Where Are Matson Battery Chargers Made?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Matson is an Australian brand that manufactures battery chargers and other automotive products.
  • Matson battery chargers like the Matson-Infinite 7 Stage Battery Charger are designed and made in Australia.
  • Matson is a registered brand of Tridon Australia, an Australian family-owned business.
  • Matson chargers are engineered for Australian conditions and drivers.
  • Matson produces durable, waterproof chargers ideal for boating and outdoor use.


Where Are Matson Battery Chargers Made?

With the prevalence of vehicles and marine vessels in Australia, quality battery chargers are an essential accessory for most households. When it’s time to choose a new battery charger, consumers often wonder, where exactly are the top products manufactured? Specifically, discerning buyers may ask – where are Matson battery chargers made?

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of Matson battery chargers, including details on where they are produced. With so many options on the market, it is important to understand the origin and engineering behind leading battery charger brands like Matson. The information presented here will enable readers to make an informed decision when selecting a battery charger optimized for Australian conditions.

By examining the production and engineering of Matson chargers, readers will gain valuable insights into the quality, capabilities, and reliability of these products. Whether you need a powerful charger for your vehicle, boat, or outdoor gear, this article explores why Australian-made Matson chargers are a top choice to consider.

What Makes Matson Battery Chargers Unique?

Is Matson an Australian Brand?

Yes, Matson is proudly an Australian brand, designed and manufactured within Australia to handle the country’s unique conditions. Matson has been engineering high-quality battery chargers and other automotive accessories in Australia for over 50 years.

Matson is a registered brand of Tridon Australia, a third-generation family-owned business based in Brisbane. All Matson products are proudly branded and marketed as Australian made.

Why Are Matson’s Battery Chargers Designed in Australia?

Matson battery chargers are engineered in Australia specifically to meet the needs of Australian drivers and conditions. The harsh Australian climate, with its extreme heat, dust, humidity and salt air, demands durability.

Matson chargers are built to withstand these punishing environments. Their products are rigorously tested under Australian conditions to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Matson also caters their products to work with the typical batteries found in Australian vehicles and boats. By specializing in the local market, Matson can optimize their chargers to provide maximum charging efficiency.

What Key Features Do Matson Chargers Offer?

Matson battery chargers provide premium features tailored for Australian buyers, including:

  • Water/Dust Resistance: With IP65 waterproof rating, Matson chargers are designed for wet environments and outdoor use.
  • Overcharge Protection: Matson’s autoExact range guards against overcharging to prevent battery damage.
  • Multiple Charging Banks: Matson chargers can charge multiple banks simultaneously, ideal for boats.
  • Rugged Australian Design: Matson chargers employ hardy components in a rugged case to withstand tough conditions.
  • Adaptive Charging: Matson chargers like the 7-stage Matson-Infinite intelligently adapt to different battery needs.

Where Are Matson Battery Chargers Manufactured?

Now that we’ve covered what sets Matson battery chargers apart, where exactly are these premium products made?

Matson Manufactures Battery Chargers in Australia

Matson battery chargers are proudly designed, engineered and manufactured at Tridon’s headquarters in Brisbane, Australia.

As an Australian owned company, Matson is committed to local design and production. Keeping manufacturing onshore enables Matson to closely control quality and customization.

An Emphasis on Local Suppliers and Components

Matson sources most components for their battery chargers from local Australian suppliers. Key parts like printed circuit boards, transformers, casings and packaging are sourced domestically.

Relying on Australian suppliers enables faster production and increased reliability of supply. It also supports local businesses and reduces environmental impact from transport.

Rigorous Testing Under Australian Conditions

In addition to local manufacturing, Matson battery chargers undergo rigorous product testing within Australia.

By performing research and testing in Australian environments, Matson can fine-tune their chargers to excel under local conditions. From frigid alpine regions to scorching deserts, Matson chargers are verified across the country.

This extensive localized testing ensures optimal durability, performance, and safety. It gives customers confidence in real-world reliability.

Matson Chargers – Optimized for Australian Drivers

Matson’s focus on domestic manufacturing and testing means their chargers are specifically optimized for Australian conditions and batteries. Whether for hot, dry Outback tracks or salty marine environments, Matson chargers are engineered to keep vehicles and boats powered up across Australia.

Examples of Australian-Made Matson Battery Chargers

Matson-Infinite 7 Stage Battery Charger

One of Matson’s premium battery chargers designed and built in Australia is the Matson-Infinite 7 stage charger. This fully automatic smart charger caters to different battery types and conditions.

With 7 charging stages, it can deeply charge flat batteries while avoiding overcharging. The Matson-Infinite charger provides 20A output and is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. Made in Australia by Matson, it’s ideal for RV, marine, and automotive applications.

Matson-StreetCharge Auto Charger

Another Australian-engineered Matson charger is the convenient Matson-StreetCharge. This portable 6V and 12V battery charger plugs into a home power outlet.

Its compact size makes it easy to store in the home or car for emergency charging. The StreetCharge employs a fast 3-stage charging system to quickly and safely recharge flat batteries. As with all Matson chargers, it is designed and manufactured in Australia.

Matson-PowerDrive Marine Charger

To meet the needs of Australian boats and marine equipment, Matson produces the Matson-PowerDrive marine battery charger.

This 20A charger is engineered to withstand corrosive marine environments while delivering fast 3-bank charging. Made in Australia, the PowerDrive is waterproof and dustproof with multiple mounting options. It can charge a wide range of lead-acid, gel, and AGM batteries.

Why Are Locally-Made Chargers Important?

In an age of globalized manufacturing, why does local design and production matter for products like Matson battery chargers?

Faster Delivery and Distribution

With production centered in Brisbane, Matson can swiftly deliver orders to resellers across Australia. Local manufacturing enables reliable just-in-time order fulfillment.

Ability to Adapt to Local Market

Matson can leverage intimate knowledge of the local market to quickly adapt products to Australian needs. Close customer feedback loops enable continual optimization.

Quality Control and Consistency

Onsite manufacturing gives Matson maximum control and oversight over production quality. It also ensures consistency between product units.

Support for the Local Economy

Local manufacturing supports Australian jobs and businesses. Production in Australia keeps money circulating in the domestic economy.

Lower Environmental Impact

With less transport required, local manufacturing greatly reduces the carbon footprint compared to imported products.

Matson – A Proudly Australian Brand

In summary, Matson battery chargers are proudly designed, engineered, and crafted in Australia by Australians, for Australian conditions. Their locally developed battery chargers provide a smart choice for keeping vehicles and boats powered up across the challenging Australian landscape.

With a commitment to local manufacturing and testing, Matson produces rugged, adaptive battery chargers optimized specifically for Australian drivers and marine enthusiasts. By specializing in the domestic market, Matson delivers an unparalleled combination of quality, durability, and performance.

So for those looking for battery chargers purpose-built to handle the Outback or the Great Barrier Reef, the answer is clear – look for Australian brand Matson. Their premium locally-made chargers provide the ideal power solution for Australian adventures on land and sea.

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