Was Brandon from Glow Up on Botched?

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Brandon, a talented makeup artist who appeared on the BBC show Glow Up, has gained attention for his inspirational story. As a transgender person, Brandon shared his journey of transitioning from male to female on the show. This has led some fans to wonder – was Brandon from Glow Up ever a patient on the E! reality series Botched?

Exploring Brandon’s Story on Glow Up

Glow Up is a competitive makeup artist reality show that aired on BBC. The show features aspiring makeup artists competing in various challenges to impress judges and make it to the finale.

Brandon was a standout contestant on Glow Up Season 2 in 2019. During the show, Brandon opened up about being transgender and transitioning from male to female.

Brandon shared that he began transitioning and living as a woman full-time in 2017. He started taking hormone replacement therapy and underwent various feminization procedures. Brandon also legally changed his name as part of his transition.

On Glow Up, Brandon expressed how doing makeup helped him embrace his female identity before he was able to medically transition. Competing on the show was an opportunity for Brandon to tell his story and show that makeup is for everyone.

Brandon’s skill and artistry as a makeup artist impressed the judges week after week. He made it all the way to the Glow Up finale before finishing as the runner up.

Understanding the TV Show Botched

So why do some fans think Brandon may have appeared on Botched? To understand this, let’s explore what Botched is all about.

Botched is a reality TV show on E! that follows two plastic surgeons – Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif. The surgeons help patients who have experienced bad or unwanted results from previous cosmetic procedures.

Each episode typically features patients consulting with Drs. Dubrow and Nassif about surgical procedures gone wrong. The doctors then perform revision surgeries and other procedures to try and “fix” or improve the bad outcomes.

The show often focuses on extreme cases – people with dramatically oversized breast implants, badly done facelifts, rhinoplasty (nose jobs) that resulted in collapsed nasal passages, and more.

Botched gives viewers an inside look at the risks and complications that can happen with plastic surgery. It also shows how skilled surgeons can step in to repair poor or unsafe work done by less qualified doctors.

Addressing Speculation about Brandon’s Appearance on Botched

So why might fans speculate about Brandon from Glow Up appearing on Botched? As a transgender person who physically transitioned, some may wonder if Brandon experienced any complications with gender-affirming surgeries that required going on Botched.

However, based on available information, there is no evidence that Brandon has ever been a patient on Botched or consulted with Drs. Dubrow and Nassif.

A thorough online search of news articles, TV guides, and other show resources does not yield any results indicating Brandon was featured on Botched. There are also no mentions of Brandon having surgical mishaps that required revision surgeries.

Had Brandon sought help from the Botched surgeons, it likely would have been mentioned in interviews or episode descriptions, as transgender patients tend to get highlighted on the show. But there are no such indications.

It appears speculation about Brandon on Botched stems from viewers making assumptions about his transition process rather than any confirmed connection.

Brandon’s Transition Journey

To better understand why Brandon does not seem to have appeared on Botched, it is informative to learn more about his transition journey.

In interviews, Brandon has spoken candidly about the procedures he underwent as part of transitioning. This includes:

  • Facial feminization surgery – Brandon had surgical alterations done to feminize his facial structure. This may have involved procedures like forehead contouring, jaw and chin reshaping, brow lifts, and tracheal shaves.
  • Breast augmentation – Brandon underwent breast implant surgery to give him a more feminine figure.
  • Body contouring – Brandon has talked about using procedures like liposuction to create a more classically feminine silhouette.
  • Laser hair removal – To remove masculine hair growth patterns, Brandon underwent extensive laser hair removal on his face and body.
  • Hormone therapy – Brandon has been on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that includes taking estrogen and testosterone blockers. This helped induce physical changes like breast development, softened skin, and fat redistribution.

In telling his story, Brandon has emphasized doing research to find qualified surgeons who specialized in transgender procedures. He worked with doctors who came well recommended by peers in the trans community.

Being selective about his surgical team may be why Brandon has not experienced significant complications necessitating appearances on Botched.

Insights from Other Transgender Botched Patients

While Brandon does not seem to have been on Botched, it is true that some transgender patients have sought help from Drs. Dubrow and Nassif. Analyzing their stories also provides useful perspective.

For instance, season 4 episode “The Living Doll” featured Marcela, a trans woman who had numerous poorly done procedures in Mexico. Her silicone injections led to painful hardening and misshapen body contours.

In Marcela’s case, an unlicensed practitioner administering illegal and dangerous injectables in another country prompted her Botched consultation.

Other transgender patients like Tiffany, Rajee, and Violet also went on Botched after encountering disreputable doctors willing to perform risky, oversized implants or injections.

These anecdotes reinforce that Brandon’s avoidance of extreme surgeries and emphasis on finding quality surgeons enabled him to transition safely and achieve his desired feminine look.

Summarizing Why Brandon Was Not on Botched

In summary, while some viewers may speculate about Brandon from Glow Up appearing on Botched:

  • There is no clear evidence Brandon has been a patient of Dr. Dubrow or Dr. Nassif.
  • Brandon has shared details about his transition journey that indicate he underwent procedures with reputable surgeons.
  • Dangerous silicone injections, overly large implants, and unqualified doctors have prompted many transgender Botched patients – but this does not seem applicable to Brandon’s situation.

So while Brandon’s story and transition on Glow Up were impactful and groundbreaking, all available information indicates he did not have an appearance or need intervention from the Botched TV show.

Brandon’s discernment in transition healthcare choices allowed him to avoid the kinds of negative outcomes that could have necessitated going on Botched. His sensible approach serves as an example for the transgender community pursuing gender-affirming procedures.

The Takeaway on Transgender Healthcare

While Brandon’s specific situation remains definitively unconnected to Botched, his story highlights important considerations around transgender healthcare and transitioning safely.

For transgender people considering any gender-affirming procedures, key takeaways include:

  • Thoroughly research any surgeons and utilize recommendations from transgender communities and resources. Vet qualifications extensively.
  • Be wary of practitioners offering extremely oversized implants, silicone or other injectable fillers, or other potentially dangerous procedures.
  • Take time to explore all transition options, and don’t feel pressured to undergo numerous procedures quickly.
  • Seek emotional support throughout transition processes. Therapists and support groups can provide guidance.
  • Connect with others who have already transitioned for their insights and advice.

Following these tips, in addition to Brandon’s own discreet and thoughtful approach, can help give transgender individuals the safest and most affirming transition experience possible.

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