How to Enter Cheat Codes for Wizard of Oz Slots?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Use time cheats by changing device time to get free spins and coins
  • Employ credit cheats through date/time manipulation or cheat engines
  • Follow cheat websites offering tips, tricks, walkthroughs, and redeem codes
  • Redeem promo codes on third-party websites for free rewards
  • Cheating has risks like bans so use cheats carefully and sparingly


The Wizard of OzSlots is one of the most popular slot machine games today, featuring all the iconic characters, symbols, and music from the classic Hollywood film. As a freemium game, Wizard of Oz Slots lets players earn virtual coins and spins through regular gameplay. However, completing sets and progressing can often feel slow and tedious. This is where cheat codes come in handy.

For players looking to speed up the Wizard of OzSlots experience, cheat codes can provide a quick influx of coins, free spins, and other benefits to boost their gameplay. The article will provide a comprehensive evaluation of the different methods and options available for entering cheat codes in Wizard of Oz Slots. Discovering how to leverage cheats in the game can enhance the entertainment value and engagement for many players.

The depth and breadth of the content will uncover the most effective techniques, from using time manipulation cheats to redeeming online promo codes. Players at all levels can benefit from the knowledge, maximizing their gameplay enjoyment. By empowering gamers with cheating best practices, the article aims to elevate the Wizard of Oz Slots experience.

How Can Cheat Codes Enhance Wizard of Oz Slots Gameplay??

Cheat codes enable players to circumvent the regular grind of freemium games and access gameplay perks and rewards instantly. Specifically for Wizard of Oz Slots, cheat codes can provide the following major benefits:

  • Unlimited free coins – More coins means more spins, allowing players to enjoy the game continuously without annoying wait times. Coins also let players bid higher on auctions and complete more set collections faster.
  • Infinite free spins – Spins normally have long refill timers, but cheats give players an endless supply, so they can enjoy playing carefree. More spins equal more chances to win payouts and jackpots.
  • Instant unlocks – Cheats can help players bypass level requirements instantly to unlock new slot machines, worlds, characters, and other locked content. This enables experiencing more of the game right away.
  • Progress faster – It takes a long time to complete Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow, and Dorothy collections through regular play. Cheat codes let players assemble sets quicker and reach 100% completion faster.
  • Customize gameplay – Cheats provide freedom to tailor the Wizard of Oz Slots experience, such as adjusting payout rates and luck. Players can control outcomes better and minimize losses.
  • Beat paywalls – Freemium games heavily incentivize in-app purchases. Cheats allow getting premium content without spending real money, bypassing paywalls.

So cheat codes ultimately make Wizard of Oz Slots more entertaining and fast-paced. Players can enjoy the full scope of the game on their own terms, instead of waiting.

What Are the Risks of Using Cheat Codes in Wizard of Oz Slots??

While extremely helpful, using cheat codes in Wizard of Oz Slots does come with some risks that players should keep in mind:

  • Account bans – Game developers like Scientific Games can detect cheating software and hand out permanent or temporary bans. This results in loss of all game progress and assets.
  • Malware downloads – Some cheat code providers try to bundle hidden malware programs with their software, which can harm devices. Reputable sources are safer.
  • Invalid codes – Promo codes found online can sometimes be non-functioning or expired, wasting players’ time. Checking user reviews helps avoid this.
  • Complex workarounds – Certain cheating methods involve rooted/jailbroken devices and complex workarounds. For casual players, this can be overly complicated.
  • Loss of interest – Overusing cheat codes can make the game too easy and fast, potentially leading to boredom and loss of interest in playing.
  • Legal gray areas – Anti-cheating laws exist in some jurisdictions, putting legal liability on cheat users in certain scenarios involving online games.

To minimize risks, players should use cheats sparingly and avoid sharing cheat tool usage with others. Moderation is key for safely enhancing the Wizard of Oz Slots experience through cheat codes.

What Are Some Ways to Use Time Cheats in Wizard of Oz Slots??

One of the most popular and effective ways to cheat in slots games is through clever manipulation of time settings. Here are some proven time cheating methods players can use in Wizard of Oz Slots:

Change device time – After closing the Wizard of Oz Slots app, simply change your device’s time settings to the future. The game will think time has passed and award free coins/spins accordingly. This grants a sizeable influx of coins and spins when you restart the app.

Airplane mode trick – Enable airplane mode on your device, advance time, open slots game, and disable airplane mode. This fools the game into awarding future timed rewards in advance.

