How to Get Hats off Emote League of Legends?

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Key Takeaways:

  • The “Hat’s Off” emote was released for a limited time and may not always be available.
  • It can be purchased with Riot Points when available in the in-game store.
  • Cost varies by region but is typically 390 RP.
  • Use the emote wheel hotkey (default: Hold T + Mouse) once acquired.
  • Issues obtaining it may require contacting Riot Support.

The “Hat’s Off” emote is one of the many expressive cosmetic icons that League of Legends players can unlock to spice up in-game communication. Its dashing and gentlemanly vibe makes it a popular choice. But with emotes often only being available for a limited time, obtaining this coveted hat tip can be tricky.

This comprehensive guide will walk through all the steps and considerations for getting the “Hat’s Off” emote in League of Legends. Read on to learn about availability, pricing, troubleshooting, and using this icon once acquired.

Is the “Hat’s Off” Emote Currently Available?

The first step is checking if Riot Games is actually offering the “Hat’s Off” emote for purchase. As a limited-time icon, it is only obtainable from the in-game store when Riot puts it back into circulation.

According to Riot’s support page, the “Hat’s Off” emote was first released in October 2018 for the Worlds 2018 tournament. It briefly returned to the store in May 2019 and was last available between December 2020 and January 2021.

So there is a possibility that the emote may not currently be up for grabs. But don’t lose hope yet! Riot cycles emotes in and out of the store over time. Periodic availability windows often coincide with major esports events or holidays.

For example, Riot brought back five vintage esports emotes, including “Hat’s Off,” for purchase during Worlds 2020. It’s worth logging on around major tournaments like MSI and Worlds to check the store.

How Much does the “Hat’s Off” Emote Cost?

If the emote is available, the next step is purchasing it. All League of Legends emotes are bought with Riot Points (RP), the in-game currency that allows players to unlock cosmetics like skins, icons, and ward skins.

RP can be purchased with real money in the League of Legends client. The cost of the “Hat’s Off” emote may vary slightly based on your server region and when it was released:

  • On NA servers, it is typically 390 RP.
  • EU West servers also price it at 390 RP.
  • In EU Nordic & East regions, it costs 375 RP.
  • Oceania servers list it as 520 RP.

At $5 for 650 RP, you’d need to buy $5 worth of points to afford the 390 RP emote in most regions. It lands on the higher end of League emotes cost-wise but is inline with other limited icons.

Using the Emote Once Purchased

After securing those coveted Riot Points and buying the “Hat’s Off” emote, it will be automatically added to your emote collection in League of Legends. Equipping and using it takes just a few simple steps:

  1. Open the emote collection tab in the client. This can be found in the Collection or Loot sections.
  2. Locate the “Hat’s Off” emote and make sure the “In Use” box is checked. This equips it to your emote wheel.
  3. Join a game and open the emote wheel using the hotkey (default is Hold T + move Mouse).
  4. Scroll to and select the “Hat’s Off” icon to activate it!

Your champion will now doff their cap in a show of respect. The emote can be used at any time during a match. It’s perfect for greeting teammates or complimenting opponents on well-executed plays.

Troubleshooting Issues with the “Hat’s Off” Emote

While acquiring the emote is normally straightforward when available, some League of Legends players have reported issues getting their hands on this coveted cosmetic. Here are some potential troubleshooting solutions:

  • Confirm the emote is actually available – Double check the in-game store to make sure the timing coincides with a Riot promotion. As a limited icon, there are periods where it can’t be bought.
  • Try restarting the League Client – A client refresh can sometimes resolve temporarily glitched store items.
  • Change regions – Hopping to a different regional server may reveal availability. Certain regions price the emote differently.
  • Contact Riot Support – If you purchased the emote but can’t access it, Riot’s support page has options to open a ticket. Provide your summoner name and details.
  • Wait for the next release window – If all else fails, calendar the major esports events when vintage emotes sometimes return.

With any luck, getting the “Hat’s Off” emote will be a quick and painless process. But bugs happen, and limited-time items can cause frustrations. Don’t hesitate to leverage Riot’s customer support channels or look ahead to potential re-releases if needed.

