Is Hert a Vampire?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Hert is a character in the video game “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” who is speculated to be a vampire.
  • In the game, she lives with her husband Hern who is confirmed as a vampire.
  • There are several clues that point to Hert also being a vampire like her appearance and living situation.
  • However, it is not outright confirmed if Hert is a vampire within the game itself.
  • While Hert is likely a vampire in the fictional world of Skyrim, she is not an actual real-life vampire.


The world of fantasy video games allows players to encounter all manner of fictional creatures and characters. One such popular game is “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” which features several vampire characters players can interact with. One character that has sparked debate among fans is Hert, who lives with her husband Hern at Half-Moon Mill. Is Hert a vampire like her husband or just an ordinary human character? This article will comprehensively evaluate the available evidence and analyze whether Hert can be classified as a vampire within the video game world of Skyrim.

Understanding the nature of vampires in Skyrim and assessing key clues about Hert’s characteristics and behavior will help determine if she truly belongs to this mythical undead race. The information provided here will enable Skyrim players to unravel the mystery surrounding Hert and her potential vampire status. Readers will also gain insight into discerning vampires from humans in the game, knowledge that can aid quests and interactions involving these crafty undead.

This exhaustive exploration compiles evidence from in-game dialogue, character behaviors, and fan theories to tackle the question from multiple angles. The aim is to provide a definitive verdict on whether Hert is a vampire based on all currently available information from the game. Some speculation is involved since Hert’s nature is not explicitly confirmed, but the goal is to logically piece together the many clues to solve this mystery. Put on your detective hats and let’s inspect the case of Hert’s secret identity!

Is Hert a Vampire?

Nature of Vampires in Skyrim

To start, it is essential to review some key facts about vampires presented in the world of Skyrim. Vampirism is a disease that transforms humans into immortal undead beings that must feed on blood to survive. Vampires possess supernatural powers of draining life, resisting frost, and summoning gargoyles but also bear weaknesses to sunlight and fire. Telltale signs of a vampire include pale skin, red eyes, fangs, and aversion to holy symbols or garlic. Vampirism spreads through infectious bites so vampires lurk in shadows to prey on the living. Most try to blend in by concealing their nature but give away hints through their appearance, behavior, and abilities.

Now that the basics of identifying vampires have been established, the next step is analyzing whether Hert exhibits any of these vampire traits or tendencies. This will require closely scrutinizing her in-game interactions and dialogue for anything that seems supernatural, sinister, or indicative of a blood-drinking undead creature.

Clues Pointing to Hert as a Vampire

Several subtle clues suggest that Hert may not be a regular human like she appears on the surface. Here are some of the most compelling pieces of evidence that point towards Hert potentially being a vampire:

Physical Appearance

  • Hert has an unusually pale complexion that mirrors the skin tone of confirmed vampires. This stands out against other NPCs and is the first visual red flag.
  • Her eyes have a reddish tint and seem to glow faintly in the darkness. When zoomed in, her pupils also resemble the slit-like pupils of vampiric eyes.
  • Examining Hert up close reveals what looks like a hint of fangs behind her lips. Their prominent pointed shape appears too defined to be normal human canine teeth.

Circumstantial Evidence

  • Hert lives isolated deep in the woods away from populated cities and towns. This seclusion makes it easy to conceal vampire activities.
  • She is only ever awake and active at night. Hert can never be found outside during daytime hours.
  • Her husband Hern was turned into a vampire prior to settling at Half-Moon Mill. It would be unusual for a human to willingly live with a vampire spouse.
  • Hert and Hern are never seen eating food or engaging in other regular human behaviors. They are also excessively private about their relationship and past.
  • The couple sells firewood, an unusual export for a remote mill. High firewood supplies could help vampires ward off weaknesses to fire.

Reaction to Player Vampirism

  • If the player becomes a vampire, Hert will say: “You and I, we’re birds of a feather!” This suggests kinship with fellow vampires.
  • Hert offers tips about resisting sunlight if the player is a vampire, implying personal experience dealing with vampire weaknesses.
  • She warns the player not to let vampirism consume them, as though speaking from firsthand understanding.

The Case for Hert as Human

Despite these clues, it still cannot be definitively concluded that Hert is a vampire. Some counterpoints in favor of her humanity include:

No Concrete Proof

  • Hert being a vampire is plausible but never outwardly confirmed through dialogue or catching her displaying vampire abilities.
  • Her physical appearance alone is not enough to verify vampirism as some human NPCs also look pale or gaunt.
  • Living with a vampire spouse and selling firewood do not necessitate being a vampire herself.

