Can You Use Apple Pay on DoorDash?

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Key Takeaways:

  • DoorDash accepts Apple Pay as a payment method for orders placed through their website or mobile app.
  • To use Apple Pay, simply select the Apple Pay option during checkout after adding items to your cart.
  • Apple Pay allows you to securely pay using credit/debit cards stored in your Apple Wallet, without having to manually enter card details.
  • Apple Pay is supported on iPhones and compatible Android devices, making checkout quick and convenient.
  • Using Apple Pay on DoorDash provides benefits like transaction security, ease of use, order tracking, and rewards through Apple Card.

With food delivery services like DoorDash growing exponentially in popularity over the last few years, more and more customers are looking for quick, easy, and secure ways to pay for their orders. One payment method that offers all of these benefits is Apple Pay. But can you actually use Apple Pay when ordering food delivery through DoorDash?

This comprehensive article will evaluate if and how Apple Pay can be utilized as a payment option on the DoorDash platform. Covering the setup process, compatibility with devices, and key advantages of using this mobile wallet, this guide aims to provide readers with an in-depth understanding of how Apple Pay fits into the DoorDash checkout experience. By the end, readers will know everything needed to start securely paying for DoorDash orders with just a click or thumbprint through Apple Pay.

With rising concerns around payment security and privacy online, the ability to make purchases without inputting full card details every time is highly valuable to consumers. For those with an existing Apple ID and compatible iPhone or Android phone, Apple Pay offers a seamless way to checkout quickly while still protecting financial information. Especially for a service like DoorDash that customers likely use regularly, the convenience and security of Apple Pay can be greatly appreciated.

Can You Pay with Apple Pay on DoorDash?

Yes, DoorDash does accept Apple Pay as a payment method for food orders placed through their website or mobile app. Customers can easily select Apple Pay at checkout and then authenticate the payment using Touch ID or Face ID on supported iPhone models.

Apple Pay is fully integrated into the DoorDash checkout flow across platforms, allowing customers to breeze through payment by using credit or debit cards already added to their Apple Wallet. There is no need to manually enter or save card information.

According to Apple, Apple Pay can be used wherever contactless payments are accepted. Given DoorDash’s popularity and reach, they recognized the need to support this preferred payment method for iOS users and those with compatible Android devices.

So for DoorDash customers with an Apple device, Apple Pay does provide a streamlined mobile wallet payment option.

How To Use Apple Pay on DoorDash

Using Apple Pay to complete DoorDash orders is designed to be incredibly straightforward. Simply follow these steps:

On the DoorDash Website:

  1. After browsing menu options and adding desired food items to your cart, proceed to checkout.
  2. On the checkout page, click on the Apple Pay payment button.
  3. A prompt will appear allowing you to select a credit/debit card from your Apple Wallet. Choose one.
  4. Authenticate with Touch ID, Face ID, or passcode as required.
  5. That’s it! Review your order and complete checkout.

On the DoorDash Mobile App:

  1. Add your food selections to the cart and go to checkout.
  2. Select Apple Pay as the payment method.
  3. Use Touch ID or Face ID to verify your identity when prompted.
  4. Double check order details and complete the checkout process.

In just a few quick taps or scans, your DoorDash order will be placed and paid for using Apple Pay’s seamless checkout experience. No need to manually enter any credit card information.

What Devices Support Apple Pay on DoorDash?

To use Apple Pay for DoorDash orders, you need an eligible device:

  • iPhone – iPhone 6 or newer running at least iOS 10. Most models from the iPhone 6 onward support Apple Pay. This includes all iPhones up to the latest iPhone 14 models.
  • Apple Watch – All models of Apple Watch can be used for Apple Pay as long as they are paired to an iPhone 6 or later running iOS 10 or higher.
  • iPad – iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3 or newer all work with Apple Pay when paired to an eligible iPhone.
  • Mac – Select Mac models with Touch ID support Apple Pay for online payments, including DoorDash.
  • Android Phone – Certain Android devices support Apple Pay, including Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy series phones running Android 6 or higher. Check if your device is eligible.

As long as your Apple or Android device is compatible with Apple Pay, you can easily select this option at DoorDash checkout after adding food to your online cart. It’s the most seamless mobile wallet payment method for iPhone and iPad users.

Why Use Apple Pay for DoorDash Orders?

Using Apple Pay as your preferred payment method with DoorDash offers several benefits that improve the overall ordering experience:

Convenience – Paying through Apple Pay means you don’t have to manually enter card numbers or billing details every time. Your information is already securely stored.

Speed – Checkout is incredibly fast. Simply verify your identity via Touch ID or Face ID when prompted at payment.

Security – Your actual credit or debit card number is never shared with the merchant. Apple Pay utilizes a unique transaction code for each purchase.

Private – Your card details are never stored on vendor servers. Apple Pay keeps your financial information private.

Rewards – For Apple Card users, you get Daily Cash rewards back for every Apple Pay transaction, including DoorDash orders.

Tracking – Review all your Apple Pay purchases, including DoorDash, in the Wallet app for monitoring and management.

Accessibility – It’s easy to toggle between payment cards or view balances directly in your Apple Wallet.

