What network is carrying the Packers Lions game?

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Packers vs Lions game will be broadcast nationally on NBC.
  • NBC has the rights to air NFL’s Sunday Night Football games.
  • NBC’s coverage of the matchup begins at 7:00 PM ET with Football Night in America.
  • The game can also be streamed live on Peacock, NBC Sports app and NFL+ app.
  • Local Packers and Lions affiliates like WTMJ and WJBK will carry the game in Green Bay and Detroit markets.


American football fans eagerly await the start of the NFL season each year. As fans plan their weekend schedules around watching their favorite teams, a common question arises – what network will be airing the games? This is especially true for marquee matchups like the ones on Sunday Night Football. When the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions square off, many fans will be wondering – what network is carrying the Packers Lions game?

This article will comprehensively evaluate which network will broadcast the Packers vs Lions game nationally and locally. We’ll review the NFL television rights deals relevant to this matchup and outline the coverage details like start times and streaming availability. You’ll also learn which local affiliate stations in Green Bay and Detroit will air the big game. With this guide, football fans will know exactly how to tune in to watch the action when the longtime division rivals meet on Sunday night.

Determining the broadcasting network for games allows fans to plan their viewing schedule and setup. Given the immense popularity of the NFL, it’s valuable to understand how to watch your favorite teams and players. Whether you prefer catching games on your TV, phone or tablet, this article provides the full details on how and where to watch the Packers-Lions game. Let’s examine which network will be carrying the NFC North showdown.

Which National Network Will Air the Packers vs. Lions Game?

The Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions game on Sunday night will be broadcast nationally on NBC. NBC has the rights to air Sunday Night Football, the premier game of the week showcasing marquee matchups. As an NFC North divisional clash between classic rivals and perennial playoff contenders, the Packers-Lions game fits that bill perfectly.

NBC and the NFL announced that this Packers vs Lions matchup would be scheduled for Sunday Night Football when the full 2022 season schedule was revealed earlier this year. Unless the NFL makes a flex scheduling change later in the season, you can expect to watch this game on NBC.

What TV Channel Is NBC?

For fans planning to watch the Packers-Lions game on traditional television, NBC is available on either channel 4 or 5 depending on your TV provider. If you have cable or satellite TV, check your local channel listings to confirm which channel NBC is in your area.

The game will also air on the NBC Sports app and website by authenticating with your TV provider credentials. Consult your cable or satellite provider’s website for instructions on logging in to access the live stream.

When Does NBC’s Coverage of the Game Start?

NBC’s coverage of Sunday Night Football begins at 7:00 PM Eastern Time with the Football Night in America pregame show. This hour-long preview program sets the stage for the primetime matchup with highlights, expert analysis and reporting.

At 8:20 PM Eastern, NBC will go live to Lambeau Field or Ford Field for player warmups and scene setting. The broadcast crew will share key storylines and injury news leading up to kickoff at 8:30 PM Eastern. Allowing for extended pregame coverage is one reason Sunday Night Football is a marquee broadcast each NFL weekend.

Who Are the Announcers for the Packers Lions Game on NBC?

NBC employs an acclaimed broadcast team to call the Sunday Night Football games each week. Play-by-play legend Al Michaels handles the call of the action on the field. Cris Collinsworth, a former Pro Bowl wide receiver, provides colorful commentary and insight during the game.

Reporters Michele Tafoya and Kathryn Tappen will share updates from the sidelines and conduct interviews with players and coaches throughout the game. This experienced crew helps bring the sights and sounds of the Packers facing the Lions into homes across America.

How Can I Live Stream the Packers vs Lions Game?

In addition to watching on traditional television, fans have several streaming options to catch the Packers-Lions game live online.

One straightforward option is to use the NBC Sports app or website with your TV provider login to access the Sunday Night Football stream. You can watch on your mobile device, computer, tablet or connected TV.

Peacock, NBC’s streaming service, will also carry the SNF game live. A Peacock Premium subscription is required.

The NFL+ app will likewise have the NBC broadcast feed available as part of its Premium tier subscription. NFL+ lets you stream games on mobile or connected devices.

Checking whether your streaming devices support these apps is recommended so you can catch all the action live on Sunday night.

Will Local Channels in Green Bay and Detroit Show the Game?

In the local markets of the competing teams, regional affiliate stations that normally carry NBC programming will also air the game.

In Green Bay, NBC affiliate WGBA will show the Packers-Lions matchup on Channel 26 throughout northeastern Wisconsin. This allows fans in Green Bay to tune in with their local broadcast team.

In Detroit, WDIV will broadcast the game on Channel 4 in southeast Michigan. The Lions’ flagship radio station 97.1 The Ticket will also carry the game for local listeners.