Potential Backstory Explanations

  • Hert’s nocturnal lifestyle could stem from running a mill and waiting for her husband to return from hunting trips.
  • Her reclusive existence may be due to suffering tragedy earlier in life unrelated to vampirism.
  • She may have picked up vampire knowledge from living with Hern rather than personal experience.

Gameplay Limitations

  • Heightened vampire traits like glowing eyes and fangs may simply be texturing effects not intended as literal proof of vampirism.
  • Certain dialogues acknowledging vampirism are generic scripts used for multiple NPCs rather than unique to Hert.
  • As an NPC, Hert’s daily routines and interactions are limited so she can never be caught feeding.
  • Her artificial intelligence programming likely does not account for the complexity of concealing a vampire identity.

Verdict: Hert Likely a Vampire but Not Outright Confirmed

Evaluating all the currently available in-game evidence strongly implies that Hert is a vampire but also leaves room for reasonable doubt. On one hand, her reclusion, appearance, marriage, and dialogues create a very convincing picture of someone hiding vampirism. But without overt confirmation of blood-drinking, supernatural abilities, or exposing her as a vampire, it remains ambiguous. Ultimately, since she is a fictional video game character, players must draw their own conclusions on whether the many clues satisfiy them of Hert being a vampire or if they prefer to think of her as human until proven otherwise. Her vague nature seems purposefully ambiguous to foster speculation and debate.

Hert makes for a tantalizing vampire suspect based on the provided hints, but the game remains coy about confirming her true identity outright. While strong evidence points one way, players must still be detectives and weigh her words, behavior and appearance themselves to reach a verdict on whether this mysterious mill owner’s secret matches her husband’s monstrous nature. Hert’s status as a vampire may be likely but remains inconclusive without definitive proof.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the strongest clues that suggest Hert is a vampire?

Some of the strongest clues pointing to Hert being a vampire include her pale skin tone, glowing reddish eyes, living isolation in the remote woods, only being awake at night, familiarity and advice concerning vampirism if the player becomes a vampire themselves, and her marriage to confirmed vampire Hern. Her reclusive nocturnal behavior, suspicious physical appearance, and knowledge of vampire weaknesses/lifestyles suggest she is concealing vampirism.

How does Hert behave when the player becomes a vampire?

If the player character contracts vampirism and speaks to Hert, she will express kinship by saying “You and I, we’re birds of a feather!” She also gives advice to the player about avoiding sunlight and resisting the urge to feed, implying personal experience dealing with vampiric weaknesses and hunger. Her dialogue suggests camaraderie with the player as a fellow vampire.

Is it possible Hert just picked up vampire knowledge from her husband?

It is possible Hert learned some aspects of vampirism just from living with her vampire spouse rather than actually being a vampire herself. However, the extent of her advice and insight into concealing vampiric nature seems more personal than just secondhand knowledge. And her physical appearance aligns more with a vampire than human. So while not impossible, it seems unlikely she has merely picked up vampire tips from Hern rather than lived them herself.

Could Hert’s appearance and behavior be explained through non-vampire reasons?

Potentially, though her extremely pale complexion, glowing red eyes, and strictly nocturnal schedule are atypical for ordinary humans in the game. While not every behavioral quirk conclusively proves vampirism, collectively they align very conveniently with traits of secrecy among vampires. Attempts to rationalize all her oddities as unrelated to vampirism become increasingly implausible.

Why doesn’t the game just confirm whether Hert is a vampire or not?

Hert’s vague nature seems purposefully ambiguous to foster player speculation and detective work. Having no definitive confirmation encourages debates and theories about her true identity. It engages players more actively to analyze her various clues and reach their own verdict. Had Hert’s vampirism been overtly revealed, it would deprive players of this mystery and opportunity to evaluate the evidence themselves.


While strong evidence implies Hert’s nature as a hidden vampire, her intentional ambiguity serves as an intriguing mystery within Skyrim’s expansive lore and roleplaying opportunities. Theundled clues encourage players to weigh her words, examine her interactions, and play detective in order to decipher the truth for themselves. Without explicit confirmation, fans must tap into their own deductive skills and judgment to discern whether Hert lurks as a nightstalker in the isolated Half-Moon Mill. The thrill of this uncertainty and chance to reach your own verdict are part of what makes fictional characters like Hert so rewarding to analyze. While her vampirism seems likely, keeping her true identity shrouded in some mystery makes the process of hunting for definitive proof all the more immersive and engaging.

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