How to Get to Level 9 in Obey Me?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Buy VIP on Akuzon for bonuses like halved summon recharge time
  • Play hard mode and events for increased EXP
  • Complete Hard Lessons for more EXP at the cost of extra AP
  • Wait for and complete Levi’s Bootcamp for leveling items
  • Do daily challenges for easy EXP


Obey Me! is a popular otome style mobile game where you interact with the avatar characters representing the 7 demon brothers of the Devildom. As you progress through the game, your main character levels up which unlocks additional content and allows you to advance the story. Reaching level 9 is a key milestone that opens up more gameplay options. However, leveling up can feel slow at times. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the most effective methods to get your character to level 9 in Obey Me!

Getting your character to level 9 faster allows you to experience more of what Obey Me! has to offer. With higher levels, you gain access to new battle stages, more compelling story chapters, and increased interaction with the demon brothers. Leveling up also boosts your battle power, enabling you to take on challenges in the later lessons. The techniques covered here will significantly cut down on the grind of leveling up and let you enjoy the fun parts of the game sooner.

Follow the step-by-step instructions in this guide to employ proven strategies that take advantage of the leveling mechanics in Obey Me! In no time at all, you’ll reach the coveted level 9 and be able to fully experience everything this immersive game has to offer. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Buy VIP on Akuzon for Faster Summoning

One of the most effective ways to level up faster in Obey Me! is to purchase VIP status on Akuzon, the in-game shopping platform. VIP gives you access to special bonuses that make leveling much easier.

The key perk is halving the amount of time needed for free summon voucher regeneration. Summoning additional demons provides a reliable source of experience points. With VIP, your summon vouchers replenish twice as fast, allowing more frequent summons and faster leveling.

VIP also includes bonuses like:

  • Increased maximum AP
  • Special VIP-only items
  • Extra rewards from jobs
  • Discount on Akuzon purchases

The combination of perks adds up to a huge boost in leveling speed. The initial investment in buying VIP pays for itself by accelerating your progress through the game.

To gain these benefits, go to Akuzon in-game and purchase VIP. It is available for periods of 7 days, 30 days, or 60 days. Aim for at least a 30 day VIP to maximize the impact on getting to level 9. With this advantage, reaching level 9 becomes much more achievable.

Step 2: Play Events and Hard Mode for Increased EXP

Playing through timed events and hard mode stages offers opportunities to earn EXP faster than normal lessons. Taking advantage of these special game modes is key to quick leveling.

Participate in Current Events

Limited time events will periodically become available and are announced in-game. These often take the form of story events or battles. Completing all portions of an event provides a large boost in EXP compared to normal gameplay.

Events may feature special items or battles that give extra EXP. The additional story content also helps with leveling. Be sure to fully finish all parts of any events currently running to get the most experience.

Switch to Hard Mode When Available

For normal lessons, a hard mode difficulty unlocks after initially completing the stage. Hard mode features stronger enemy demons which provide increased EXP upon winning battles.

Switching a lesson to hard mode offers a reliable way to grind more EXP. The extra difficulty earns you higher rewards. Set battles to hard mode whenever possible to benefit from the leveling bonus.

Prioritize hard mode for lessons you have already finished rather than advancing new normal lessons. Grinding out your current max available level on hard before moving forward ensures you optimize EXP gains.

Step 3: Complete Hard Lessons for More EXP

In addition to hard mode, lessons initially labeled as Hard Lessons offer increased EXP over normal lessons. Completing Hard Lessons should be a priority.

The tradeoff is that Hard Lessons cost 8 AP per battle instead of 5 AP. However, the substantial EXP gains are worth the extra AP cost. Plus, leveling up will in turn raise your maximum AP allowing you to take on more Hard Lessons per play session.

Here are some tips to get the most from Hard Lessons for experience:

  • Check which Hard Lessons are currently accessible and focus your AP there.
  • Once your AP is depleted, wait for it to regenerate before tackling more Hard Lessons.
  • Use AP-restoring items like Mad Lovers Coffee to replenish your AP faster.

With strategy, you can complete more Hard Lessons in less time. The EXP will quickly add up, moving you closer to the next level milestone.

Step 4: Complete Levi’s Bootcamp for Leveling Items

Levi’s Bootcamp is a limited lesson that appears periodically and offers prizes tailored for gaining levels at an accelerated rate. Completing this special lesson should be a top priority.

The key rewards are items that grant an instant boost to your current level progress. For example, the Sergeant’s Badge item may give 1000 EXP immediately.

Other prizes like AP replenishment and increased battle point regeneration help maximize your leveling rate. The cumulative impact from all theBootcamp rewards is substantial.

Check the limited lessons often for the appearance of Levi’s Bootcamp. The lesson may need to be unlocked by reaching a certain point in the normal story. When available, devote your AP to completing Leviathan’s training. The payoff in leveling speed will be immense.

Step 5: Do Daily Tasks for Guaranteed EXP

Completing daily tasks is a simple way to earn EXP reliably. Don’t neglect these quick sources of experience.

The daily goals reset each day and can award 50 EXP per task completed. With 6 potential tasks, that totals up to 300 EXP available just from the daily goals.

The tasks refresh at 6 AM based on the in-game clock. Be sure to clear at least the easiest ones before the reset to maximize daily EXP.

Daily tasks may include:

  • Using AP a certain number of times
  • Clearing a specific number of battles
  • Sending a gift to a character
  • Using 10 Grimm at Akuzon
  • Getting a certain number of stars in battle

These challenges can be fulfilled through your normal daily play. But try to complete as many as feasible to capitalize on the predictable EXP. With this free experience from dailies, reaching level 9 goes faster.

Putting It All Together

Getting your character to level 9 in Obey Me! can be sped up considerably by using the methods outlined above:

  • Become VIP for bonuses like faster summoning
  • Play limited events and hard modes for increased EXP
  • Spend AP on Hard Lessons first for efficient leveling
  • Finish Levi’s Bootcamp whenever available for level boost items
  • Complete daily tasks reliably for guaranteed EXP

Employing these strategies in combination, your level will rapidly rise. Check for any current events, squeeze in a few Hard Lessons, finish some daily tasks, and watch your EXP bar fill.

With some dedicated focus on the leveling mechanics, you’ll hit level 9 before you know it. Bringing together the full array of techniques accelerates the process so you can fully enjoy everything Obey Me! has to offer at higher levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to buy VIP?

VIP can be purchased for periods of 7 days, 30 days, or 60 days. The 30 day VIP costs approximately $10 USD. This is the best value for quickly reaching level 9.

Should I use items like AP potions?

Yes, items that replenish AP like potions allow you to complete more battles and lessons for EXP. Use them to grind Hard Lessons faster.

Is there a daily limit for EXP from tasks?

You can earn up to 300 EXP per day from the daily tasks. Try to complete as many as you’re able to capitalize on this steady EXP.

Do memory cards provide a leveling benefit?

Upgrading memory cards boosts your battle power but does not directly grant EXP. However, stronger cards help complete battles and lessons faster.

Should I focus on the main story or events?

Make sure to finish all available event content before prioritizing the main story. Events offer bonus EXP and should take precedence.


Reaching level 9 in Obey Me! opens up many exciting options for interacting with the endearing demon brothers of the Devildom. Using techniques like purchasing VIP, completing Hard Lessons, grinding events, finishing Levi’s Bootcamp, and doing daily tasks will get your character to level 9 in no time. Focus on the leveling mechanics, and you’ll speed through the early levels. Soon, you’ll be experiencing everything this fun and dramatic otome game has to offer. With this guide’s advice, level 9 is within your grasp. Now get out there and start leveling up!

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