Why is the “Hat’s Off” Emote So Coveted in League of Legends?

Beyond its periodic availability, what makes the “Hat’s Off” emote so sought after in League of Legends? A few factors contribute to its coveted status:

Refined Style Points

The emote depicts a piltover-style gentleman tipping his top hat with an accompaniment of fancy musical notes. This polished and refined animation oozes style. Tipping your hat evokes a sense of respect and sportsmanship – perfect for acknowledging a well-played move from an ally or opponent.

Range of Applications

Flexibility boosts an emote’s appeal. “Hat’s Off” fits into many common in-game scenarios:

  • Greeting teammates as the match starts
  • Congratulating teammates after successful ganks or objectives
  • Being a gracious winner at the end of a match
  • Complimenting opponents after they pull off an impressive play

It’s appropriate across a wide range of situations. The high hat tips per game potential increases its value.

Pop Culture Nostalgia

The emote likely draws inspiration from vintage cartoons and movies that featured dapper gentlemen tipping hats. This nod to pop culture nostalgia gives the emote a dose of charm. Baby boomers and millennials alike appreciate the retro vibe.

Sense of Prestige

Let’s be honest – the limited availability also feeds a sense of prestige and exclusivity around “Hat’s Off.” Sporting a rare emote feels good. Human nature makes us value rare items, and showing off can be part of the fun.

Are There Alternative Options to the “Hat’s Off” Emote?

While “Hat’s Off” is a coveted cosmetic icon, League does offer some alternative emotes that evoke similar gentlemanly energy:

Salute Emote

This common icon features a two-finger salute – another respectable gesture with military roots. It’s not as fancy as a full hat tip but gets the job done. Costing only 250 RP, it’s much easier to obtain.

How Wonderful Emote

A gentleman exclaiming “How wonderful!” in a pompous tone. The vibe matches “Hat’s Off” but may feel a bit more sarcastic. It clocks in at 290 RP.

Ingentlemen Emote

A snazzily dressed yordle tips his large top hat. Very comparable to “Hat’s Off” in theme, though still distinct at 490 RP.

Formal Salutation Emote

While not a hat tip, this butler bow emote has a high-class vibe. The 250 RP cost is affordable if you miss out on “Hat’s Off.”

Does Riot Ever Retire Emotes Permanently?

A fair question regarding any limited-release cosmetic is whether it will be gone for good after leaving the store. Will “Hat’s Off” ever retire permanently?

The short answer is that it’s unlikely, but possible. Riot’s general philosophy is to cycle limited-release content back into circulation for additional windows of availability over time. Emotes especially are rotated frequently.

However, in very rare cases, Riot has permanently retired some content. For example, the Rusty Blitzcrank skin can no longer be obtained after its limited-time release window in 2009.

Certain seasonal skins have also gone years without returning, though most eventually get un-vaulted. So while icons like “Hat’s Off” tend to resurface annually, there are no guarantees. Snatching up limited emotes during release windows is advised.

On the plus side, Riot has confirmed that content sold for RP (including emotes) will never be discontinued permanently by default. So collectors can rest easier knowing “Hat’s Off” will almost certainly tip its hat again in future League of Legends seasons!

Final Thoughts on Getting the “Hat’s Off” Emote

The “Hat’s Off” emote remains highly coveted by League of Legends players years after its release due to its gentlemanly charm and dashing style. While obtaining this limited-time icon takes timing and luck, its sense of refinement and flexibility in-game make it well worth the effort.

Periodically monitoring the store for availability windows, especially around major esports events, can give collectors their shot at securing this prestigious cosmetic. A few other gentlemanly emotes can also substitute for those who miss out on acquiring the “Hat’s Off” icon.

At the end of the day, part of the appeal lies in the chase. The tips of our hats to Riot for keeping interest high in these limited-release cosmetics that build engagement and reward dedicated players. So good fortune to all on their quest to add “Hat’s Off” to their emote wheel!

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