Where Is the Fashion Brand Manière De Voir From?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Manière De Voir is an English fashion brand created by Reece Wabara in 2013.
  • The brand name means “Way of Seeing” in French but the brand itself is British.
  • Manière De Voir is likely based in Manchester, UK though its origins are not definitively stated.
  • The brand has a sleek, urban, sports luxe aesthetic with French inspirations.
  • Manière De Voir’s clothing features modern silhouettes and high quality fabrics.


The world of fashion is an international affair, with influential designers and brands hailing from fashion capitals across the globe. Even when a brand’s name or aesthetic may evoke a certain locale, its actual origins can be ambiguous or even deceiving. Such is the case with the up-and-coming fashion label Manière De Voir. With its unmistakably French name, one would assume the brand hails from France. However, Manière De Voir is more British at heart than its Gallic moniker implies.

This article will comprehensively evaluate the origins and background of Manière De Voir. Where exactly is this emergent fashion brand from? An in-depth analysis of the brand’s history, founder, location, inspirations, and designs will uncover its geographical roots. Understanding the true origins of Manière De Voir provides insight into its aesthetic vision and future trajectory in the dynamic fashion industry. Whether a Francophile, Anglophile, or simply a discerning consumer, this article offers a fascinating glimpse into the nascent fashion house.

Delving into Manière De Voir’s backgrounds illuminates how new brands blend international influences to create their unique identities. The information provided here aims to satisfy the curiosity of fashion aficionados interested in this intriguing label. Tracing Manière De Voir back to its geographical and conceptual origins also demonstrates the global nature of fashion, where tastes and trends cross borders. Readers can gain valuable perspective on how both established fashion houses and upstarts build brands that resonate around the world.

Where Is the Fashion Brand Manière De Voir From?

The Meaning Behind the French Brand Name

The first clue to Manière De Voir’s origins lies in its evocative French name. Manière De Voir translates to “Way of Seeing” in English. This poetic phrase encapsulates the brand’s elevated, discerning aesthetic vision. The name suggests a certain French sophistication that carries cache in the fashion world.

France’s legacy as a global fashion capital imbues Manière De Voir with a glamorous sensibility. However, besides the name, the brand has little direct connection to France. Reece Wabara, a British designer, chose the lyrical French moniker to align with his brand’s polished identity. The name Manière De Voir has linguistic resonance for fashion followers across the English and French-speaking worlds.

Wabara aimed to have Manière De Voir evoke refinement and artistry through its name. He succeeded in crafting a memorable brand name with cross-cultural appeal. The name’s meaning, “Way of Seeing”, reminds audiences of fashion’s interplay with broader culture and aesthetics. So while French in name only, Manière De Voir still nods to the prominence of Parisian style. The brand name provides an air of European sophistication.

British Origins and Founder

While Manière De Voir’s name may exude French flair, the fashion label actually originated in England. British designer Reece Wabara founded Manière De Voir in 2013. Wabara previously worked with other major brands including Jil Sander, Calvin Klein, and Selfridges. He leveraged this experience to launch his own label reflecting his design ethos.

Although Manière De Voir has a short history thus far, Wabara already demonstrates savvy creative direction. His choice of a memorable French name shows a knack for branding. However, Wabara stays true to his British roots in Manière De Voir’s aesthetic and tailoring. Reviews praise the brand’s impeccable construction and fabrics expected of UK designers.

The label also exudes London’s taste for mixing classic style with urban edge. Manière De Voir certainly inherits elements from British fashion but infuses them with continental European panache. Wabara’s ability to blend English and French styles provides the young brand with mass crossover appeal. Manière De Voir aims to bring a youthful update to timeless British fashion for the modern urbanite.

Probable Manchester Origins

While it is clear Manière De Voir hails from England under founder Reece Wabara’s creative helm, the brand’s precise city of origin is less defined. Search results do not definitively pinpoint where the fashion house is based. However, some clues indicate a likely Manchester origin.

Manière De Voir’s LinkedIn page displays a location of Greater Manchester, England. Manchester has a bustling fashion scene as the UK’s third largest city. It seems plausible the brand calls this cosmopolitan city home. There are no official sources confirming Manchester as Manière De Voir’s headquarters though.

Interestingly, Manière De Voir does not heavily market any specific city as its fashion label home. This allows it to have a more international aura despite its British founder. Not anchoring itself to a particular English city also gives Manière De Voir room to establish its unique identity.

While not conclusive, the limited information available suggests Manchester as the most probable city Manière De Voir operates out of. As a rising global fashion capital itself, Manchester would provide an ideal home for this up-and-coming brand. However, Manière De Voir’s geographical origins remain somewhat ambiguous even as its story continues unfolding.

Blending French Elegance and British Sophistication

Though English in origins, Manière De Voir incorporates both British and French aesthetic influences. The brand aims to merge the two nations’ distinct fashion strengths into a cohesive luxe streetwear aesthetic. Manière De Voir takes inspiration from Europe’s leading fashion capitals.

British style contributes tailoring, structure, and fabric innovation to the brand’s DNA. France lends a romantic, refined mood to Manière De Voir’s collections. This fusion results in elevated yet wearable clothing. Manière De Voir straddles the line between Parisian elegance and London edge with finesse.

Reece Wabara’s designs masterfully blend continental inspirations into a singular perspective. His approach gives Manière De Voir wide-ranging appeal. The brand suits tastes from minimalist Scandanavia to colorful Mediterranean locales. Both French and British sensibilities meet seamlessly in Manière De Voir’s clothes.

Despite its clear inspirations, Manière De Voir maintains a distinct voice. Wabara does not simply mimic Paris or London style. Instead, he innovates their key elements into his own creative vision. Manière De Voir stands on its own as a young brand while paying homage to European fashion.

