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Where Can I Play Pickleball in Calgary?

Key Takeaways:

  • Calgary has numerous indoor and outdoor pickleball venues like the Calgary Pickleball Club, Crescent Point Field House, and Richmond Green.
  • Community centers and associations across Calgary now offer pickleball courts and facilities.
  • The Calgary Winter Club, JVCentre, Oakridge Racquet Club, and Cedarbrae Community Centre are other options.
  • Outdoor tennis courts in Calgary can also be used for casual pickleball play.
  • Facilities like Pickledome, Smash City, Prolific Sports House, and Rally Pointe cater to pickleball enthusiasts.


Pickleball’s exponential growth in popularity as a fun recreational and competitive sport has seen it take Calgary by storm. With its simple rules, compact playing area, and paddle gameplay suitable for all ages, pickleball provides an enjoyable way to stay active. The sport’s popularity is evidenced by the mushrooming of designated pickleball facilities and courts across Calgary. But for newbies and enthusiasts alike, a key question remains – where exactly can you play pickleball in Calgary today?

This comprehensive guide will evaluate the numerous indoor and outdoor pickleball venues spread across Calgary. It catalogs the many pickleball courts available at community centers, public facilities, sports clubs, and associations. The aim is to provide pickleball players with a detailed overview of the diverse options to play this fast-growing sport within Calgary. Whether you are looking for recreational play, competitive games, lessons or tournaments, you are sure to find a suitable pickleball facility in Calgary.

With pickleball still relatively new to the Calgary sports scene, this guide offers immense value by aggregating vital information into one place. It empowers you to easily locate a venue that fits your skill level, schedule and location. The depth of the content translates into convenient access to pickleball courts across Calgary. Continue reading to discover the wealth of pickleball options that await you!

Where to Play Pickleball in Calgary

Indoor and Outdoor Facilities of the Calgary Pickleball Club

As Calgary’s preeminent pickleball organization, the Calgary Pickleball Club offers top-class facilities for recreational and competitive play. Conveniently located in the city’s southwest quadrant, their indoor location at the Calgary Winter Club provides 4 pickleball courts. For outdoor play during summer and fall, they have exclusive access to 8 dedicated pickleball courts at the PPA Outdoor Pickleball Club from May to October.

The Calgary Pickleball Club also runs beginner lessons, intermediate training, competitive programs, tournaments and social events for its members. Monthly memberships start from $25 while annual memberships are $ 299. Drop-in rates are $10 for 1.5 hours. Overall, when it comes to consistent year-round access to quality pickleball courts and coaching, the Calgary Pickleball Club is an unparalleled choice.

Multi-Court Facilities in Public Sports Complexes

The Municipal Corporation of Calgary operates several public sports complexes equipped with dedicated indoor pickleball courts. These facilities provide inexpensive court rentals ideal for both recreational players and teams.

Crescent Point Field House

Located on the south-eastern edge of Okotoks, the Crescent Point Field House has 6 indoor pickleball courts available. Court rentals start at $30 per hour with memberships also available.


Formerly called the Junior Varsity Training Centre, JVCentre is located in northwest Calgary. It offers 4 indoor pickleball courts that can be rented affordably.

Richmond Green

Starting from May 1st, the Calgary Pickleball Club secures permits to operate 5 dedicated outdoor pickleball courts at Richmond Green. It remains accessible to members 7 days a week during summer and fall.

Other City of Calgary Facilities

Public centers like Southland Leisure Centre, Village Square Leisure Centre, Thornhill Aquatic Centre and Vivo Rec Centre also have indoor pickleball courts. These are available for hourly rentals by the public.

Pickleball in Private Sports Clubs

Some private sports clubs and athletic organizations in Calgary cater to pickleball as part of their facilities. These provide well-maintained indoor venues where members can play pickleball regularly.

Calgary Winter Club

This prestigious sports club has 4 dedicated pickleball courts available to its members. Guests can also access these courts through a day pass.

Oakridge Racquet Club

Located in southwest Calgary, Oakridge Racquet Club has 2 indoor pickleball courts included among its tennis and squash courts. Court bookings are open to members only.

Cedarbrae Community Centre

Cedarbrae Community Centre provides multi-sport facilities in southwest Calgary. Their amenities feature 2 indoor pickleball courts that can be reserved by members.

Community Associations and Public Centers

Beyond private clubs and municipal facilities, many community associations and public centers in Calgary now offer pickleball courts and programming. These provide neighbourhood-level access to pickleball across various quadrants of the city.

