Does Bsnl Support WiFi Calling?

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Key Takeaways:

  • BSNL offers WiFi calling through its BSNL Wings service, enabling calls over broadband internet.
  • BSNL Wings requires installation of the BSNL Wings app and activation of the service.
  • WiFi calling can help improve call quality and coverage, especially indoors.
  • BSNL Wings works on both WiFi and cellular data, offering flexibility.
  • Some compatible smartphones may require updates and configuration to enable BSNL WiFi calling.

With the rising popularity of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calling services, Indian telecom operators like BSNL have started offering their own WiFi calling solutions. This allows users to make and receive calls over the internet when they are connected to a WiFi network. For BSNL subscribers, the operator provides WiFi calling through an application called BSNL Wings. But does BSNL really support WiFi calling? Let’s evaluate this in detail.

This comprehensive article will analyze how BSNL Wings enables WiFi calling, its benefits, compatible devices, steps for activation and everything you need to know about using BSNL’s WiFi calling service. With BSNL being one of the largest telecom companies in India, it is vital to understand the capabilities it offers to stay connected with reliable voice services. Read on to discover the versatility of BSNL Wings for making calls over broadband internet seamlessly.

WiFi calling can greatly improve call connectivity, especially indoors where cellular signals may be weak. With BSNL Wings, users can leverage their broadband connection for superior voice quality. The added functionality further empowers BSNL subscribers to make calls from their smartphones without relying solely on cellular networks. Let’s delve deeper to uncover how WiFi calling works with BSNL and how you can enable it.

How Does BSNL Wings Enable WiFi Calling?

BSNL Wings allows BSNL users to make and receive calls over any WiFi network or broadband connection through an internet-based calling system. It is essentially a Voice over IP (VoIP) platform rolled out by BSNL in 2018. The service assigns a virtual phone number to BSNL mobile number subscribers allowing them to use WiFi calling.

With BSNL Wings activated, whenever you are connected to a stable WiFi network or broadband connection, your calls will automatically route through the internet. This happens seamlessly without any need for manual interaction. Hence BSNL Wings offers enhanced connectivity leveraging the abundance of WiFi hotspots and broadband connections available indoors.

To use BSNL Wings, you first need to install the BSNL Wings application on your smartphone from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Next is a quick registration and activation process. Once configured, the VoIP platform recognizes your cellular number and assigns a virtual number enabling WiFi calling.

What Are The Benefits Of BSNL Wings WiFi Calling?

Here are some significant benefits of using BSNL Wings for WiFi calling:

  • Improved indoor coverage – WiFi calling overcomes poor indoor cellular coverage by utilizing your broadband connection for voice calls. This results in superior call quality and reliability indoors.
  • Seamless connectivity – BSNL Wings automatically routes calls over WiFi or cellular data based on connectivity. The handover between WiFi and mobile network happens seamlessly without call drops.
  • No separate app required – Unlike other VoIP apps, BSNL Wings utilizes your native phone dialer. There is no need to open a separate app to make WiFi calls.
  • Better voice quality – WiFi calling delivers HD audio quality for rich calling experience by utilizing the abundant bandwidth of broadband connections.
  • Single number – Your existing BSNL number can be used for both cellular and WiFi calling. No separate virtual number.
  • No extra charges – BSNL does not levy any additional charges for using its WiFi calling service. Normal call rates apply.

In summary, BSNL Wings enhances connectivity, especially indoors, with superior call quality and no extra charges. It brings the convenience of seamless calling over any WiFi network or broadband connection.

What Phones Are Compatible With BSNL Wings WiFi Calling?

Most newer smartphones that have support for VoLTE and WiFi calling will work seamlessly with BSNL Wings after configuration. This includes popular phone models from brands like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo etc.

According to BSNL’s site, here are some of the phone brands compatible with BSNL Wings:

  • Apple – iPhone 6 and above
  • Samsung – Flagship phones from Galaxy S7 onwards
  • Xiaomi – Redmi Note 5 Pro, Poco F1, Redmi K20 etc
  • Vivo – Vivo Z1 Pro, V17 Pro, S1 Pro etc
  • Realme – Realme 3 Pro, Realme XT, Narzo 20 etc

Additionally, phones from brands like Motorola, Nokia, Asus, Honor, OnePlus are also compatible provided they support VoLTE calling and meet BSNL’s configuration requirements.

Before using BSNL Wings, do check the official site for an updated list of supported devices. Also ensure your phone’s operating system is up to date for seamless WiFi calling functionality.

How To Activate And Configure BSNL Wings On Your Phone?

Here are the simple steps to activate and configure BSNL Wings WiFi calling on your smartphone:

Step 1: Install the BSNL Wings application on your Android or iOS phone. Launch the app and tap on “Register”.

Step 2: Enter your BSNL mobile number and verify using the OTP received. Choose a password and register.

Step 3: Now activate BSNL Wings by paying a one-time fee of Rs. 50. An upgraded SIM may be needed.

Step 4: Configure your handset by enabling VoLTE calling and WiFi calling options in phone settings.

Step 5: Connect to a WiFi network or use cellular data. You can now make VoIP calls through BSNL Wings.

Step 6: The BSNL Wings app lets you check call history, recharge account and configure preferences.

Following these steps, you can start enjoying superior connectivity with BSNL Wings WiFi calling. Remember to enable WiFi calling on your handset for the service to work seamlessly.

How Is Call Quality When Using BSNL Wings WiFi Calling?

