How to See Who Mentioned You on TikTok Live?

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TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 1 billion monthly active users. The video-sharing app allows users to watch, create and share short videos covering a vast range of topics.

One engaging feature of TikTok is TikTok Live, which allows users to broadcast live to their followers in real-time. Creators can go live to connect with their audience, announce exciting updates, host Q&As, and more.

During a TikTok Live, viewers can interact with the broadcaster by commenting, sending virtual gifts, and even requesting to join the live video. Sometimes, TikTok creators may mention specific users during their live streams.

If you think someone mentioned your TikTok handle in their live video, you may be wondering – how do you see who mentioned you on TikTok Live?

How to Find TikTok Live Mentions in Your Notifications

The good news is – TikTok sends you a notification whenever someone mentions you during their live broadcast. This makes it easy to identify who referenced you in their TikTok Live.

Here are the simple steps to find mentions from TikTok Live streams in your notifications tab:

1. Open Your TikTok App

  • Launch the TikTok app on your mobile device.
  • Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of the app for the full range of features.

2. Navigate to Your Inbox

  • Tap on the inbox icon on the bottom right of your screen. This will open your activity inbox.
  • The inbox icon appears as a speech bubble and keeps you updated with all your TikTok notifications.

3. Select the “Activities” Tab

  • By default, your inbox will show the “All activity” tab.
  • Tap on “All activity” to open up the tab menu.
  • Select the “Mentions & Tags” tab from the available options.

4. Look for Any Live Mentions

  • The “Mentions & Tags” tab will display all the notifications when someone tags or @ mentions you in their TikTok video or live stream.
  • Scroll through the notifications to look for any mentions from a TikTok Live.
  • If you’ve been mentioned in a live video, you will see the mention displayed in this tab.
  • The notification will show the username of the person who mentioned you and a preview of their live video.

5. Tap on the Notification to View the Live Video

  • Once you spot the mention notification from a TikTok Live, you can tap on it to open the video.
  • This will launch the live replay so you can watch what the broadcaster said about you.
  • The notification also allows you to like, comment or share the live video if you desire.

And that’s it! By visiting your TikTok notifications and sorting them to “Mentions & Tags”, you can easily find and view any live streams where someone mentioned you.

How Long do Mentions Stay in Your Notifications Tab?

TikTok Live mention notifications will remain in your activity inbox for a limited period of time.

Generally, you will find these mentions for around 24-48 hours after the live stream ended. But the exact duration depends on TikTok’s algorithms.

Some factors that determine how long the mentions remain visible include:

  • Popularity of the Live Video: Mentions on viral lives stay longer in the inbox.
  • Your Interaction: Liking/commenting on the mention increases its visibility.
  • Overall Usage: If you’re highly active on TikTok, mentions clear faster.

To ensure you catch live mentions, it’s best to check your notifications daily. TikTok may remove the older mentions to declutter your inbox over time.

Steps to See Past Mentions from TikTok Live

As live mention notifications get cleared automatically, is there any way to see older mentions from TikTok Live videos?

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to search and find mentions from past live streams once they are removed your inbox.

However, here are a couple of workarounds you can try to locate previous live mentions:

Check the User’s Profile

  • Visit the profile of the person who you think mentioned your handle.
  • Tap on the “Live” tab under their profile to browse their live stream archive.
  • Look through their past broadcasts to see if you can find the one where they mentioned you.
  • If they mentioned you in the title/description, it may show up in search results.

Ask Your Friends

  • If you have any friends who watched the live video where you were mentioned, you can ask them.
  • See if they screen recorded a clip or have the live replay available.
  • Your friend can screen record the part where you were mentioned and send it to you.
  • Alternatively, they can use TikTok’s “Share” feature to share that portion of the live where you appeared.

Contact the Broadcaster

  • Directly message the TikTok creator who mentioned your handle in their live stream.
  • Politely request them to share a short clip or the entire live replay featuring your mention.
  • Most creators will happily oblige and send you the live video for your records if asked nicely.

While not completely foolproof, these tips can help you retrieve previous live mentions in case you missed checking your notifications on time.

