When Does Tweener Die in Prison Break?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Tweener is a character introduced in season 1, episode 9 of Prison Break.
  • He was involved in Michael’s escape plan from Fox River State Penitentiary.
  • Tweener met his demise in season 2, episode 7 titled “Buried”.
  • He was shot by FBI agent Alexander Mahone while trying to uncover information on the escaped convicts.
  • His death was a pivotal moment that raised the stakes for Michael, Lincoln, and the other escapees.


The hit Fox drama Prison Break captivated viewers for five seasons from 2005 to 2017. Created by Paul Scheuring, the show centered on two brothers – Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows. When Lincoln gets convicted of murder and sent to death row, Michael purposefully gets arrested for bank robbery to be imprisoned in the same facility – Fox River State Penitentiary. Why? To break Lincoln out and prove his innocence!

Michael’s elaborate and genius escape plan unfolds over the first season. It involves taking down the prison from the inside out, manipulating both inmates and guards to successfully orchestrate a mass breakout. One of the inmates who becomes unexpectedly entangled in Michael’s scheme is a young convict named David “Tweener” Apolskis.

This article will provide an in-depth, well-researched answer to the question – “When does Tweener die in Prison Break?”. It will analyze Tweener’s arc over the two seasons, tracking his fate from introduction to eventual demise. The death of this initially secondary character proved to be a dramatic turning point that raised the stakes for the main characters on the run.

Understanding the circumstances and timing of Tweener’s death provides critical insight into the constantly shifting dynamics of the show. The details reveal key plot points in the escapees’ continued efforts to maintain freedom. This article will thoroughly cover when and how Tweener gets killed off in the series.

An In-Depth Look at Tweener’s Story Arc and Demise

When Was Tweener Introduced in Prison Break?

David “Tweener” Apolskis first appears in episode 9 of season 1, titled “Tweener”. In this episode, Michael coerces Tweener into acquiring a microfilm reader needed to examine the tattoo blueprint on his body.

Tweener is an 18-year-old college student imprisoned at Fox River for petty theft. He gets his nickname from his young “tweener” age – caught between adolescence and adulthood. Upon his introduction, Tweener has 5 years left on his sentence.

Michael’s manipulation of Tweener immediately draws the naive teenager into the escape plot. Tweener fits the profile of what the escapees need – someone young and inexperienced who can be swayed into taking risks.

How Does Tweener Get Further Involved in the Escape Plan?

In the first season, Tweener continues aiding Michael with essential parts of the escape plan. He gets caught by corrections officer Brad Bellick trying to steal items from the warden’s office. To avoid additional time on his sentence, Tweener then betrays Bellick and works as an informant against him.

Tweener also plays a pivotal role in a riot that Michael incites at Fox River. His job is to trap Bellick in a locked hallway so that he can’t stop the riot. Tweener then joins Michael, Lincoln, and six other inmates in escaping through the infirmary window they opened in the previous episode.

When Does Tweener Rejoin the Other Escapees on the Run?

After the dramatic season 1 finale prison break, season 2 opens with the escapees scattered. Tweener was separated from the group immediately during the getaway. In episode 2 titled “Otis”, he reunites with Michael, Lincoln, and three other escapees (John Abruzzi, David “C-Note” Apolskis, and Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin) at a scrapyard.

Tweener has been on the run this whole time, proving himself as an asset through his street smarts and ability to hide in plain sight. He helps provide provisions to the escapees camping out at the scrapyard. Tweener insists that he has changed and wants to continue working together.

How Does Tweener Betray the Group and Get Caught?

In episode 3 “Scan”, Tweener’s loyalties become suspect once again. Unbeknownst to the other escapees, he makes a secret phone call to FBI Agent Alexander Mahone. Mahone has been assigned to lead the task force pursuing the Fox River convicts.

Tweener strikes a deal – he’ll provide Mahone with information on the group’s whereabouts in exchange for exoneration of his escape charges. However, his betrayal backfires. Mahone sets Tweener up to be arrested at the scrapyard, allowing the other escapees to get away.

When Does Tweener Die in Prison Break?

Tweener is then returned to Fox River State Penitentiary. Though Michael does not trust him, he pulls Tweener back into the escape plan out of necessity. In episode 7 “Buried” of season 2, Tweener rejoins the five remaining escapees who return to offload Westmoreland’s buried money at a silo.

Tweener is sent into town to get gas for their vehicle. There he has a fateful final encounter with Mahone, who shoots Tweener dead to keep him quiet.

Therefore, Tweener dies in episode 7 of season 2, titled “Buried”. This takes place several episodes after he betrayed the group to Mahone in episode 3.

Why Did Mahone Have Tweener Killed?

By this point, Mahone is revealed to be more foe than friend to the escapees. Though he was originally depicted as an agent of justice, his methods turn increasingly ruthless. Mahone shoots Tweener to tie up loose ends, knowing he has critical information that could undermine the investigation.

Tweener tries pleading that he can still help Mahone recapture the convicts. But Mahone determines that Tweener is ultimately expendable. His murder is Mahone’s first of several cold-blooded kills throughout the series. Tweener had served his purpose of progressing Mahone to leading the manhunt.

How Does Tweener’s Death Impact the Other Characters?

Tweener’s savage murder raises the stakes for Michael, Lincoln, and their band of escapees. It confirms that Mahone will go to any lengths necessary to capture them, legal or not. They realize their lives are truly at risk as long as Mahone is on their trail.

Michael in particular is stunned, having hoped his scheme could avoid bloodshed. Tweener’s unnecessary death weighs on his conscience. Michael redoubles his efforts to uncover the larger conspiracy, prove Lincoln’s innocence, and attain freedom for them all.

Why Tweener’s Fate Was a Dramatic Turning Point in Prison Break

Tweener’s introduction as a seemingly minor character whose role expanded over seasons 1 and 2 exemplifies clever storytelling. His death was clearly a pivotal moment based on the following:

  • It was the first on-screen murder of a major character.
  • Mahone’s agenda was fully exposed through his cold-blooded betrayal of Tweener.
  • It dashed the escapees’ hopes of any mercy from authorities.
  • The stakes were raised exponentially, setting up new threats, obstacles, and urgency.
  • Michael’s plan to achieve the objective without violence was proven naive.

By building up viewer familiarity with Tweener over two seasons, the writers masterfully maximized the dramatic impact when he met his violent end. Prison Break took on a much darker, high-stakes tone from that point forward.


In summary, Tweener was introduced in the 9th episode of season 1 before becoming entwined in Michael’s elaborate escape plan. After briefly rejoining the group of escapees on the run, Tweener betrayed them to Agent Mahone. He was subsequently recaptured and returned to Fox River.

Tweener died in the 7th episode of season 2, titled “Buried”. Seeking information on the other convicts, Mahone shot and murdered Tweener in cold blood. This ruthless killing raised the stakes and tensions dramatically moving forward.

Understanding the specific timing and circumstances of Tweener’s death provides deeper insight into the constantly evolving dynamics of Prison Break. Analyzing his significant yet tragic contribution to the overall story arc reveals the skillful writing that made the show so compelling.

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