Some leading venues are:

  • Pickledome: Located in the deep southeast quadrant, Pickledome has 4 dedicated indoor pickleball courts.
  • Smash City: This facility in the northeast has 2 indoor courts and offers lessons.
  • Prolific Sports House: With 2 indoor courts in the southeast, it runs youth camps and lessons.
  • Rally Pointe: Located in the southwest, Rally Pointe has 2 indoor pickleball courts.
  • Falconridge Community Centre: Their gymnasium is converted into 2 pickleball courts on certain weekdays.
  • Trico Centre: This large sports complex makes a gymnasium available for pickleball on select days.
  • Shouldice Aquatic Centre: 2 indoor courts can be booked here in advance.

Outdoor Municipal Tennis Courts

Here is an underutilized hack – the public tennis courts maintained by the City of Calgary can also be used for casual pickleball games. As per city bylaws, the tennis courts are free and available on a first-come, first-served basis without needing reservations. You simply need to bring your own pickleball net and boundary lines to convert a tennis court into makeshift pickleball courts.

There are over 250 outdoor municipal tennis courts spread across every quadrant in Calgary. Major parks like Edworthy Park, Baker Park, Riley Park, Sue Higgins Park, Bowmont Park and Connaught Park each have multiple tennis courts suitable for casual outdoor pickleball. Their free access and plentiful availability across the city make these impromptu pickleball courts a convenient backup option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to play pickleball in Calgary?

The cost to play pickleball in Calgary varies depending on the venue:

  • Municipal facilities like Crescent Point Field House charge approx $30-40 per hour for court rentals.
  • Private facilities and clubs require paid membership to access courts. Membership fees are generally $100 – $300 annually.
  • Casual play on public tennis courts is free but you must bring your own net and gear.
  • Outdoor community leagues on tennis courts are often free or charge minimal league fees.
  • Indoor community centers charge approx $5-15 for drop-in play.

So on average, you can expect to spend $5 to $40 per playing session depending on the venue and membership status.

Where are the best places for beginners to learn pickleball?

Ideal places for pickleball beginners in Calgary are:

  • Calgary Pickleball Club: It offers weekly beginner lessons and coaching for new players.
  • Smash City: This facility provides instruction for new players along with weekend lessons.
  • Prolific Sports House: They have occasional introductory pickleball camps for adults and youth.
  • Rally Pointe: Weekly lessons covering basics are available here.
  • Pickledome: Group sessions focused on basics for new players can be booked here.

These facilities combine instruction with more play time on courts to help beginners develop their skills. Coaches also provide tips on gear, rules and etiquette.

What are the best times of day to play pickleball in Calgary?

The best times are weekdays between 9 am – 4 pm when most casual players are occupied with work. Weekday evenings between 6 pm – 9 pm are also ideal after office hours.

Weekends tend to be busy throughout the day at most pickleball venues. You may encounter waiting times for courts on Saturdays and Sundays.

For outdoor play, weekday mornings and evenings during spring, summer and fall have the most availability across tennis courts.

What is the average temperature of indoor pickleball facilities?

Most indoor pickleball facilities in Calgary maintain an average temperature between 15°C to 18°C. Venues like the Calgary Pickleball Club and JVCentre keep their spaces heated to around 18°C during play.

Other clubs and centers regulate between 15°C and 17°C generally. It is advisable to wear light layers and move actively to feel comfortable at these indoor temperatures.

How can I find other players for pickup games?

Some ways to connect with other pickleball players for casual games:

  • Talk to players you meet at your usual pickleball venue
  • Join the Calgary Pickleball Club’s member forum to find players
  • Search for Calgary pickleball groups on
  • Join the Calgary Pickleball Facebook group to reach local players
  • Ask your venue if they maintain a mailing list to organize games
  • Check if your community association or center has a pickleball club

With pickleball’s popularity, you can easily find other enthusiasts, especially during summer and fall when outdoor gameplay peaks.

The Bottom Line

Calgary offers a sizeable and expanding ecosystem of pickleball facilities today. Enthusiasts can choose from dedicated indoor venues at public complexes, private athletic clubs, and community centers across the city. For casual play, the multitude of outdoor tennis courts in Calgary parks provide a freely accessible option during summer and fall.

Frominstruction programs focused on beginners to competitive leagues and tournaments, there are diverse playing opportunities for all skill levels. With both paid and free options, cost need not be a deterrent either. The key is to identify facilities most conveniently located for you and your preferred playing partners.

As pickleball fever continues spreading in Calgary, the venues offering courts and programming will only increase. Yet this guide provides a strong starting point and framework to locate a suitable pickleball court fast. Now you can confidently answer for yourself and others – where can I play pickleball in Calgary? So grab your paddle and start playing this popular sport today!

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