So fans in Green Bay and Detroit can watch on their regular local NBC channels. National viewers will need to tune into the NBC broadcast on Sunday Night Football to catch the Packers-Lions game.

Will the Game Be Available on NFL Sunday Ticket?

Since the Packers vs Lions game is airing nationally on NBC, it will not also be shown on NFL Sunday Ticket.

Sunday Ticket is the NFL’s out-of-market sports package that airs the Sunday afternoon games that are not shown on local TV in a viewer’s area. Only contests not available nationally are distributed on Sunday Ticket.

So Sunday Ticket will not carry the Sunday night Packers-Lions game. Check your local NBC affiliate at 8:20 PM ET to watch the broadcast with Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth.

What Bars or Restaurants Will Show the Game?

Catching the Packers and Lions battle at a local bar or restaurant with friends is an exciting option for many fans. Call ahead to find out if your favorite local spot will have the big game playing on their TVs.

National chains like Buffalo Wild Wings, Hooters, and Twin Peaks are always a safe bet to watch NFL games. Many bars and grills will also tune some TVs to big national games.

With NBC broadcasting this matchup, requesting they switch one screen to the Packers vs Lions game should allow you to cheer on your favorite team. Just prepare for a crowded and lively atmosphere on NFL Sunday nights.

Will I Be Able to Listen to the Radio Broadcast?

Radio broadcasts are a popular way for fans to follow the Packers and Lions when they can’t watch the game. Here are the main radio options:

Packers Radio Network – WTMJ 620 AM in Green Bay will air the Packers radio broadcast. Wayne Larrivee calls the play-by-play action and Larry McCarren adds analysis. The broadcast reaches over 50 stations statewide.

Lions Radio Network – WJR 760 AM broadcasts Lions games in Detroit with announcers Dan Miller and Lomas Brown. The network includes over 30 affiliates in Michigan and northern Ohio.

Westwood One – National radio broadcast with Kevin Kugler and Mark Malone on play-by-play and color commentary duties, respectively. Airs on SiriusXM and numerous AM/FM stations.

NFL Game Pass – Out-of-market fans can get live local and national radio broadcasts with a subscription.

Check local listings for the best radio option to listen to the Packers face the Lions on Sunday night.

How Can I Get Score Updates?

If you can’t watch or listen to the Packers-Lions game live, several methods exist to get score updates:

  • The NFL app offers customizable scoreboard alerts
  • Enable score notifications from the Packers or Lions mobile apps
  • Follow the Packers and Lions official Twitter feeds for scoring highlights
  • Set the Packers vs Lions gameday feed as a bookmark to check on Yahoo Sports or ESPN
  • Ask Google Assistant or Siri for the latest score at any time

With robust digital coverage of all NFL games, getting quick score updates for this Sunday night Packers-Lions matchup is simple on your connected devices.

Will There Be Any Replays or Highlights?

If you miss any plays or want to rewatch the best moments, NBC and NFL media partners offer plenty of video highlights and replays.

The NBC Sports app and website will include a full replay and condensed game shortly after the conclusion of the live broadcast.

NFL.com, ESPN, Yahoo Sports and other outlets will have highlight packages and clips of key plays and touchdowns. With so many options, catching up on anything you missed from the Packers vs Lions game will be straightforward.

How Can I Follow Postgame Coverage?

The matchup between these longstanding divisional foes will generate lots of postgame discussion. To catch up on analysis, storylines and interviews, check out:

  • NBC Sports will have a postgame show immediately after concluding the broadcast
  • Local Green Bay and Detroit stations will cover locker room interviews and coach press conferences
  • ESPN, NFL Network, Fox Sports will break down the game on their postgame shows
  • Sports radio will continue dissecting the game Monday morning
  • Packers and Lions team websites will provide comprehensive written recap coverage

Following postgame coverage helps fans appreciate the full impact of what unfolded when the Packers and Lions battled on Sunday night.


Determining which network will air marquee NFL games drives fans’ viewing plans each football season. For the Sunday Night Football showdown between the Packers and Lions, NBC will carry the national broadcast at 8:20 PM Eastern after extensive pregame programming.

Fans in Green Bay and Detroit can watch on local NBC affiliates WGBA and WDIV, respectively. Numerous streaming options exist through the NBC Sports app, Peacock, and NFL+ for those looking to watch online or on mobile devices. Listen to the teams’ radio networks or SiriusXM for live audio.

With this guide, football fans understand exactly how to tune in as the Packers take on the Lions under the lights on NBC’s Sunday Night Football. So grab your snacks, gear up in green and blue, and enjoy the longtime rivalry renewed once again!

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