Can you connect Turtle Beach Stealth 600 to a phone?

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 gaming headset can connect to phones via Bluetooth, but not all versions support this.
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows the Stealth 600 headset to pair with smartphones for audio playback and phone calls.
  • The Stealth 600s for Xbox and PC have Bluetooth and can connect to phones, but the PlayStation model lacks Bluetooth.
  • To enable Bluetooth on the Xbox/PC versions, hold down the power and Bluetooth buttons together until pairing mode activates.
  • Once in pairing mode, find the headset in your phone’s Bluetooth settings to connect them.


With gaming headsets like the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 becoming more advanced, a common question asked is whether they can connect to smartphones in addition to game consoles and computers. Being able to use a high-quality gaming headset for music, videos, phone calls and more while on the go with a phone is an attractive proposition for many users. However, support for Bluetooth connectivity to pair with phones is not consistent across the various Stealth 600 models and platforms.

This comprehensive guide will evaluate the Bluetooth capabilities of the different Turtle Beach Stealth 600 headset versions and models in depth. It will analyze and explain the functionality to connect the Stealth 600 to phones via Bluetooth, where supported. Key factors and considerations for pairing the gaming headsets with smartphones will be covered in detail, providing readers with a clear understanding of how to connect their Stealth 600 to a phone.

With the detailed information and instructions provided throughout this article, readers will learn everything needed to know if their Stealth 600 headset can wirelessly connect with a phone, and how to enable Bluetooth pairing to use the gaming headset with their mobile device.

Can You Connect Turtle Beach Stealth 600 to a Phone?

You can connect the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 gaming headset to a phone via Bluetooth, but this capability is only supported on certain models of the headset. Specifically, the Xbox and PC versions of the Stealth 600 allow Bluetooth connections to pair with smartphones. However, the PlayStation 4/PS5 model of the Stealth 600 gaming headset lacks Bluetooth connectivity, preventing pairing with phones.

Why Have Bluetooth on a Gaming Headset?

Allowing the Stealth 600 gaming headset to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to a phone as well as its paired Xbox or PC expands its versatility. Users can conveniently use the high-performance gaming headset for more than just console and computer gaming. Bluetooth connectivity enables the Stealth 600 to also function as regular Bluetooth headphones for:

  • Listening to music streaming apps on a smartphone
  • Watching videos, movies and TV shows on a phone
  • Making and receiving phone calls on a mobile device
  • Voice chat via apps like Discord on a phone

Being able to use their gaming headset with a phone allows users to have a seamless audio experience across multiple devices and use cases, improving convenience and portability. This eliminates the need to switch between multiple headsets constantly.

Xbox & PC Stealth 600 Models Have Bluetooth

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 headsets designed for Xbox consoles and Windows PCs include integrated Bluetooth technology to allow wireless connections to other devices like smartphones.

According to Turtle Beach, the Xbox and PC versions of the Stealth 600 contain “Bluetooth connectivity to mobile devices”. This permits pairing and using the gaming headset with a Bluetooth-enabled phone.

So if you have the white Stealth 600 model made for Xbox One/Xbox Series X or the black Stealth 600 model designed for Windows PCs, Bluetooth functionality for connecting to a phone is supported.

PlayStation Stealth 600 Lacks Bluetooth

Unlike the Xbox and PC versions, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 headset model created for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles does not include Bluetooth capabilities.

The key difference is that PlayStation headsets like the Stealth 600 connect wirelessly to the PS4/PS5 via a low-latency USB transmitter, rather than using Xbox Wireless or Bluetooth like the Xbox and PC models do.

Unfortunately, this means the dark blue Stealth 600 PlayStation officially does not support Bluetooth connections to smartphones for audio playback or phone calls. Without integrated Bluetooth, there is no way to pair the PS4/PS5 Stealth 600 model with a phone.

How to Connect Stealth 600 to a Phone via Bluetooth

For the Stealth 600 headset models that have Bluetooth connectivity, namely the Xbox and PC versions, the process to pair and connect to a phone is quick and simple.

Steps to Pair Stealth 600 to a Phone via Bluetooth:

  1. First, ensure the Stealth 600 gaming headset is powered off.
  2. Press and hold the power button and Bluetooth button simultaneously.
  3. Continue holding both buttons until the Bluetooth LED indicator begins rapidly flashing blue. This indicates pairing mode is activated.
  4. On your smartphone, open your Bluetooth settings and set it to search for new devices.
  5. In the list of available devices, select “TB Stealth 600” to initiate pairing.
  6. If prompted for a passcode, enter “0000”. The headset and phone should now be successfully connected via Bluetooth.
  7. You can now use the Stealth 600 to listen to audio and take calls from your smartphone.

Once successfully paired initially via Bluetooth, the headset will stay connected to your phone whenever the Stealth 600 and phone are both powered on and in range. Re-pairing should only be required if you unpair the devices or get a new phone.

