How to Listen to Music While Playing Genshin?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Press the Home button to exit Genshin Impact and open your music player app separately.
  • Use the inline pause/play button on iOS headphones to listen to both game and music audio.
  • Tap the Genshin Impact app icon to return to the game from recent apps.
  • Alternatively, press the wake/sleep button instead of double-clicking Home button.
  • Consider using an Android emulator on PC to run music apps over Genshin Impact.

How can you listen to music while immersed in the vast open world of Genshin Impact on mobile?

Genshin Impact has captivated players with its anime-style open world, engaging questlines, and diverse roster of characters to collect and level up. However, the sweeping orchestral soundtrack, while beautiful, can get repetitive during long play sessions. Many players yearn to listen to their own music libraries or streaming playlists while exploring the lands of Teyvat. Fortunately, with the right setup, you can enjoy your personalized musical accompaniment as you journey across the seven nations. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the various methods to enable background music playback while gaming on Genshin Impact for iOS and Android devices.

What are some quick ways to listen to music during Genshin Impact on mobile?

Can you play music in the background natively on Genshin Impact?

Unfortunately, Genshin Impact does not natively support background music or audio multitasking capabilities on mobile devices currently. The game audio pauses when you minimize the app or switch to another app. However, there are a few handy workarounds and tricks to achieve the same effect within the limitations of the mobile platform.

How do you quickly switch between Genshin and music apps on iOS?

For iOS users, the simplest method is to:

  1. Press the Home button on your iPhone or iPad to exit the Genshin Impact app and return to the home screen.
  2. Open your preferred music player app like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music etc.
  3. Play a song or start your playlist.
  4. Return to Genshin Impact by tapping on its icon from the recent apps list.

This enables you to swiftly switch between the two apps to control your music playback. However, the music will pause when you re-enter Genshin Impact and resume once you switch out again.

Can you use iPhone/iPad headphones inline controls?

If you have iPhone or AirPods headphones with inline playback controls, you can use them to seamlessly listen to music over Genshin Impact without repeatedly app switching.

When gaming with your headphones connected:

  • Press the inline play/pause button to start music playback.
  • Use the volume buttons to adjust music levels.
  • The music will play uninterrupted in the background while you play Genshin with full game audio.

This avoids having to exit Genshin each time you want to control your music. However, you will hear both game and music audio simultaneously.

How about using the wake/sleep button on iOS devices?

Here is another neat iPhone/iPad trick without headphones:

  • Instead of double-clicking the Home button, press the wake/sleep button once while in the Genshin Impact app.
  • This will temporarily minimize Genshin without fully exiting the app.
  • Swiftly open your music player from the app switcher and hit play.
  • Return to Genshin Impact and your music will keep playing in the background!

This enables music multitasking by briefly sending Genshin Impact to the background instead of completely quitting it.

What about listening to music on Android while playing Genshin Impact?

The underlying process is similar for Android users:

  1. Tap the Home button or gesture navigation to exit Genshin and return to your phone’s home screen.
  2. Launch your preferred music streaming app like Spotify, YouTube Music, Media Players etc.
  3. Select a song or playlist to begin playback.
  4. Return to your Genshin Impact game session by tapping the app icon from the recent apps list.

This will allow your music to play separately while you game. But you will need to repeatedly switch apps to control music playback.

Using Android headphones with inline playback buttons can provide a seamless experience like on iOS.

Can you run music apps over Genshin on PC?

For PC users, consider downloading an Android emulator like BlueStacks or NoxPlayer to install Genshin Impact. You can then directly run music/media apps over the Genshin Impact emulator window to enable seamless background music.

Streaming from a separate web browser tab is another option, though this eats up more system resources. Ultimately, PC provides greater flexibility for audio multitasking.

What are the limitations when listening to music during Genshin Impact mobile gameplay?

While the above methods can enable background music playback on Genshin Impact mobile to an extent, there are certain limitations:

  • Music pauses when you fully exit and relaunch Genshin on mobile. Playback does not persist seamlessly.
  • You will hear both game and music audio simultaneously when using inline controls. No way to lower game volume alone.
  • App switching can be tedious if you want to change songs/playlists frequently.
  • Drains phone battery faster due to concurrently running apps.
  • Can sometimes affect game performance and stability due to memory constraints.

As such, the experience is not as smooth or integrated as having native support for background audio within Genshin Impact. But these workarounds offer a decent alternative within the restrictions of iOS and Android platforms.

What headphones work best for listening to music with Genshin mobile?

Should you use wired or wireless headphones?

You can use either wired headphones or wireless Bluetooth headphones to enable external music playback on Genshin Impact mobile.

However, wireless headphones like AirPods offer greater convenience and seamless controls. Having no wires drastically improves mobility while gaming on your phone.

Wireless headphones also tend to provide better sound quality and noise isolation for an immersive audio experience. Just ensure your Bluetooth headphones are fully charged before long Genshin Impact sessions!

Which headphones have the best inline playback controls?

The key is using headphones that provide easy access to inline playback buttons to control your music on the go without having to manually switch apps.

Apple AirPods and Beats headphones are excellent choices for iPhone users thanks to their intuitive squeeze/tap gestures and deep iOS integration. Similarly, Sony, Bose, Jabra, and JBL wireless headphones have good inline playback controls for Android.

