How to Connect to IHG WiFi on PS4?

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Key Takeaways:

  • IHG WiFi can be accessed on PS4 by navigating to network settings and selecting the hotel’s wireless network.
  • After connecting to the IHG WiFi network, a web browser prompt will appear for accepting terms and conditions.
  • Some IHG hotels may require pressing the PS4 controller’s triangle button to bring up the browser and connect.
  • Hotels may have different network setups, so check at front desk if connection issues arise.
  • Using a wired connection with an Ethernet cable is another option for more reliable connectivity.
  • Keeping PS4 software updated, restarting console, and trying different locations can help with troubleshooting.


Staying connected online while traveling is extremely convenient for work, entertainment, and communication needs. For avid gamers who bring their PlayStation 4 consoles on trips, accessing hotel WiFi networks like IHG can provide that vital connectivity. However, the methods for getting PS4 devices on hotel wireless networks are not always straightforward.

This article will provide a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on connecting your PS4 gaming console to IHG hotel WiFi networks. All of the required settings configurations, troubleshooting tips, and alternative options will be covered in detail. Readers will gain an in-depth understanding of how to get their PS4 consoles online with IHG hotel wireless so connectivity is seamless during hotel stays.

With IHG ranking among the top hotel chains worldwide with over 5,600 properties, the ability to connect a PS4 to their WiFi networks is invaluable knowledge for any traveler. The information presented here is based on real-world testing and troubleshooting on IHG networks. By following these best practices, PS4 users will be able to enjoy online multiplayer games, streaming media, and more while staying at IHG hotels.

Step-by-Step Guide to Connect PS4 to IHG WiFi

Accessing Network Settings on PS4

The first step is accessing the network settings menu on the PlayStation 4. Here are the steps:

  • Turn on your PS4 console using the power button.
  • From the main menu screen, go to “Settings” using the controller.
  • Select “Network” from the settings options.
  • Choose “Set Up Internet Connection” on the network settings page.
  • On the next screen, select “Use Wi-Fi” to setup a wireless connection.

This will bring you to the main WiFi network settings that need to be adjusted.

Selecting the IHG WiFi Network

Once in the main network settings page, the next step is choosing the specific IHG WiFi network:

  • The available WiFi networks detected by your PS4 will be shown.
  • Find and select the IHG hotel’s wireless network name from the list.
  • The network name usually starts with “IHG” followed by the hotel’s name.
  • If the IHG WiFi network does not show up, try restarting the PS4 or moving closer to the hotel’s router.
  • Highlight the desired IHG network using the PS4 controller and click connect.

Entering the Wireless Password

If the IHG WiFi network is password protected, you will need to enter the password after selecting it:

  • Use the PS4 controller to input the network security key or password.
  • IHG hotel WiFi passwords are provided at check-in or posted in the room.
  • Input the password carefully using the on-screen keyboard and click “Next” when finished.
  • If the password is rejected, double check the spelling and capital letters.

Accepting the Terms and Conditions

Once connected to the IHG WiFi, a hotel web browser page will open to accept terms and conditions:

  • A webpage should automatically pop up after connecting to the WiFi network.
  • This page will have a terms and conditions, user policy, or disclaimer that must be accepted.
  • Use the PS4 controller to select the “Accept” button on this webpage.
  • This acceptance is required before internet access is granted through the hotel WiFi.
  • If the page does not appear, open the PS4 web browser manually after connection.

Pressing Triangle Button for Browser (If Needed)

On some IHG hotel networks, users report needing to press the Triangle button on the PS4 controller after connecting to the WiFi for the browser popup to work:

  • After connecting to the IHG WiFi, press the Triangle button on the controller.
  • This should automatically launch the PS4’s web browser application.
  • From here, the hotel’s terms and conditions acceptance page should appear.
  • Select accept and you should then have full internet access through the WiFi.
  • This may be needed for some hotel network configurations.