The call quality when using BSNL Wings for WiFi calling is excellent, comparable to VoLTE call quality:

  • HD Voice – BSNL Wings delivers high definition audio for rich, vivid calling experience. The HD codec ensures excellent clarity.
  • Low latency – WiFi calling reduces delay enabling real-time conversations. The latency is generally under 150-200 ms.
  • No fluctuations – There are minimal fluctuations in call quality as the Calls are transferred smoothly between WiFi and VoLTE.
  • No distortions – The VoIP bandwidth ensures clear audio without jitters, echo or distortions. Ambient noise cancellation further aids call clarity.
  • Seamless handover – The handover between VoLTE and WiFi calling happens automatically without drops ensuring excellent call quality.

In fact, call quality can be superior indoors with WiFi calling compared to VoLTE thanks to the strong WiFi signals indoors. Outdoors, the call experience is similar to VoLTE. Overall, BSNL Wings delivers excellent, reliable HD calling.

How Much Data Does BSNL Wings WiFi Calling Consume?

BSNL Wings WiFi calling consumes minimal mobile data, similar to VoLTE calling. As per BSNL, here is an estimate of the mobile data usage:

  • For each minute of BSNL Wings call, around 30-50 KB of data is consumed.
  • For a 10-minute call, approximately 0.3 to 0.5 MB data is used.
  • The data consumption is lower on WiFi compared to mobile data.
  • High-speed 3G/4G networks ensure optimal data usage.

The exact data consumption depends on the network quality. But on 3G/4G networks, 0.3 to 0.5 MB per minute provides a reasonable estimate. The minimal data usage ensures you can make longer calls without worrying about mobile data limits.

What Happens When Moving Out of WiFi coverage?

A key benefit of BSNL Wings is its ability to smoothly transition calls between WiFi and cellular networks. Here is what happens when you move out of WiFi coverage during a BSNL Wings call:

  • As soon as WiFi signal drops, the call is automatically handed over to the BSNL cellular network.
  • The handover process takes just a few seconds, after which the call resumes on VoLTE or cellular voice.
  • Both the parties on the call will remain connected without any drops.
  • In case VoLTE is not available, the call may get reconnected on 3G or 2G.
  • The recipient just experiences a small pause. Call quality is maintained.
  • Once you reconnect to WiFi, the call will again switch over seamlessly.

So you can start a call indoors on WiFi and continue outdoors without drops thanks to efficient handover between WiFi and cellular voice.

Can You Receive Incoming Calls on BSNL Wings Over WiFi?

Yes, with BSNL Wings activated, you can receive incoming calls over WiFi. Here is how it works:

  • When someone calls your BSNL number, it will ring on your smartphone even if you are connected to WiFi.
  • If you are in an area with poor cellular coverage, the call will be routed through the internet.
  • Your WiFi network gets preference for both outgoing and incoming calls.
  • In case WiFi is unavailable, the call will be routed normally through the BSNL cellular network.
  • You can also make calls to non-BSNL numbers over WiFi using the technology.

So BSNL Wings allows you to leverage WiFi fully for all incoming and outgoing calls. This brings the convenience of WiFi calling without needing to switch between apps.

Will BSNL Wings WiFi Calling Work Outside India?

Unfortunately, BSNL has currently limited its Wings WiFi calling service only to India. So if you travel abroad, you will be unable to use the BSNL Wings application. Your BSNL number will simply latch onto the local network of the foreign country you are visiting.

But when you return to India and reconnect to a WiFi network, you can resume enjoying WiFi calling with BSNL Wings. This limitation is due to licensing restrictions on internet telephony. But hopefully, the service may be expanded globally in the future for added convenience.

Is There Any Setup Required on Routers for BSNL Wings?

BSNL Wings does not require any special configuration on your WiFi router or modem. Since it utilizes standard internet connectivity, you just need to follow these basic steps:

  • Connect your smartphone to the secure WiFi network of your home or office.
  • Ensure the WiFi signal strength is good in the entire area.
  • On your router, enable NAT to allow internet access for connecting devices.
  • Do not block any ports required for VoIP calling.
  • Maintain a good wired broadband connection with minimum downtime.

As long as standard internet access is available through the WiFi router, BSNL Wings will work seamlessly. But do check for firmware or configuration updates for your router model for best performance.

What Are Some Limitations Of BSNL Wings WiFi Calling?

While BSNL Wings makes WiFi calling convenient, there are some limitations to be aware of:

  • No roaming – BSNL Wings cannot be used for WiFi calling when you are roaming outside your home network area.
  • BSNL numbers only – Only BSNL issued mobile numbers can utilize this service. Other operators not supported.
  • Requires app – BSNL Wings mobile app has to be installed and configured for activation.
  • SIM upgrade may be needed – For some users, upgrading to a 4G SIM is required to access BSNL Wings.
  • Battery drain – Constant switching between WiFi and cellular can slightly increase battery usage.

Being aware of these limitations can help you better utilize BSNL Wings WiFi calling and enjoy a superior calling experience.


In conclusion, BSNL does provide reliable support for WiFi calling through its robust BSNL Wings platform. The service delivers excellent connectivity, call quality and a unified calling experience over broadband internet seamlessly. With widespread WiFi availability along with 4G coverage by BSNL, its Wings service can greatly enhance indoor coverage and mobility. Although a few device and geographic restrictions exist presently, BSNL Wings remains one of the most versatile and convenient WiFi calling solutions offered by Indian telecom operators. So BSNL subscribers can confidently enjoy the benefits of WiFi calling to stay securely connected indoors and outdoors.

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