Modern, Architectural Silhouettes

A closer examination of Manière De Voir’s clothing unveils how it synthesizes French and British influences. The brand’s pieces feature sleek, architectural silhouettes in keeping with its name meaning “Way of Seeing”. Clean, sculptural shapes allow Manière De Voir’s high quality materials to shine.

Expert Italian craftsmanship brings Wabara’s sharp silhouettes to life. His clothing constructions mirror postmodern architectural forms through their geometric lines and clever details. Manière De Voir’s coats, jackets, and trousers have an almost futuristic allure.

Foil fabrics, asymmetric details, and technical wool textiles update classic menswear shapes. The outerwear in particular displays Wabara’s razor-sharp tailoring skills. His coats reimagine men’s shirting and formalwear through ultramodern shapes and fabrication.

Throughout its collections, Manière De Voir experiments with shape, texture, and color with sophistication. The brand presents an elevated take on casualwear and basics for a luxe minimalist look. Each piece bears an unmistakable contemporary stamp thanks to their precise silhouettes.

Exquisite Fabrics and Finishes

Manière De Voir’s clothing achieves its refined sensibility not just through silhouette but also fabric and finishes. Only the finest materials make the cut in Wabara’s collections. His fabric sourcing and treatment nod to both technology and tradition.

For example, Manière De Voir often uses technical wool blends milled in Italy or the UK. These innovative textiles have performance properties like water resistance while retaining wool’s comfort and drape. High-tech leather and knit fabrics also feature prominently in the brand’s offerings.

At the same time, Wabara incorporates ornate detailing reminiscent of Paris or Milan’s fashion heritage. Braiding, embroidery, and intarsia patterns grace many Manière De Voir pieces. Couture-like embellishments lend luxury to the label’s contemporary style.

These artisanal touches ensure each garment has depth and visual interest. Manière De Voir’s fabrics alone tell stories of innovation and craftsmanship. They make the brand’s minimalist palette and shapes richly dynamic.

Even Manière De Voir’s more everyday pieces display impeccable make. From cashmere crewnecks to cotton poplin shirts, quality resonates through the materials. Wabara spares no expense when it comes to textiles.

Creative Color Palettes and Prints

In addition to world-class fabrics, Manière De Voir catches eyes with its creative use of color and print. The brand takes an artistic approach when developing its often dark, moody color palettes. Wabara describes his color inspiration coming from varied sources like film posters and nature.

Many Manière De Voir collections feature a mix of blacks and neutrals with bold, unexpected brights. Orange, yellow, and red make dynamic accent colors against the label’s signature greys and navies. These color combinations feel simultaneously novel and natural.

Prints also feature prominently across Manière De Voir’s seasonal collections. Here again Wabara shows his playful side through statement graphics. Optical black-and-white geometrics offer a retro futurism while camouflage and organic prints feel more daring.

Manière De Voir always executes patterns with sophistication, as seen in sublime printed silk shirts. The prints and colors may be vivid, but they integrate seamlessly into the brand’s minimalist oeuvre. This balancing act gives Manière De Voir’s palette intrigue.

Question-Answer FAQs

What cities influence Manière De Voir’s fashion aesthetic?

Manière De Voir primarily takes inspiration from the British and French fashion capitals of London and Paris. Founder Reece Wabara blends the sartorial heritage of these cities into the brand’s modern, European sensibility. London contributes Manière De Voir’s precision tailoring and edginess. Paris lends elegance and high fashion polish.

Why might Manière De Voir be based in Manchester?

While not confirmed, Manchester seems the most likely headquarters for Manière De Voir. Greater Manchester is listed as the brand’s location on its LinkedIn page. Manchester has a robust fashion community as the UK’s third largest city after London. The urban setting suits Manière De Voir’s aesthetic.

How would you describe Manière De Voir’s signature style?

Manière De Voir’s style can be characterized as sleek, architectural, and sports luxe. Founder Reece Wabara emphasizes precise silhouettes, technical fabrics, and minimalist shapes. The brand offers a contemporary update of refined European fashion codes. Manière De Voir straddles the line between streetwear and sophistication.

What is Reece Wabara’s fashion background prior to launching Manière De Voir?

Designer Reece Wabara accrued fashion experience across top brands before founding Manière De Voir in 2013. He previously worked as a senior menswear designer for Jil Sander, Calvin Klein, and Paul Smith. Wabara was also design director for the Savile Row tailor Gieves and Hawkes. His diverse resume prepared him to launch his own label.

How does Manière De Voir incorporate both tradition and innovation in its clothes?

Manière De Voir fuses fashion innovation and heritage through its fabrics and construction. The brand often uses technical, high-performance textiles like weatherproof wool with artisanal details like ornate embroidery. Traditional couture techniques meet modern forms in Manière De Voir’s sleek, architectural silhouettes. This interplay offers a fresh perspective on classic style.


Manière De Voir proves appearances can be deceiving in the fashion world. While the brand’s French name evokes continental sophistication, Manière De Voir hails straight from the UK. Founder Reece Wabara chose the lyrical Gallic moniker to imbue his label with refinement. However, Manière De Voir remains firmly British in origin and craftsmanship.

The young fashion house likely calls Manchester home, an ideal urban launchpad. Wabara masterfully blends both French and British influences in Manière De Voir’s luxe minimalist aesthetic. The brand offers a modern revision of timeless style codes through exacting silhouettes and impeccable fabrics. Both innovation and heritage shape Manière De Voir’s perspective.

Though its origins may be obscured in mystery, Manière De Voir’s sophisticated designs speak for themselves. The brand has a global outlook that defies geography even as it pays homage to fashion history. Manière De Voir proves clothing can transcend borders of language and culture through creative vision. The label offers timely inspiration on how fashion unites rather divides in an interconnected world.

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