How to Put Opponents on the Announce Table WWE 2k20?

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he announce table is one of the most iconic parts of any WWE match. Seeing a wrestler put their opponent through the table with a powerful slam is always an epic moment. But how exactly can you replicate those moments in WWE 2K20 and other WWE video games? Let’s take a look at the controls and strategies needed to put opponents on, and through, the announce tables.

What Is the Announce Table in WWE?

The announce table is the table where the WWE commentators sit during matches. It is positioned right next to the ring, giving the announcers a close-up view of the action.

The table itself is made of wood and often has monitors and other broadcasting equipment on top of it. It is a key part of the ringside area, along with the steel steps and barricades.

Over the years, the announce table has also become a weapon for the wrestlers. Slamming an opponent through the table has become a trademark way for wrestlers to damage their opponents and excite the crowd. The sound of wood cracking and splintering as a body crashes through it is synonymous with epic brawls.

Announce table breaks are often used to culminate feuds and blow-off matches. Only the most heated rivalries and momentous occasions call for the destruction of the announcers’ workspace. Seeing the table get demolished is a sure sign that things have gotten intense!

Why Put Opponents Through Tables in WWE Games?

Just like in real WWE matches, putting opponents through tables in WWE video games is incredibly satisfying. It replicates those classic WWE moments that fans love to see.

Destroying the table deals huge damage to opponents in the games, making it an effective attack. It also triggers dramatic reactions from the announcers and crowd, adding to the feeling that you’ve done something impactful.

Using the environment to damage opponents is a key part of WWE’s unique in-ring style. The announce table spot is probably the most iconic example of this. Being able to recreate those spots yourself in the games is a huge part of the fun.

How to Put Opponents on the Announce Table in WWE 2K20

So now let’s get into the specifics of how to put opponents on, and through, the announce table in WWE 2K20. Here are the controls:

Drag Opponent onto the Table

  1. Grapple your opponent by pressing the grapple button
  2. While still holding the grapple, walk your wrestler towards the announce table
  3. Your wrestler will automatically lay the opponent down onto the table

This will put your opponent into the perfect position for you to then put them through the table!

Slam Opponent Through Table

  1. Grapple the opponent
  2. Irish whip them towards the announce table by flicking the right analog stick
  3. Press the grapple button when they hit the table to slam them through it

The key is to make sure you have momentum towards the table before pressing the grapple button again. This will trigger a powerful slam that breaks the table and does major damage.

Other Moves to Try

Once you have an opponent laid out on the table, you can also climb the turnbuckle and hit a high-flying elbow drop to smash them through. Or try lifting them up for a vertical suplex or powerbomb off the apron down through the table. Get creative with different slams and attacks!

Putting Opponents Through Tables in Other WWE Games

The basic controls for putting opponents through announce tables are similar across most of the WWE games, with some small differences:

WWE 2K19:

  • Press R1 + R2 together to drag opponent onto table
  • Press R1 + Triangle to slam them through table

WWE 2K18:

  • Same controls as 2K19

WWE 2K17:

  • Press LB + RB together to drag opponent onto table
  • Press Y or Triangle to put them through table

WWE 2K16:

  • Irish whip or drag opponent toward table
  • Press RB when close to table to slam through it

So the core mechanic of stunning the opponent then pressing a button near the table remains the same. But try out the specific button commands in the game you’re playing for the best results.

Tips and Strategies for Epic Announce Table Spots

Here are some tips to help you pull off announce table breaks even more successfully and spectacularly:

  • Build up damage on your opponent first so the table spot finishes them off.
  • Use weapons or big moves to weaken the opponent before the table spot.
  • Time it so you slam the opponent through the table just as they are getting up for extra impact.
  • Bounce their head off the announce table a few times before the big spot.
  • Drag the action over to the table area and use the environment for moves.
  • Let the opponent gain some momentum, then reverse their attack into the table.
  • Announce table finishes are great ways to end Hell in a Cell, TLC, and hardcore matches.
  • Commentate your own play-by-play as you put opponents through tables!

Recreating the most thrilling WWE moments in video games is awesome. With these controls and tips, you’ll be able to put opponents through tables with the best of them in WWE 2K20 and other WWE games. Let the tables smash and the crowd roar!

More WWE 2K20 Tips and Tricks

Performing Finishers

  • Fill the finisher meter by dealing damage to opponents
  • Press the finisher button when meter is full to perform signature move
  • Press the finisher button again to hit devastating finisher

Using Weapons

  • Pick up weapons like chairs, kendo sticks from around the ring
  • Light and heavy attack buttons use weapons when holding one
  • Target opponent’s head and torso for most damage
  • Get innovative with moves and combos using weapons

Hardcore Matches

  • Use the environment to your advantage
  • Slam opponents into barricades, ring posts and steps
  • Pick up weapons hidden under the ring for maximum carnage
  • Put opponents through flaming tables for epic finishes

Backstage Brawls

  • Take the fight into the backstage areas for chaos
  • Slam opponents into production crates, doors and walls
  • Keep the fight moving by grappling and Irish whipping
  • Use backstage fixtures like car doors for damage

Multiplayer Madness

  • Play online to face off against other players
  • Join forces in tag team matches for 2v2 action
  • Participate in online leagues and tournaments
  • Customize matches with unique stipulations

So get in the ring and start putting your opponents through tables! WWE 2K20 offers tons of over-the-top wrestling action.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best characters for using tables?

Some of the best characters for using announce tables include powerhouses like Batista, The Rock, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. Grapplers like Kurt Angle, John Cena and Goldberg also have solid table moves.

Why did my table not break?

If a table doesn’t break in WWE 2K20, it likely means your opponent didn’t have enough damage. Make sure to soften opponents up and use strong slams into the table for guaranteed breaks. Move away and come back for a fresh table if needed.

Where can I find flaming tables?

Flaming tables can be found under the ring in hardcore/TLC matches in WWE 2K20. Use them for hardcore finishes by putting burning opponents through the fiery tables!

Can tables be used in Royal Rumble matches?

Unfortunately tables and other weapons cannot be used in standard Royal Rumble style matches in WWE 2K20 or other WWE games. But you can customize rumble rules to allow for table usage.

Are there any trophies/achievements for using tables?

WWE 2K games often feature trophies/achievements for putting opponents through tables. Check your game’s achievement list and focus on table spots if you want to unlock them!


The announce table continues to be one of the most iconic symbols in all of WWE. Being able to use this legendary furniture as a weapon opens up a world of possibilities for chaos and carnage in WWE games. Equip yourself with the controls and knowledge to put foes through tables, then get ready to unleash mayhem. Let your matches reach new levels of insanity and your opponents suffer “table-breaking” defeat!

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