How to Get Mythic Capo in the Idle Mafia?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Spend money to quickly obtain Mythic Capos through purchases and events.
  • Complete main story events like Japan, Las Vegas, and Illegal Market for Mythic Chests.
  • Collect Capo shards from safes, missions, and events to unlock Mythic Capos.
  • Exchange 500 Capo shards to unlock a Mythic Capo.
  • Link Mythic Capos together to increase their power.
  • Upgrade Capo talents to improve stats and abilities.


Idle Mafia is an engaging mobile game where players build criminal empires by managing mafia families and defeating other factions. As you progress, your mafia roster expands with new Capos that provide valuable buffs and battle skills. The most powerful Capos are the mythic-rarity ones, coveted for their game-changing abilities. But how exactly can you get mythic Capos to strengthen your mafia in Idle Mafia?

This comprehensive guide will evaluate the key methods and strategies to obtain mythic Capos in Idle Mafia. We’ll analyze the different options to collect shards and unlock these elite Capos, ranging from spending money to completing events. You’ll discover the most efficient approaches to target specific mythic Capos and power them up through linking and talent upgrades. With these insights, you’ll be equipped to build a dominant criminal empire with the best mythic Capos at your disposal.

Understanding the various pathways to acquiring and empowering mythic Capos is invaluable knowledge for any Idle Mafia player. This guide provides everything you need to know to get your hands on these highly coveted characters and maximize their potential. Let’s get started!

How Can You Get Mythic Capos in Idle Mafia?

Mythic Capos are the rarest and most powerfulCapos in Idle Mafia, providing game-changing buffs and skills. But how can you get your hands on these elite Capos to strengthen your mafia? Here are the main methods:

Spend Money to Quickly Unlock Mythic Capos?

The fastest way to obtain mythic Capos in Idle Mafia is to spend real money through in-app purchases. Buying “Diamonds” allows you to instantly open Nations Safes that contain Capo shards and guaranteed Legendary/Mythic Capos every 10 draws. Spending on event packages also rewards Chests with Mythic Capos and shards.

According to research by AppMagic, the average Idle Mafia player spends $57. So those willing to splurge can fast-track acquiring mythic Capos. However, continuous spending is required to rank them up.

How Can You Get Mythic Capos from Main Story Events??

Completing Idle Mafia’s main story events like Japan, Las Vegas, and Illegal Market reward special event Chests. These can contain full mythic Capos or shards to unlock them.

For example, clearing all of Japan’s regions awards a Japan Chest with a chance of rewarding Inugami, a powerful mythic Capo. So focusing on event progression is key for F2P players.

What’s the Best Way to Collect Capo Shards for Mythic Capos?

Idle Mafia offers many avenues to collect Capo shards, which can then be exchanged to unlock mythic Capos. The main options are:

  • Open Safes: Standard/Nations Safes drop random Capo shards. Guaranteed Legendary/Mythic every 10 pulls.
  • Complete Daily Missions: Certain daily quests reward Capo shards.
  • Participate in Events: Special events and modes award event currencies to buy Chests with Capo shards.
  • Level Up: Earning certain Account/VIP levels grants Capo shards.
  • Exchange Currencies: Diamonds, Keys, Badges can be exchanged for Chests containing shards.

Regularly utilizing these methods will steadily accumulate Capo shards, enabling you to unlock mythic Capos over time.

How Many Shards Are Needed to Unlock Mythic Capos?

To exchange Capo shards for a mythic Capo, you need to collect:

  • 500 shards for low-tier mythic Capos (Inugami, Sphinx).
  • 1000 shards for mid-tier mythic Capos (Quetzalcoatl, Cerberus).
  • 1500 shards for high-tier mythic Capos (Hades, Poseidon).

So with diligent shard collecting through events, missions, and safes, you can target the shards of your desired mythic Capo and unlock them.

What Special Features Do Mythic Capos Have?

Mythic Capos possess two special features that set them apart:

  • Linking: You can link two same mythic Capos together to combine their shards and increase their max level/power. This synergistic bond unlocks enhanced skills.
  • Talent Tree: Mythic Capos have talent trees that can be upgraded with Talent Points to boost stats and abilities.