Having an inline microphone also allows voice chat with co-op partners within Genshin without compromising on music playback.

Should you invest in premium gaming headphones?

Dedicated gaming headphones provide certain advantages for an enhanced audio experience:

  • Greater sound isolation from ambient noise.
  • Surround sound drivers for positional/spatial audio cues.
  • Low latency wireless connectivity like aptX for audio-visual sync.
  • Dedicated gaming equalizer modes and presets.
  • Premium build quality and comfort for prolonged use.

However, premium gaming headphones are a significant investment. Standard wireless headphones with inline playback controls offer the most bang for buck. You can also use budget wired earphones if controls are not a priority.

Ultimately, choose headphones tailored to your budget and priorities. Any headphones supporting inline playback control will work.

How can you adjust audio levels between game and music?

Ideally, you want to balance audio from Genshin Impact and your music playback – not too loud or soft for either one.

Can you control music and game volume separately?

Unfortunately, when using the inline control method, you cannot separately adjust the game vs music volume on mobile. The headphones inline buttons change the system-wide volume.

One workaround is to manually lower Genshin Impact’s in-game volume from the Settings menu before starting external music. This reduces the relative loudness of Genshin’s audio versus your music.

Should you enable audio equalizers?

Using manual equalizers on your phones or headphones can help rebalance the levels.

For example, boosting bass on your music equalizer will help its volume stand out against Genshin Impact’s orchestral soundtrack.

Conversely, you can reduce bass and enhance mids/highs on the game’s audio settings to improve the balance.

Is noise cancellation helpful?

Headphones with effective noise cancellation can improve your ability to discern both game and music audio clearly.

By reducing ambient noise, it prevents the two audio sources from blending together indistinctly. Quality noise cancellation minimizes straining to hear softer sounds and allows lowering the volumes.

This avoids cranking up levels dangerously loud just to overpower blended audio from both sources. Having a tight seal also helps isolate the audio sources.

What are some tips for the ideal audio experience?

Follow these tips to optimize your music listening experience while enjoying Genshin Impact on mobile:

  • Use over-ear headphones rather than earbuds to minimize audio bleed between music and game sounds.
  • Enable any surround sound or 3D audio options on your headphones for spacious audio.
  • Turn off Atmos on iPhone for clear stereo separation between the two audio sources.
  • Set Genshin Impact SFX volume to 70% and music to 30% for ideal balance.
  • Disable Ambient Noise reduction for less audio processing.
  • Use lossless quality audio if your headphones and apps support it.
  • Set your phone’s media volume to 90% to cap loudness levels.
  • Try an external DAC or amp for more volume headroom and power if necessary.
  • Optimize your phone’s processing by closing other apps during long Genshin sessions.
  • Prevent battery drain by reducing screen brightness and disabling mobile data/WiFi when not needed.

With the right gear and settings adjustments, you can enjoy your tunes without compromising your Genshin Impact immersion and gameplay experience. Music makes everything better!

What are your other options to listen to music on Genshin Impact?

If the above methods are still too limiting for your tastes, here are a few more options:

Can you play Genshin Impact on PC with music mods?

For the ultimate audio experience, consider playing Genshin Impact on Windows PC using a music mod.

Popular mods like GiMuse allow adding custom background music that automatically adapts to combat encounters. This creates a dynamic music experience unmatched on mobile.

You will need to install the PC client and use a mod manager like Mod Manager 2 to get GiMuse working flawlessly. But it’s worth it for seamless adaptive music integrated directly into the game.

What about using a mobile gaming controller?

If you have a Razer Kishi or other mobile gaming controller, you can comfortably play Genshin Impact on your smartphone in a controller-style grip.

This leaves the phone’s speakers exposed so you can play external music via a separate speaker. The controller’s buttons replace app switching for a console-like experience.

You miss out on headphones but gain dedicated physical controls for playing music in the background.

Should you switch to Genshin Impact on PlayStation?

On PS4 and PS5, Genshin Impact supports system-level Spotify integration on PlayStation consoles via the Spotify app.

This allows uninterrupted background music playback from Spotify while exploring Genshin, with granular mixing between game and music audio sources.

Console gaming also provides a bigger screen display and solid performance thanks to the powerful dedicated hardware. DualShock controllers further enhance the experience compared to mobile.

Consider investing in a used PS4 or upgraded PS5 if you wish to play Genshin Impact primarily as a console gaming experience.


Genshin Impact provides a mesmerizing anime open-world to explore on mobile devices. But the repetitive soundtrack can dampen enjoyment during long gaming marathons. Thankfully, the workarounds above enable iOS and Android users to augment their adventure with custom background music.

While Genshin does not natively support uninterrupted audio multitasking, headphone inline controls and app switching provide a decent alternative. Balancing game and music levels while optimizing performance are key for the best experience. For seamless integration, migrating to PC or console gaming opens up additional options like music mods.

Ultimately, being able to quest alongside your personalized playlists adds a whole new dimension to the immersive lands of Teyvat. So equip your best headphones, fire up your epic soundtracks, and dive into the rich world of Genshin Impact accompanied by beautiful musical harmony. The adventure awaits!

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