Common Questions About TikTok Live Mentions

Here are some common queries users have about mentions on TikTok Live broadcasts:

Do I Get a Notification for Every Live Mention?

You will receive an activity notification for each individual mention of your handle in a TikTok Live video. If you are mentioned multiple times, you will get separate notifications.

However, keep in mind that excessive mentions may sometimes be filtered as spam. So you may not be notified for every single live mention.

Can I Turn Off Live Mention Notifications?

Yes, you can disable live mention notifications if you find them bothersome.

Go to your TikTok settings > Notifications > Toggle off “Mentions” to stop getting notified when mentioned in lives.

However, this will also turn off mentions from normal TikTok videos. There is no separate setting solely for live mentions.

Can I Remove Certain Live Mentions?

There is no way to selectively remove certain live mention notifications.

You can only turn off mentions completely or swipe away all notifications. The algorithm automatically clears older mentions over time.

Do Live Mentions Help My Profile?

Getting mentioned frequently during popular live streams can give your TikTok profile a boost.

It puts you on the radar of the broadcaster’s fanbase, resulting in more profile views and followers.

But low-quality lives with insignificant viewer count may not offer much growth. Relevant mentions on viral broadcasts deliver the best results.

Can I Go Live With Someone Who Mentioned Me?

Absolutely! If an established creator mentions you in their live, it’s a great opportunity to collaborate.

You can ask them to go live together and tap into their audience. Many creators gladly accept guest invites from fans they have shouted out.

What Happens if I Miss the Live Where I Was Mentioned?

As long as the mention notification remains in your inbox, you can still view the live replay by tapping on it.

But once the notification disappears, you will no longer have direct access to the full live video. You will need to use the workarounds suggested above.

Avoiding Fake Mentions on TikTok Live

As TikTok Live gains popularity, some users have begun tricking others with fake live mentions.

They title their broadcasts as “mentioned you” or “shoutout to [your handle]” to grab attention even when they haven’t actually mentioned you.

Here are some tips to identify and avoid such misleading live streams:

  • Check the username mentioning you. Is it someone you know and engage with? Unfamiliar accounts are more likely to fake mentions.
  • Watch a snippet before tapping. See if they have actually said your @handle in the preview clip.
  • Scan their past live titles. Look for clickbait patterns of fake mentions for other users.
  • Verify follower count. Large fanbases have less incentive to bait mentions.
  • Report suspicious lives. Tap the share icon and file a report if you catch an obvious fake mention.

Staying vigilant will ensure you don’t fall for attention-seeking users and only respond to genuine mentions from TikTok Live.

Why It’s Important to Monitor TikTok Live Mentions

Here are some key reasons you should keep track of any mentions received during TikTok Live streams:

  • Increased Discoverability: Getting mentioned introduces you to a new audience.
  • Social Proof: Mentions from influencers lend credibility to your profile.
  • Viral Opportunities: You can gain loyal followers from a single shoutout on a trending live.
  • Collaboration Invitations: Broadcasters often invite frequently mentioned users to collaborate.
  • Real-Time Interaction: You can join the live and respond to the mention.
  • Analytics Insight: Seeing peak mention times and creators helps optimize your growth strategy.
  • Reputation Management: You should know what is being said about you on public live streams.

Monitoring TikTok Live mentions is important not just for growth, but also for managing your online reputation.

Closing Thoughts on Finding TikTok Live Mentions

TikTok Live provides a unique opportunity to receive mentions and exposure from popular creators in their unfiltered broadcasts. This can lead to viral growth for any user.

Checking your notifications tab and sorting it to “Mentions & Tags” makes it easy to identify anyone who mentioned your handle in their live video.

While TikTok only shows recent live mentions, you can dig through old broadcasts or ask friends to retrieve previous shoutouts.

But don’t get carried away chasing live mentions. Focus on organic growth by creating great content. Mentions will follow naturally as your account gains visibility.

Being mentioned on TikTok Live can definitely give your profile a boost. But ensure you tune into genuine mentions, rather than fake ones aimed at baiting your attention.

By monitoring your notifications regularly and using the tips above, you can find and capitalize on all the TikTok Live mentions you receive!

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