Utilizing these features optimizes your mythic Capos, amplifying their already formidable strength.

How Can You Power Up Mythic Capos after Unlocking Them?

Once you’ve unlocked your coveted mythic Capos in Idle Mafia, you’ll want to maximize their might. Here are key strategies to power them up:

How Does Linking Mythic Capos Work??

Linking combines two instances of the same mythic Capo to enhance their attributes. To link mythic Capos:

  • Both Capos must be unlocked and at max level.
  • Visit the Linking tab and select the Capos to initiate linking.
  • The Capos’ shards will be combined, allowing the linked Capo to reach a higher max level and power.

According to developers, a fully-linked mythic Capo can gain up to 30% more stats compared to a non-linked version.

What Are the Benefits of Linking Mythic Capos??

Key perks of linking your mythic Capos:

  • Increased max level, raising their stats and combat performance.
  • Unlocking additional skills and bonuses. Linked mythic Capos gain extra abilities.
  • Saves roster space. Linking condenses two Capos into one powerful version.
  • Higher upside for upgrades. Linking maximizes gains from shards and talent upgrades.

Through strategic linking, you can amplify your mythic Capos to greater heights.

How Can You Upgrade Mythic Capo Talents??

Mythic Capos have talent trees that can be upgraded to boost their capabilities:

  • Use Talent Points earned from Events/Missions to unlock talent nodes.
  • Nodes enhance Capo stats like Damage, HP, and Specialty Power.
  • Upgrade all nodes to maximize talents and unlock “Ascended” versions of abilities.

According to Idle Mafia data, a fully upgraded talent tree can increase a Mythic Capo’s power by over 50% compared to no upgrades.

What Are the Best Ways to Get Talent Points for Upgrades??

Top methods to gain Talent Points for mythic Capo upgrades:

  • Complete limited-time Special Events like Contraband Convoys.
  • Achieve certain VIP levels to earn Talent Point rewards.
  • Purchase occasional Talent Point Bundles using Diamonds.
  • Rank high in weekly Underground Arena seasons.
  • Max out Battle Pass seasons that offer Talent Points.

Though slow, regular talent upgrades will significantly amplify your mythic Capos over time.

What Are the Top Mythic Capos You Should Target?

With many mythic Capos to choose from, which ones should you prioritize getting and upgrading in Idle Mafia? Here are top recommendations:

Why is Hades One of the Best Mythic Capos??

As the King of the Underworld in Greek mythology, Hades boasts:

  • High base HP, making him extremely tanky.
  • Attack debuffs enemies and reduces healing received.
  • Ultimate ability inflicts massive AoE damage.

According to polls on r/IdleMafia, Hades ranks among the top 3 mythic Capos. His versatility and durability make him a prime target.

What Makes Poseidon a Top-Tier Mythic Capo??

The mighty Greek sea god Poseidon brings:

  • Strong AoE damage and Stun on basic attack.
  • Bonus Crit Chance and Crit Damage from his trait.
  • Ultimate delivers devastating area damage, especially when Enraged.

Poseidon’s offense and crowd control abilities enable him to dominate battles. Focus on acquiring him.

Why is Quetzalcoatl Considered a Must-Have Mythic Capo?

This Aztec serpent god provides invaluable support:

  • Trait boosts Attack Speed and Movement Speed of all Capos.
  • Basic attack reduces enemy Block Chance.
  • Ultimate increases Crit Chance/Crit Damage of all allies.

With her phenomenal buffs, Quetzalcoatl is a mainstay in top player mafias according to the Idle Mafia Discord.

In Closing

Acquiring those elite mythic Capos is instrumental in building a powerful mafia to rule the criminal underworld in Idle Mafia. Whether through spending, events, collecting shards, or strategic upgrades, make obtaining and maxing top mythic Capos like Hades, Poseidon, and Quetzalcoatl a priority. Dominate territories and outgun rival factions with your roster of mythic Capos!

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