Using Stealth 600 with a Phone via Bluetooth

When paired and connected via Bluetooth, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 essentially functions as regular Bluetooth headphones for your smartphone.

For taking calls, the clear high-quality microphone on the Stealth 600 allows you to have phone conversations wirelessly through the headset.

Media audio like music and videos will play from your phone right into the Stealth 600 headphones over Bluetooth. You can adjust the volume using your phone’s volume controls.

The playback controls on the Stealth 600 ear cups can also be used to play/pause, skip tracks, etc. This allows convenient wireless control of your phone’s media even if it’s in your pocket.

In terms of sound quality, connecting to a phone via Bluetooth provides near CD-quality audio, unlike lower bitrate codec support on consoles. This allows the 40mm over-ear speakers of the Stealth 600 to shine with excellent sound reproduction for your music library.

For chat applications on your phone like Discord, the Stealth 600’s clear microphone transmits your voice while the headphones let you hear the conversation. This enables using the gaming headset for communication on mobile apps.

Overall, the ability to use the premium Stealth 600 gaming headset as everyday Bluetooth headphones with your smartphone when traveling or on the go adds greatly to its versatility and convenience.

Key Considerations for Using Stealth 600 with Phones

There are some important factors to keep in mind when using the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 gaming headset paired via Bluetooth to a smartphone:

Battery Life

The Stealth 600 is powered by a rechargeable battery built into the headphones. Battery life is an impressive 15 hours when using a Bluetooth connection, according to Turtle Beach. However, constant Bluetooth music streaming may drain the battery faster. The headset can be charged via USB while powered off.

Wireless Range

The Bluetooth wireless range when paired to a phone is approximately 30 feet. Staying within 30 feet between your phone and the Stealth 600 headphones ensures the Bluetooth connection remains stable. Moving farther apart can lead to audio dropouts.

Multiple Device Connections

The Stealth 600 can maintain connections to two devices simultaneously using Bluetooth Multipoint. This allows pairing both your phone and Xbox/PC at the same time, so you can use either device without re-pairing constantly.

Headset Controls

When paired to a phone via Bluetooth, the on-ear headset controls for game/chat audio mix, mic monitoring, EQ presets, etc. will not function, since they are designed for gaming use cases. Only the standard playback controls to pause, skip, adjust volume, etc. can be used with a phone.

Gaming Use While Connected to Phone

To switch the Stealth 600 headphones back to your Xbox or PC for gaming while paired to your phone, simply turn on the console/computer you have the headset synced to. The headset will automatically switch the audio over to your gaming device when powered on.

FAQs about Connecting Turtle Beach Stealth 600 to Phones

Can any Turtle Beach Stealth 600 headset connect to phones via Bluetooth?

No, only the Stealth 600 models designed specifically for Xbox and PC support Bluetooth connections to smartphones. The PlayStation versions of the Stealth 600 lack Bluetooth capabilities entirely.

Does the Stealth 600 have multiplayer Bluetooth connections?

Yes, the Stealth 600 headset supports Multipoint Bluetooth to maintain connections with two devices at once. This allows pairing with both your phone and gaming console/PC simultaneously via Bluetooth.

Do you need any adapters or dongles to connect Stealth 600 to a phone?

No adapters or dongles are needed. The Xbox and PC models of the Stealth 600 have integrated Bluetooth, so they can pair directly with your phone without any additional hardware required.

How far away can your phone be from the Stealth 600 headset?

The Bluetooth connection has an approximate range of 30 feet. As long as your phone remains within 30 feet of the Stealth 600, the Bluetooth audio should function properly. Going farther away may lead to audio dropouts or disconnections.

Can the Stealth 600 headphones be used for phone calls?

Yes, when paired via Bluetooth you can make and receive phone calls using the high-quality microphone and speakers of the Stealth 600 for crystal clear phone call audio wirelessly.

Does connecting to a phone affect the Stealth 600’s gaming performance?

The performance for gaming remains unaffected. The Stealth 600 automatically switches connectivity back to your paired Xbox or PC whenever the gaming system is powered on for lag-free game audio.

Can the Stealth 600 pair with Bluetooth headphones and speakers too?

No, the Stealth 600 only allows pairing to other Bluetooth host devices like phones. Pairing as a headphone client to other Bluetooth transmitters is not possible. Only Bluetooth host mode is supported.


In summary, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 gaming headset models designed for Xbox and PC consoles provide integrated Bluetooth connectivity. This allows them to wirelessly pair with smartphones via Bluetooth to function as stereo headphones for music, calls, videos and chat while on the go.

However, PlayStation models of the Stealth 600 lack Bluetooth radios entirely, preventing phone connectivity. By understanding which Stealth 600 headsets have Bluetooth and following the simple pairing process, users can enjoy the versatility of using their premium gaming headset with mobile devices as well as consoles. This delivers great sound quality and convenience across platforms.

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