Who Gerald LeVert Dated?

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Gerald LeVert was an acclaimed R&B singer known for his soulful voice and romantic ballads. Although he sang plenty about love, LeVert never tied the knot. However, he was linked to several high-profile relationships throughout his career.

Introduction: Gerald LeVert’s Love Life in the Spotlight

As a popular R&B crooner behind hits like “Casanova” and “I’d Give Anything,” Gerald LeVert often sang about steamy affairs and passion-filled romances. But who were the real women who captured this singer’s heart over the years?

LeVert kept his personal life quite private. However, word of his romantic trysts still made headlines from time to time. From short-lived flings to long-term loves, Gerald LeVert’s dating history was filled with fellow stars of R&B, comedy, and more.

While Gerald Levert never married, he was involved in several significant relationships that gave glimpses into his life off-stage. So who exactly did this suave R&B artist date? Let’s take a closer look at Gerald LeVert’s romantic past.

Kandi Burruss: LeVert’s Early 2000s Relationship

One of LeVert’s most well-known relationships was with singer-songwriter Kandi Burruss in the early 2000s. LeVert and Burruss reportedly dated from 2003 to 2005.

Burruss is most famous for her time in the 90s R&B group Xscape. Since then, she has forged a solo career and starred on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. During her two-year relationship with LeVert, Burruss was in her late 20s while LeVert was in his late 30s.

According to interviews, Burruss has spoken fondly of dating LeVert, referring to him as a mentor and dear friend. She has credited LeVert with teaching her invaluable lessons about the music business.

The two musicians collaborated in the studio during their relationship. Burruss was a co-writer on LeVert’s hit song “On Everything” from his 2004 album Do I Speak for the World?

Sadly, just a year after their breakup in 2005, LeVert passed away at age 40 from a heart attack. At his funeral, Burruss described him as her “very first adult love.” Their early 2000s romance endured as one of LeVert’s most significant.

80s Songstress Miki Howard: LeVert’s First Fame-Filled Romance

Before Kandi Burruss, Gerald LeVert’s first famous relationship was with 80s R&B singer Miki Howard. LeVert and Howard dated for several years in the late 80s.

Howard made a splash in R&B music with sultry hits like “Baby, Be Mine” and “Come Share My Love.” During the height of their respective careers, Howard and LeVert joined forces romantically from 1985 to 1989.

At the time, the R&B singers were labelmates under Atlantic Records. They likely bonded over making soulful hits together in the studio.

LeVert even tapped Howard to sing backup vocals on his 1988 album Just Coolin.’ Meanwhile, Howard’s song “Love Under New Management” featured lyrics alluding to her affection for LeVert.

Though their romance fizzled after four years, Howard and LeVert stayed on good terms. According to insiders, they remained friends and continued recording together occasionally after their split.

The Queen of Comedy: LeVert’s Relationship with Mo’Nique

Beyond the music world, Gerald LeVert also dated renowned comedienne Mo’Nique in the 90s. LeVert and Mo’Nique met through the urban comedy circuit, where Mo’Nique first rose to fame.

Mo’Nique’s given name is Monique Imes. Before movies like Precious and The Parkers, she performed raunchy stand-up routines at clubs like The Apollo. This is likely where she crossed paths with R&B chart-topper Gerald LeVert.

Details are scarce about LeVert and Mo’Nique’s relationship timeline. But it’s rumored their courtship occurred sometime in the 90s between LeVert’s romances with Miki Howard and Kandi Burruss.

Though Mo’Nique is known for her boundary-pushing comedy, she has described LeVert as a complete gentleman who treated her like a queen. They seemed an unlikely pairing at first, but their short-lived affair proved opposites attract.

Comedian Kym Whitley Entangled with LeVert in a Rocky Romance

Along with Mo’Nique, Gerald LeVert also reportedly had a fling with her fellow comedienne Kym Whitley. Though details are hazy, Whitley and LeVert were an item briefly in the early 2000s.

Whitley is a stand-up comic and actress known for roles in films like Next Friday and shows like Young & Hungry. Her tryst with R&B icon LeVert was apparently short-lived but drama-filled.

In a comedy routine, Whitley joked about dating a man she dubbed “Gerbil” who is undoubtedly Gerald LeVert. She poked fun at his messy housekeeping and called him stingy for never buying her gifts.

However, Whitley also acknowledged Gerald’s amazing bedroom skills in her act. Their brief affair seemed to be a torrid love-hate relationship before fizzling out after just months.

Beyond throwing comedic shade at her ex, Whitley has not divulged many details about dating LeVert. Their tempestuous fling appeared to be an outlier in LeVert’s romantic past.

LeVert’s Ladies: A Theme of Passion, Creativity, and Mutual Respect

While Gerald LeVert never made it down the aisle, he shared meaningful relationships with many phenomenal women over the course of his four-decade career. From fellow musicians, comedians, and more, LeVert gravitated towards creative, driven women.

Though his romances varied in duration, they shared common threads of passion, artistic chemistry, and mutual admiration. Despite breakups, LeVert generally maintained friendships with his exes like Kandi Burruss and Miki Howard.

Above all, LeVert valued women as collaborators and confidants. Whether making music or comedy together, LeVert seemed to seek out female partners who were forces in their own right. His dating history was filled with formidable, talented women who inspired and challenged LeVert.

In the end, Gerald LeVert’s legacy in both music and love stands the test of time. His catalog of hits about devotion and heartbreak were clearly informed by his own quests for meaningful bonds with extraordinary women. Though never married, LeVert’s relationships gaveshape to his artistry and image as an eternal romantic.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gerald LeVert’s Dating History

Gerald LeVert’s love life continues to intrigue and fascinate fans of his timeless music. Here are some common questions about the R&B icon’s romantic past:

Was Gerald LeVert ever married?

No, Gerald LeVert was never married, though he was involved in several long-term relationships. He never tied the knot before sadly passing away prematurely at age 40.

Who was LeVert’s longest relationship?

His lengthiest romance seemed to be with 80s songstress Miki Howard from 1985-1989. Their four-year relationship outlasted other flings.

Did LeVert date women outside of the entertainment industry?

While no private relationships are confirmed, it’s likely LeVert had connections beyond fellow celebrities. However, his most public romances were with famous singers, actresses and comedians.

Why did LeVert never marry any of his girlfriends?

It’s unclear why none of LeVert’s relationships progressed to marriage. He was still young when he tragically died. Friends say he hoped to someday marry and start a family.

Was LeVert ever in love?

Though private, friends close to LeVert confirm he was intensely passionate and sincerely cared for his romantic partners. His relationships inspired his artistry and he expressed love for the women in his life through song.

Conclusion: Gerald LeVert’s Romantic Legacy Lives On

Gerald LeVert remains renowned as one of R&B’s revered crooners. While his own story of love had tragic premature end, LeVert’s intimate relationships were part of the fabric that shaped his music.

From short flings to long-term loves, the women LeVert romanced influenced the passion in timeless hits. Though never married, LeVert still left a lasting romantic legacy through both his art and his adventurous heart.

Even in death, LeVert remains a symbol of desire and devotion. His catalogue of music and history of affairs keep his spirit of love alive eternally

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