How to Reset Ford F350 Oil Light? An In-Depth, Step-by-Step Guide

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Key Takeaways

  • The oil light on Ford F350s can be reset through the settings menu on newer models or by a pedal procedure on some older models
  • Resetting the oil life to 100% is required after changing the oil and filter to turn off the “Change Oil Soon” light
  • Owner’s manual instructions should always be consulted for model-specific reset procedures
  • Multi-step processes are used, such as pressing OK buttons or fully depressing pedals
  • Ignition must be on in “RUN” position but engine not started when using settings menu
  • Oil life percentage will flash when resetting through the menu on dashboard


The “Oil Change Required” or “Change Oil Soon” light is one of the most common warnings that appears on the dashboard of Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks like the best-selling F350. This essential light serves as a reminder to drivers that it’s time to get an oil change according to the recommended maintenance schedule. When this indicator illuminates, owners naturally want to know how to turn it off or reset it once they’ve gotten an oil change. Resetting the oil life system is crucial to ensure you get a fresh start on tracking when your next oil service is due on your hardworking truck.

This article will provide a comprehensive, step-by-step walkthrough on how to successfully reset the oil life on a Ford F350. With the prevalence of these full-size pickup trucks on roads today, this is valuable information for many drivers. We’ll examine the newer method involving the settings menu as well as the older pedal procedure. You’ll learn the specific steps required and key pointers to be aware of. By the end, F350 owners will understand exactly how to clear that pesky “Change Oil Soon” light and get their oil monitor reset. Let’s get started!

How to Reset Ford F350 Oil Light? An In-Depth, Step-by-Step Guide

How Do You Reset the Oil Light on a Ford F350?

What Are the Steps to Reset the Oil Light Through the Settings Menu?

The vast majority of newer model year Ford F350 pickups will use the instrument cluster settings menu on the dashboard to reset the oil life monitor after an oil change service. Here is the step-by-step process:

Step 1) Turn the ignition to the “RUN” position, but do not start the engine. The vehicle should be on but not cranked.

Step 2) Locate the controls on the left side of the steering wheel. Use the up/down buttons to scroll through the settings menu.

Step 3) Press the arrows until the screen displays the “Oil Life” menu option. Select this to enter the oil life monitor.

Step 4) Hold down the “OK” button on the steering wheel until the oil life percentage number starts flashing.

Step 5) Let go of the OK button, then press and hold it again until the percentage resets back to 100%.

Step 6) Turn the ignition off to complete the oil life reset procedure.

Following these instructions will clear out the old oil change service interval and reset your F350’s oil monitor after new oil has been added. The system will begin calculating when your next oil change is due based on driving conditions. Be sure the engine is not running during this process to avoid any issues resetting the oil percentage.

How Do You Reset Oil Life on Earlier Ford F350 Models?

On some older Ford F350 models, resetting the oil change light requires a different approach. Instead of using the settings menu, owners must utilize a pedal procedure:

Step 1) Fully press down the accelerator and brake pedals at the same time until they can’t be pushed any further.

Step 2) Keep consistent pressure on both pedals for approximately 3 seconds.

Step 3) A message like “Oil Reset Mode Engage” will display on the instrument cluster when done successfully.

Step 4) Release both pedals once the confirmation displays.

This will initiate a reset of the oil life monitoring system to 100% on certain older versions of the Ford F350 without a digital menu. It’s an important alternative method for drivers who own these vintage models.

Why is it Necessary to Reset the Oil Life?

After an oil change service, the oil life percentage must be reset to restart tracking when the next oil service is due based on vehicle use. This turns off the “Oil Change Required” or “Change Oil Soon” light. Without resetting, the F350’s computer will think the old oil is still in the engine and keep displaying the warning light. Resetting provides a fresh start to monitor oil life, so the truck knows you got new oil.

Think of it like a trip odometer for oil changes – to accurately measure the mileage interval between oil changes, you have to reset it to zero after getting new oil. It’s the same concept with the F350’s digital oil life percentage. Properly maintaining your pickup is key, so always reset the oil monitor after oil changes!

Tips and Warnings When Resetting Oil Life

Pay attention to these pointers for smooth sailing when resetting your Ford F350’s oil change light:

  • Consult owner’s manual for exact reset instructions for your truck’s model year
  • Only reset after a completed oil and filter change service
  • Have ignition “RUN” but engine not fully started when using settings menu
  • If oil life doesn’t reset, battery may need replacement
  • Avoid resetting oil life at or above 80% – follow Ford’s recommendations
  • Don’t reset during driving or with engine running
  • Procedure may not work if other warning lights are active

As with any vehicle maintenance, closely following the manufacturer procedures while being aware of common pitfalls will ensure everything works as intended.

How Often Should Oil Changes Be Done in a Ford F350?

Ford Motor Company recommends getting an oil change every 5,000-10,000 miles or 6-12 months in normal operating conditions. They estimate oil life at 100% equals ~10,000 miles. If doing frequent hauling or towing, changes may be required more often. Always adhere to Ford’s maintenance schedule for your F350’s model year and engine.

Let the truck’s oil monitor help determine when it’s time based on your real-world usage. And don’t forget to reset it after oil services!

FAQs: Reset Oil Light on Ford F350

How do I reset the oil life on my 2017 F350?

To reset the oil life on a 2017 Ford F350, use the instrument cluster menu with these steps:

  1. Turn ignition to “RUN” but do not start engine
  2. Use steering wheel buttons to scroll to “Settings” menu
  3. Select “Oil Life” from settings
  4. Hold OK button until oil life flashes
  5. Let go of OK then hold again until reset to 100%
  6. Turn ignition off

What happens if I don’t reset the oil life?

If you don’t reset the oil life after an oil change, the system will not restart tracking and monitoring oil life properly for your F350. The “Change Oil Soon” light will stay on even after changing oil.

Why did my oil life reset fail?

Common reasons an oil life reset may fail include:

  • Battery needs replacement
  • Attempting reset with engine on
  • Other warning lights active during reset
  • Not holding OK button long enough

Follow manufacturer reset procedure precisely and address any underlying issues to resolve failed resets.

Can I reset oil life myself or do I need a shop?

Oil life resets can easily be done DIY-style at home for Ford F350 owners – no shop or mechanic needed! Just make sure to follow the step-by-step instructions.

How do I know when my F350 needs an oil change?

Ford F350s will display a “Change Oil Soon” or “Oil Change Required” light when oil life falls below a certain percentage, typically around 15%. This means an oil service should be done soon. Check owner’s manual for exact details.

Resetting the oil life to 100% after oil changes will ensure you get accurate monitoring and warnings.

What happens if I reset the oil life too early or late?

Resetting long before needing an oil change can cause you to miss the next service interval and exceed oil life recommendations.

Conversely, resetting long after an oil change can make the system incorrectly determine the next interval. Follow Ford’s guidance for ideal timing.

In general, resetting at the time of oil change service is best.


Understanding how to properly reset your Ford F350 pickup truck’s oil life monitoring system is crucial for maintenance and turning off the “Oil Change Due” warning light. We’ve explored the step-by-step instructions for both the newer settings menu and older pedal procedure methods. When done correctly after an oil service, this provides accurate tracking of your next oil change due date. Pay attention to tips and common mistakes to avoid to ensure ideal operation. Refer to your owner’s manual and stick to Ford’s recommended intervals. With this knowledge for your F350, you can keep your truck’s oil fresh and your maintenance on schedule!

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