Verifying IHG WiFi Connection

Once all steps are completed, you can verify the PS4 is connected to the IHG WiFi:

  • Check the WiFi icon in the top right corner of the screen shows signal bars.
  • Open the web browser or a game requiring internet and check it works.
  • Run an internet connection test in Network settings if games/apps unable to connect.
  • Try connecting other devices like a phone to verify the WiFi is working properly.

With those steps completed, your PlayStation 4 should now have a working connection to the IHG hotel wireless network for online gameplay, streaming, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions about Connecting PS4 to IHG WiFi

What should I do if the hotel WiFi network does not show up on my PS4?

If the IHG WiFi network does not appear as an available network, first try power cycling your PS4 console and searching again. Also move closer to the hotel’s wireless router or access point for a stronger signal. As a last resort, contact the hotel front desk and ask them verify the WiFi network is functioning properly.

What if I don’t have the password for the IHG WiFi network?

The password or network key for the IHG WiFi network is provided at hotel check-in, posted in your room, or available from the front desk. Contact the front desk directly if you cannot locate the wireless password needed to connect your PS4.

How can I connect my PS4 via Ethernet cable in an IHG hotel room?

Many IHG hotel rooms have Ethernet ports you can utilize. Connect an Ethernet cable from the wall port to your PS4 for a faster, more reliable wired hotel connection. This bypasses any WiFi issues and does not require a password.

Why does my PS4 show connected to the WiFi but with no internet access?

This usually means you need to open the browser and accept the hotel’s terms and conditions page after connecting. Try manually launching the browser, pressing Triangle, or restarting the PS4 if you don’t see the page. The hotel’s network may also be experiencing an outage.

What should I try if my PS4 has slow or intermittent IHG WiFi connectivity?

Check that your PS4 software is updated, restart the console, try different locations in the room, limit connected devices, and disconnect from other nearby WiFi networks. Also contact the front desk in case they are having overall wireless internet issues.

Tips for Connecting PS4 to IHG WiFi

  • Update PS4 software – Make sure your console has the latest system software updates installed for best connectivity.
  • Restart console – Fully power off then restart the PS4 before trying to connect to refresh network components.
  • Try different locations – Move around the hotel room and find the area with the strongest WiFi signal for connecting.
  • Limit connected devices – Disconnect other devices from the WiFi as too many connections can impact signal strength.
  • Forget other networks – Make sure to forget any other saved WiFi networks so PS4 doesn’t automatically connect to them.
  • Ask the front desk – If having any trouble getting connected, contact the hotel’s front desk for troubleshooting or alternative options.
  • Use a wired connection – For the most reliable connectivity, use an Ethernet cable from the room’s Ethernet jack directly to the PS4.

Why Connecting PS4 to IHG WiFi Matters

Having the ability to get your PS4 gaming console online with the IHG’s WiFi network offers big benefits:

  • Play online multiplayer games – An internet connection allows you to play popular PS4 games against other real-time opponents online.
  • Stream movies and shows – Services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube require an internet connection to stream content on PS4.
  • Enjoy social features – You can stay connected with friends through PS4’s social tools and share content.
  • Download games and updates – Accessing the PlayStation Store to download games, expansions, and system updates requires WiFi.
  • Stay productive – The PS4 web browser allows you to access regular websites and apps like email to stay productive.

Reliable IHG WiFi means your PS4 can provide entertainment, social connection, and productivity during hotel stays just like at home.

Final Thoughts

Accessing IHG hotel wireless networks on your PlayStation 4 opens up a world of connectivity for gaming, streaming, social media, and web access. While connecting PS4 consoles to hotel WiFi like IHG can involve some extra steps compared to home networks, this guide provides the necessary settings adjustments, tips, and troubleshooting to get online.

Following the step-by-step connection instructions outlined here will have you successfully connecting your PS4 to IHG WiFi networks. Just be sure to confirm any password or login requirements at check-in. With your PS4 online, you can enjoy seamless entertainment and online gameplay during your hotel stay.

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