber to retrieve someone’s public IP address:

  • Go to a site like and enter the Snapchat username or profile link of the user you want to track.
  • The site will generate a tracking link. Copy this link.
  • Paste the tracking link in a chat message to the target Snapchat user.
  • When they click the link, wait a few minutes for the IP grabber to retrieve their public IP address.
  • Return to the IP grabber site and enter the same Snapchat username again. It will now display the captured IP address.

Some popular sites that offer Snapchat IP grabbing include SnapIPGrabber, Grabinbox, WhatsTheirIP, and SnapTracker. These tools automatically grab the IP address after the user clicks the tracking link.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tracking Snapchat IP Addresses

How accurate are these methods for tracking a Snapchat IP address?

The accuracy varies among the different techniques. Snap Map provides an approximate location which you can then lookup the corresponding IP ranges for. IP grabbers and loggers capture the user’s current public IP address when they click the link, so these tend to be more precise. The command prompt method displays the live connection IP address in real-time. Overall these approaches can provide a reasonably accurate way to track someone’s public IP address associated with their Snapchat activity and location.

Does Snapchat notify a user if their IP was tracked?

No, Snapchat does not alert users if their IP address was tracked using these methods. The IP grabbers and loggers work silently in the background to capture the IP address when the user clicks a link. The command prompt IP lookup also does not trigger any notification. Users are unaware their IP was retrieved using these techniques.

Can you locate someone’s home address from their Snapchat IP?

It is not possible to definitively determine a user’s home address solely from their public IP address. While IPs provide an indication of approximate location at a city-level in many cases, they do not reveal exact home addresses. Additional personal information and data sources would be needed to pinpoint a specific home location if all you have is an IP address. These tracking techniques are not capable of determining a user’s residence.

Does tracking a Snapchat IP address require installing software?

For the most part no, these techniques do not require installing anything on your device. The IP grabbers, loggers, and Snap Map methods are all done through websites and mobile apps, with no downloads needed. The command prompt technique does require having Snapchat installed on a Windows computer through an Android emulator, so there is a small software installation involved just for that approach. Overall, no major software installation is typically required.

Can someone track my IP address on Snapchat?

Yes, it is possible for other Snapchat users to track your public IP address through the techniques outlined in this article, if you click on unknown links or chat with them through the app on your computer. To avoid potential IP tracking, be cautious before clicking links sent to you within Snapchat messages. Also, use privacy settings on Snap Map to control visibility of your location. While IP tracking is possible on Snapchat, you can take proactive measures to minimize risks.

Is it illegal to track someone’s IP address online?

There are some gray areas when it comes to the legality of tracking IP addresses online. In general, if the tracking is being done for legitimate purposes and does not violate cybercrime laws, it falls into a legal gray zone in many regions. The techniques covered in this article rely on public IP addresses which minimizes legal risks. However, tracking someone’s IP address without their consent raises ethical issues regardless of legality. It should only be done for valid reasons. Always research the laws applicable to your jurisdiction.

Can police track someone’s Snapchat IP address?

Yes, law enforcement has legal means to track IP addresses associated with Snapchat accounts in the course of an investigation. Through court orders and subpoenas, police can gain access to Snapchat user data including IP logs and approximate locations. However, standard tracking techniques would likely not be sufficient for law enforcement purposes. Police would use warrants and work directly with Snapchat to legally access IP address information in a criminal case.

How can I hide my IP address on Snapchat?

There are a few methods you can use to obscure your public IP address while using Snapchat:

  • Use a trusted virtual private network (VPN) which masks your IP.
  • Enable a proxy server which conceals your originating IP address.
  • Refrain from clicking suspicious links sent within Snapchat messages.
  • Review Snap Map privacy settings and disable public location sharing.
  • Avoid chatting via Snapchat on a computer as this exposes your IP.
  • Leverage mobile data instead of WiFi to keep your IP address hidden.

Though IP addresses on Snapchat can still be tracked through these means, taking some precautions can reduce exposure of your IP and location.


Determining someone’s IP address linked to their Snapchat account is possible through several effective methods. Snap Map provides an approximation of location, while IP loggers and grabbers can capture the public IP when a user clicks a special tracking link. Command prompt lookups can also reveal IP addresses in real-time chat. However, ethical usage and privacy rights should be considered when leveraging these tracking techniques. With the right tools and technical know-how, you can uncover the public IP address associated with a Snapchat user and gain insight into their general location. Just be sure to use this knowledge responsibly and legally

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