Can You Play Game Pigeon on Mac?

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Key Takeaways:

  • GamePigeon allows playing mini games over iMessage on iOS devices and Macs.
  • To enable GamePigeon on a Mac, you need to add it to your iMessage apps.
  • On Macs, GamePigeon only works through iMessage and not as a standalone app.
  • GamePigeon offers popular mini games like 8 Ball Pool, archery, basketball, and more.
  • Steps are required on a Mac to find the option to add GamePigeon to iMessage.


GamePigeon has become incredibly popular in recent years as a way to play casual mini games over iMessage with friends and family. The app offers classic games like 8 Ball Pool, archery, basketball, and more in bite-sized formats suitable for messaging. With GamePigeon’s massive success on iPhone, many Mac users have wondered if it’s possible to get in on the fun and play GamePigeon on their Mac.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll evaluate if and how GamePigeon can be used on Mac devices. We’ll outline what steps are required to enable GamePigeon on a Mac, considering the differences in iOS vs macOS. You’ll learn the exact process to add GamePigeon to your iMessage apps on a Mac. We’ll also discuss how the GamePigeon experience differs on Mac compared to iPhone. With these insights, you’ll determine if playing GamePigeon on a Mac aligns with your gaming and social messaging preferences.

Gaming with friends and family over iMessage can be great fun. This guide provides the details on GamePigeon for Mac, so you can decide if it’s the right solution for your social gaming needs. Let’s dive in to explore how to get GamePigeon working on your Mac!

Is GamePigeon Available on Macs?

GamePigeon was originally created for iOS as an app that resides within the iMessage ecosystem. On an iPhone, users can easily find and add the GamePigeon app extension directly from the App Store within iMessage. However, the process is not as straightforward on a Mac computer.

The key thing to understand is that there is no standalone GamePigeon application for macOS. The games exclusively work within the iMessage framework. So you won’t find GamePigeon listed in the Mac App Store like you would with a typical Mac app.

Instead, GamePigeon must be enabled as an extension app within the iMessage apps drawer on a Mac. Once added successfully, you can access GamePigeon directly in any iMessage thread and play games with friends.

So in summary – yes, you can play GamePigeon on a Mac, but only through the iMessage app, not as regular desktop application. Let’s now look at how to actually add GamePigeon to your iMessage apps on a Mac.

How Do You Add GamePigeon to iMessage on Mac?

Enabling GamePigeon on your Mac’s iMessage involves just a few simple steps. Here is the complete process:

  1. Open the iMessage application on your Mac desktop or laptop.
  2. Open up any message thread with a contact or friend.
  3. Click the App Store icon in the bottom iMessage apps drawer.
  4. Next, click the 4 dots icon in the bottom left corner of the apps drawer.
  5. Select the “+” icon to bring up the list of available iMessage apps.
  6. Search for “GamePigeon” and click to add it to your iMessage apps.
  7. GamePigeon should now show up in your iMessage apps drawer in any message thread!

As you can see, it just takes a few clicks to enable GamePigeon on a Mac within iMessage. The key steps are accessing the hidden iMessage app drawer menu and selecting GamePigeon from the available apps to add it.

Once added successfully, GamePigeon will persist in your iMessage apps on that Mac and you can access it anytime to play games with friends from iMessage. Pretty simple!

What Games Can You Play with GamePigeon on Mac?

GamePigeon offers a fun variety of mini games spanning different genres and types of gameplay. Here are some of the games currently available in GamePigeon on Mac and iOS:

  • 8 Ball Pool – The hugely popular billiards simulation where you can challenge friends 1-on-1.
  • Archery – Test your aim by firing arrows at targets with different point values.
  • Basketball – A timing & scoring game where you shoot basketballs into a hoop.
  • Checkers – The classic board game of checkers playable with friends.
  • Chess – Traditional chess game that’s mobile-optimized.
  • Crazy 8s – The card game where you must match suits or numbers to keep playing.
  • Cup Pong – Bounce ping pong balls into cups in this fan favorite.
  • Dots and Boxes – The classic paper and pencil game of connecting dots into boxes.
  • Four in a Row – Also known as Connect Four, create a line of four beads in a grid.
  • Gomoku – Strategically place stones on a board to try and get five in a row.
  • Sea Battle – The thinking game of strategically locating ships on a grid.
  • Texas Hold’em – Poker with friends! Classic poker gameplay.
  • Tic Tac Toe – The ubiquitous X’s and O’s paper game we all know and love.