With so many perks, Apple Pay is arguably the best way to pay for quick food delivery from DoorDash using your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac. It’s designed to be intrinsically easy, private, and secure.

How Does Apple Pay Work on DoorDash?

When you select Apple Pay at checkout on DoorDash, whether on web or in the app, the Apple Pay process kicks in automatically. Here is what happens behind the scenes:

  • DoorDash’s payment system communicates with Apple’s payment gateway to initiate an Apple Pay transaction.
  • Your food order total is securely shared with Apple Pay to authorize the payment.
  • You are prompted to scan your face or fingerprint to authenticate your Apple Pay wallet.
  • A transaction-specific code is generated; your actual card details are not shared with DoorDash.
  • Upon successful authorization via Touch ID/Face ID, this digital card token transmits to DoorDash to complete payment.
  • DoorDash confirms the encrypted payment code and processes the transaction.
  • Your DoorDash receipt reflects an Apple Pay purchase, safeguarding your financial information.
  • Full card details, including card number, security code, etc. remain protected in your Apple Wallet. They are never transmitted.

This tokenized payment flow allows Apple Pay to work seamlessly with DoorDash’s checkout processes while maintaining the privacy benefitsintrinsic to the Apple Pay user experience.

Is Apple Pay Secure for DoorDash Orders?

Yes, using Apple Pay for DoorDash orders is incredibly secure. In fact, it provides multiple layers of security and privacy benefits:

  • End-to-end encryption ensures your financial information is never stored on DoorDash’s servers.
  • Your actual credit/debit card number is never shared with the merchant during an Apple Pay transaction.
  • Instead, a unique tokenized code is generated via encryption and transmitted securely to authorize payment.
  • Biometric authentication with Face ID or Touch ID is required to verify each Apple Pay transaction.
  • All Apple Pay activity can be reviewed directly in the Apple Wallet app at any time.
  • If your iPhone or Apple Watch is lost/stolen, Apple Pay can be immediately disabled from iCloud on all linked devices.

According to Apple, Apple Pay is safer than using your physical credit or debit card for purchases. Your card details are better protected, authorization is bio-secured, and each transaction utilizes a one-time dynamic security code.

Using Apple Pay for your DoorDash orders leverages all of these protections to keep your financial data secure. Payments are authorized right from your iPhone or Apple Watch instead of having to enter real card numbers into each vendor’s website or app.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Apple Pay with DoorDash?


  • Easy, quick checkout process
  • Secure payment method
  • No need to input card details manually
  • Works seamlessly across iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch
  • Utilizes biometrics for transaction authorization
  • Keeps all card information private
  • Can easily manage cards/payments in Apple Wallet
  • Earns 3% Daily Cash back with Apple Card


  • Requires compatible Apple device
  • Need to have Apple Pay set up in advance
  • Limited payment management from vendor side
  • Can’t use Apple Pay for all transactions types like gift cards
  • Requires Face ID/Touch ID/passcode

For most DoorDash customers with Apple devices, the pros heavily outweigh the cons. Apple Pay provides the speed and convenience of tap-to-pay but for online orders through merchants like DoorDash.

Common Questions about Apple Pay and DoorDash

Can I use Apple Pay on DoorDash without the app?

Yes, Apple Pay works directly on door for placing orders through the DoorDash website. Simply select Apple Pay during checkout after adding food to your cart.

Do I need the Apple Wallet app to use Apple Pay on DoorDash?

You need an Apple Wallet set up with saved payment cards to use Apple Pay anywhere, including on DoorDash. Manage your Apple Pay payment methods directly in the Wallet app on iOS or Mac.

Can I use Apple Pay with the DoorDash mobile website?

Currently, you cannot use Apple Pay on DoorDash when ordering food via the mobile site ( Apple Pay must be used through the native iOS app or via the main DoorDash website on desktop.

Does Apple Pay work for DoorDash Drive orders?

At this time, Apple Pay is only available for standard DoorDash Marketplace food orders. It cannot be used to pay for DoorDash Drive deliveries facilitated directly with merchants.

Can I tip my DoorDash driver using Apple Pay?

Yes, you can add a tip for your DoorDash delivery driver using Apple Pay at checkout or after delivery. The tip will be processed alongside the order total as one Apple Pay transaction.

The Bottom Line – Go Ahead and Use Apple Pay!

In conclusion, Apple Pay absolutely can be used as a payment method when ordering food for delivery through DoorDash. This secure digital wallet option provides DoorDash customers using compatible iPhones, iPads, Macs or Android devices with an easy, private way to checkout.

To enable Apple Pay, simply add a supported credit or debit card to your Apple Wallet, then tap or click the Apple Pay payment button at checkout on DoorDash’s website or mobile app. A quick Face ID or Touch ID verification will complete your cashless order instantly.

Given the security protections, convenience, rewards perks, and painless mobile experience, Apple Pay is arguably the best payment method to use with DoorDash. It makes great sense for iOS users to take advantage of this intuitive checkout flow for all their food delivery orders moving forward.

So go ahead – give Apple Pay a try for your next DoorDash craving! With just a few clicks, your meal will be dropped at your door with zero financial details manually entered or shared with merchants in the process. Apple Pay on DoorDash successfully marries mobile technology, online payments, and food delivery for the modern world.

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