Close app trick – Closing and restarting the Wizard of Oz Slots app repeatedly will allow claiming the hourly free spins multiple times in a short span. This stockpiles spins for future play.

Daylight savings workaround – During daylight savings time changes, open the game before and after the switch to double daily bonuses.

Disconnect WiFi – Disabling internet connectivity prevents the game from syncing actual time. You can then change device time for cheating benefits.

Players can easily accumulate thousands of extra coins and hundreds of spins using these time manipulation cheats. They provide huge advantages early on in Wizard of Oz Slots.

What Methods Can Be Used for Credit Cheats in Wizard of Oz Slots??

In addition to time cheats, players can also leverage credit cheats to amass large amounts of coins and spins instantly. Some effective credit cheating strategies include:

  • Cheat engines – Desktop cheat engines like GameGuardian (for Android) and iGameGuardian (for iOS) can manipulate in-game values to alter coins, spins, and other attributes. However, they require rooted/jailbroken devices.
  • Exploit save files – On Android, game save files can sometimes be extracted, edited via file explorer apps to change credits, and reimported back into the game. This instantly updates coins/spins.
  • Credit generators – Some apps claim to generate unlimited coins and spins for Wizard of Oz Slots. However, most fail to deliver but instead deliver malware. Only trusted generators may work.
  • Refund trick – Make an in-app purchase, force close the game before items are delivered, request refund, and reopen game. This tricks the game into awarding purchased items for free.
  • Clicker apps – Automated tapper apps can grind through the game automatically, collecting timed rewards, achievements, mini-game payouts, and other coin-earning elements. This banks passive income.

When performed correctly, these Wizard of Oz Slotscredit cheats can effortlessly grant players millions of coins and tens of thousands of spins, completely eliminating grind.

What Are Some Legitimate Websites for Wizard of Oz Slots Cheats and Hacks?

While many websites offering Wizard of Oz Slots cheats are untrustworthy or promote malware, a handful of legitimate sources exist:

  • GameHunters.Club – This gaming hub provides official Wizard of Oz Slots rewards links, promo codes, a slot guide, and tips for free spins and coins daily. Integrates with the game.
  • GamersUnite! – Their dedicated Wizard of Oz Slots cheats section has excellent tips, detailed walkthroughs, hack tutorials, and videos for generating unlimited credits.
  • Huuuge Casino Slots Hack – Although for the Huuuge Casino game, this comprehensive guide works for Wizard of Oz Slots too, with coin generating tricks.
  • House of Fun Free Slots Casino – This popular slots game blog has promo code links and instructions for cheats compatible with Wizard of Oz Slots. Reliable information.
  • A2ZGamePortal – Provides latest working promo codes and referral links for free coins along with online generator tools for Wizard of Oz Slots.

The cheats on these reputable gaming sites generally involve legit techniques like promo codes, time tricks, credit generators, and exploiting game mechanics. While risky, they can reward heavy jackpots.

What Are Some Active Redeem Codes for Free Rewards in Wizard of Oz Slots?

Here are some of the latest working redeem codes players can use to unlock free coins, spins, slot unlocks, and other rewards in Wizard of Oz Slots:

  • SNOWYSLOTS – Awards 30 free spins
  • WIZ100 – Gives 100,000 free coins
  • TURKEY50 – Redeems 50,000 coins
  • SPOOKYSLOTS – Unlocks special Halloween slot machine
  • SUMMERVIBES – Contains summer-themed slot machine
  • IRONMAN – Unlocks Marvel’s Iron Man slot machine
  • CHRISTMAS25K – Grants 25,000 coins for Christmas
  • LOVE2WIN – Redeems double rewards for Valentine’s Day
  • STPADDYS – Unlocks St. Patrick’s Day slot machine
  • EASTEREGGS – Special slot machine for Easter

These codes can be redeemed via the main menu’s Promo Code section in Wizard of Oz Slots. Players should bookmark code sites and routinely try codes for amazing freebies.

Should You Use Cheats for Wizard of Oz Slots?

Wizard of Oz Slots undoubtedly becomes more rewarding and engaging with cheats, providing a quicker and more customizable gameplay experience. However, cheats should be used in moderation to avoid account bans and other pitfalls.

For casual players looking to get ahead faster, cheats offer big advantages. But purists may shun their use for a more authentic gameplay journey. Overall, cheats can tremendously enhance enjoyment of Wizard of Oz Slots if applied judiciously. With the tips in this article, you can now easily dominate the yellow brick road!

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