As you can see, GamePigeon really does offer something for everyone with this stellar lineup. The games run the gamut from billiards, archery, and other physics activities to strategic board games, card games, timing challenges, and more. Whether you enjoy fast-paced competitive games or thoughtful brain teasers, GamePigeon has you covered on a Mac.

How Does the Gameplay Experience Compare on Mac vs iPhone?

Given that GamePigeon was originally designed as an iPhone app, you may be wondering if or how the gameplay experience differs on a Mac versus mobile.

In general, the core games themselves function and play quite similarly on both platforms. The Mac visuals and controls are effectively optimized for a larger screen and mouse/trackpad compared to touch input.

However, there are a few differences in the overall experience:

  • Separate app – On iPhone, GamePigeon can be launched as a standalone app. On Mac it can only run within iMessage.
  • Initiating games – To start a game on iPhone you can tap a friend’s name. On Mac you must open a message thread and then select GamePigeon.
  • Game library – The full list of available games is immediate visible on iOS. On Mac you must first add GamePigeon before seeing the games.
  • Multiplayer – Playing games over iMessage on a Mac is a 1-on-1 experience. On iPhone, GamePigeon allows multiplayer with groups.

So in summary, the core games function similarly on both platforms, but the overall experience differs slightly due to the inherent differences between desktop and mobile environments. Mac users will still find the mini games enjoyable, but in a more limited 1-on-1 capacity compared to iOS.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of GamePigeon on Mac

Here are some helpful tips to allow you to get the most enjoyment out of GamePigeon on your Mac:

  • Add friends and family you message frequently – The more contacts you add who also have GamePigeon set up, the more opportunities for games!
  • Try both fast competitive games and slower strategy games – GamePigeon offers great variety, so experience different pacing.
  • Initiate games from existing conversations – Open a current iMessage thread to immediately start playing.
  • Set up gaming sessions – Schedule regular time slots with friends when you’ll play games.
  • Use GamePigeon for quick breaks – The mini games are great for breaks between working or studying.
  • Customize your GamePigeon profile – Add your photo, name, and a fun catchphrase.
  • Experiment with various games – Don’t just play one game repeatedly, try the full catalog!
  • Play on both iPhone and Mac – Move your games seamlessly between platforms.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to play games with friends anywhere through iMessage on your Mac with GamePigeon!

Common Questions about GamePigeon on Mac

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about using GamePigeon on a Mac computer:

Can I play GamePigeon on Mac without an iPhone?

Yes, you do not need an iPhone to use GamePigeon on your Mac. As long as iMessage is set up on your Mac, you can add GamePigeon to the iMessage apps and play with any friends who also have the games enabled.

Is there a separate GamePigeon app for Mac?

No, there is no dedicated GamePigeon app for Mac like there is on iOS. The games are only available as an extension within the iMessage app on a Mac.

Can I play GamePigeon on Mac against random people online?

No, GamePigeon on Mac does not support playing against random online opponents. The games are designed for directly challenging and playing friends over iMessage.

How do I know which friends can play GamePigeon?

When you open a message thread in iMessage on your Mac, you will see the GamePigeon icon next to the name of any friends who also have the app and can play games with you.

Can I play GamePigeon on Mac in a group chat?

Unfortunately, no. GamePigeon on Mac is limited to 1-on-1 gameplay experiences. Only on iOS can you use GamePigeon multiplayer with group chats.

Is GamePigeon on Mac completely free?

Yes, once added to your iMessage apps, you can use GamePigeon with no limits or in-app purchases on a Mac. Everything is free and included!


In summary, GamePigeon’s collection of fantastic mini games is fully playable on Macs by adding it as an extension within iMessage. While the overall experience differs somewhat from the standalone iOS GamePigeon app, Mac users can still enjoy 1-on-1 casual gameplay with friends completely for free.

With such a stellar lineup of quick, fun games spanning billiards, trivia, card games, board games, and more, GamePigeon is a great way to take a break or socialize on a Mac. We encourage all Mac iMessage users to give GamePigeon a try for themselves. Follow our guide to add it to your Mac today and start challenging friends trouble-free. Game on!

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